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22 Top Best Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services, is one of the many sectors that is embracing new technologies more and more.It’s not simply about using technology to manage and advertise a firm.Robotic cleaningequipment has the ability to improve productivity while enabling sanitary cleans to combat illness and lower the chance of workers contracting the disease themselves.There are many active firms in the competitive industry of commercial cleaningA startup company must soon distinguish itself, generating favourable evaluations via dependable service and attention to detail.Novelties and specialising in particular areas, such as tech, infection control, or green cleaning, might be beneficial, but in the end, a thorough, regular clean is what counts.Costs for commercial cleaning services reflect the labor-intensive nature of cleaning.While you will need to invest in cleaning supplies and machinery, hiring workers will be your greatest outlay of funds.The cost of hiring competent, dependable employees may increase as a result of recent labour market changes.To start out strong and hire the best cleaners, be prepared to pay a little bit extra up front.The cleaning businesses’ timetables will gradually fill up as workplaces begin to fill up once more.Commercial cleaning is projected to increase for years to come due to regular thorough cleaning and daytime cleaning to stop the spread of illness.

22 Top Best Commercial Cleaning Services

The 22 Top Best Commercial Cleaning Services are as following:


Best Commercial Cleaning ServicesJAN-PRO offers a variety of commercial cleaning services, including a hospital-grade disinfection system called EnviroShield that is its own.Its backpack vacuums are more filtration efficient than HEPA.Color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths are another tool that cleaners employ to prevent the spread of germs from one place to another.The chain concentrates on providing services to light commercial establishments with less than 50,000 square feet of space.Incline Equity Partners recently purchased it from Webster Capital, who had previously owned it.Jan-Pro provides both master and unit franchises. It was established by Jacques Lapointe in Providence, Rhode Island, in 1991. Since 1992, it has been franchising.

2. Complete

Best Commercial Cleaning ServicesBecause of its emphasis on creating germ-free healthy surroundings, Coverall is a “health-based cleaning system” that wins several contracts with medical facilities as well as various other types of commercial clients.Although it doesn’t provide any certificates, it asserts that it uses eco-friendly cleaning methods.It solely provides unit franchises, in contrast to the majority of the businesses on this list (not master franchises).Subsequently the company’s founding in 1985 and subsequent franchising, there have been fewer locations are outside the United States.

3. Service Master Clean

Best Commercial Cleaning ServicesServiceMaster Clean has invested a lot of time and energy into creating its cleaning standards, which are based on recommendations for healthcare systems from regulatory organisations including OSHA, CDC, AORN, HIPAA, and EPA.Through the franchisor’s affiliate, the ServiceMaster Clean Acceptance Company, franchisees can request for internal finance (SMAC).The business solely offers unit franchises; no master franchises are offered.The company was established in 1929 by former minor league baseball player Marion E. Wade in Chicago, Illinois, and has been franchising since 1952. The number of locations has increased from the previously reported, company-owned outside the United States.

4. Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Commercial Cleaning ServicesWith its five service criteria, Vanguard Cleaning Systems sets itself apart from the  informed and driven to surpass expectations advanced cleaning technology diverse and specialised skills, a methodical approach.The business provides both master and unit franchises.Since the company’s founding in 1984 and subsequent expansion through franchising, none of which are company-owned, and 296 of which are outside of the United States.

5. Stratus Building Solutions

Commercial Cleaning ServicesThe Stratus Green Clean brand, which is exclusive to Stratus Building Solutions and uses its own line of biodegradable, non-toxic, and Green Seal Certified (GS-37) Stratus Green Clean chemicals free from VOCs, known carcinogens, and fragrances, is made available to all types of commercial businesses.Dennis Jarrett and Pete Frese founded the business in 2004, and it has been franchising since 2006. The business provides both master and unit franchises.The overall number of sites has increased over the past several years from, of which 171 are situated outside of the United States and none are company-owned.

6. CleanNet USA

Commercial Cleaning ServicesIn addition to providing a comprehensive variety of cleaning services, CleanNet USA can also maintain outside structures and landscaping.The chain provides a Clean Green Program that is eco-friendly for LEED certification and employs Green Seal products in addition to traditional cleaning.The business is presently dealing with a lawsuit from a franchisee who claims that even if the firm deducts franchise fees and royalties from salary, since it determines each janitor’s schedule and pay, they aren’t truly franchisees at all but rather workers.Since Mark Salek’s firm was established in 1988 and began franchising, the number of sites has decreased, from a peak of which 48 were outside the United States and none were corporate-owned.

7. Anago Cleaning Systems

Commercial Cleaning ServicesFor a variety of commercial organisations and buildings, Anago Cleaning Systems offers a thorough orientation programme, cutting-edge machinery, and eco-friendly cleaning products.The chain backs up its “2-hour reaction” visit the day following any clean to fix any concerns that aren’t covered by its Total Satisfaction Guarantee.Along with its HEPA filter vacuums and reusable microfiber cloths, the chain’s Green Cleaning Initiative is always searching for innovative and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.The corporate headquarters of the company recently relocated to Pompano Beach from Fort Lauderdale, Florida.The business, which David Povlitz founded in 1989 and has been franchising since 1991, provides both master and unit franchises.Since 2011, the number of sites has increased rapidly none of which are company-owned, and 73 of which are situated outside of the United States.

8. Buildingstars International

Commercial Cleaning ServicesUnlike the other businesses on this list, Buildingstars International does not typically clean any kind of commercial establishment.Instead, it is restricted to business buildings to lessen the variety of situations that cleaners must handle (no restaurants, centers, retail stores, or health clubs).Additionally, the company provides franchisees with a chance to “ease” into the industry.The Technician Franchise enables a franchisee to begin cleaning part-time,while,keeping their present job’s security.When ready, they can become an on-site manager full-time and manage their own cleaning staff.Once students have gained sufficient expertise, they can join the Corporate programme, which focuses on bigger buildings and accounts.the number of locations has steadily increased from 332 in 2011 to the current total of 964, of which nine are company-owned and all are located in the US. the company was founded in 1994 and has been franchising since 2000 with both master and unit franchises.

9. Perfect Situation

There are unit and master franchise possibilities with Mint Condition.With Green Seal-certified cleaning supplies, it markets its business cleaning services as “cleaning for health.”A thorough training programme is provided to cleaners, including in-class education, practical training, and on-the-job training.The organisation, which provides both master and unit franchises, was established in 1996 by Jack Saumby and his wife Marcy in Charlotte, South Carolina.Since 2011, when there were 206 locations, the number has rapidly increased to the current total of 410, all of which are in the US and none of which are company-owned.

10. Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services

Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services presents itself as a faith-based company that offers commercial clients exceptional cleaning and floor care services.Green Seal-certified cleaning supplies, high-filtration vacuums, and reusable/washable microfibre cloths and mops are all part of their dedication to environmental responsibility.There doesn’t seem to be a master franchise option, thus this is a unit franchise possibility.Todd Hopkins founded the business in 1992 as an independent research project for his Butler University MBA programme. Since 1996, the business has been franchising, and it now has 147 locations worldwide, up from the 141 that were previously reported. None of the locations are company-owned, and they are all in the US.

11. Hoodz

Hoodz has a narrower focus than the majority of the businesses on this list.It offers cleaning, code compliance, and fire protection solutions for restaurants, institutions, and other food service organisations with a focus on commercial kitchens.It guarantees cleaning that exceeds requirements set by NFPA 96, ANSI IKECA C10, insurance companies, fire inspectors, and health inspectors as well as all local, state, and federal regulations.The firm that owns the chain is the Belfor Franchise Group, which also owns the DUCTZ (HVAC cleaning) and 1-800 Water Damage franchises (restoration and carpet cleaning).The company was established in 2008 and has been franchising since 2009. The number of locations quickly increased, reaching a peak of 160 in 2012, before declining to the current total of 135 (down from the previously reported total of 137), of which six are company-owned and one is situated outside of the United States.

12. 360clean

To guarantee that a room is actually clean and not only appear to be clean, 360clean created the JaniMed cleaning system.After all, germs are invisible.High-touch surfaces are cleaned using hospital-grade disinfectants, HEPA vacuums, and microfiber cloths.It does employ Green Seal-certified goods, but only “where relevant,” implying that its focus on keeping germs at bay takes precedence over being environmentally friendly.The chain, which was established in 2005 by Barry Bodiford and his wife Allison, has grown over the past nine years from only 32 locations in 2011 to the current total of 81 (down from the previously reported total of 86), none of which are company-owned, and all of which are situated in the US. Since the chain began franchising in 2008 with both master and unit franchises (and in-house financing for the latter), it has grown significantly.

13. Maintenance Across the City

Another commercial cleaning company with an emphasis on health is City Wide Maintenance, which also provides a full variety of other building maintenance options for both the inside and exterior of a facility (eight distinct targeted services total).Given that master franchises are not mentioned, it appears that this is a unit franchise opportunity.The company was established in Kansas City in 1961 and has been franchising since 2001. Over the past nine years, the number of locations has increased gradually but steadily, from 33 in 2011 to the current total of 69 (up from the previously reported total of 66), of which one is company-owned and one is situated outside of the United States.

14. Facility Services Management System

Originally a normal commercial cleaning chain, System4 Facility Services Management transformed into a full-service facility management firm in 2012.With this restructuring, the fundamental business model also changed from unit franchising to master franchising, in which the services are provided by autonomous “affiliates” who do not pay franchise royalties and may also work for other businesses.As a result of solely counting master franchisees, the company’s number of outlets has decreased from 1,302 in 2011 to only 27 in 2012.Phil Kubec and Edward Hammer founded the firm in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2003. Since then, the company has grown via franchising, with the number of sites rising from 27 in 2012 to 52 as of this writing.

15. Picture One Facility Solutions

Commercial cleaning, carpet cleaning, post-move cleaning, daily janitorial services, hard surface floor care, post-construction cleaning, green cleaning, window washing, and vacancy cleaning are all services provided by Image One Facility Solutions to all kinds of commercial clients.No detail escapes its unique IntelliClean system.Depending on how much business the franchisee wishes to handle, the company provides various sorts of unit franchises.

16. Anago cleaning

Total Customer Satisfaction is guaranteed to each customer.That guarantees that if you phone with any issues following their initial visit, an Anago cleaning team will be at your location within two hours.This is useful when you discover that the cleaners overlooked an area on the carpet or failed to deal with some spilling rubbish.Anago has more than 1,700 sites and is headquartered in Florida.The firm has a small number of franchises in Canada but the majority of its sites are in the United States.Bonus Building Care is a lesser-known national cleaner than some of the others on the list, but they stand out because of their exceptional reputation for cleaning services.They provide trustworthy and outstanding cleaning services to a variety of sectors, includingThe bulk of Bonus’s franchisees are found in the south, and the company has its headquarters in Oklahoma.Through its BoGreen programme, which employs plant-based cleansers rather than Buildingstars Buildingstars, Bonus furthermore provides completely green cleaning.

17. Buildingstars

Health care, offices, financial, industrial, and educational are the five categories that Buildingstars segments into for its commercial cleaning services.Buildingstars disinfects “common contact” locations including door knobs, elevator buttons, vending machines, and water coolers as part of their regular workplace cleaning programme.In order to reduce the spread of infectious diseases, it also has hand sanitizer stations (because, according to the Buildingstars website, 15% of men and 7% of women don’t wash their hands).The thorough cleaning service from Buildingstars includes nightly cleaning, floor maintenance, window washing, and carpet cleaning.The business was established in 1994, and its four main headquarters are in Arizona, Missouri, Florida, and Illinois.There are over 800 franchise owners scattered across the country.

18. CleanNet America

Every day, the business cleans more than 160 million square feet of commercial space.
The business was founded in 1987 and now has roughly 1,700 franchisees across the nation.They provide several business cleaning services,ecologically sound green cleaningcleaning up the entire property (offices, lobbies, bathrooms, etc)cleaning the elevatorwashing the flooring (marble, tile, ceramic, granite, hardwood, etc).Floor scrubbing, waxing, and buffingservices for recycling,uniformed daytime providers,shampooing and cleaning of carpets,after construction.They provide COVID-19 disinfection services in addition to their extensive range of commercial cleaning services.
This makes sure that your areas and surfaces are sanitised and influenza- and COVID-19-free.Utilizing exclusive quality control software that enables corporate to keep track of maintenance requirements, CleanNet USA also supervises its franchisees.If a specific franchise is not meeting CleanNet standards, the corporation has the right to intervene and offer corrective training.Through the CleanNet mobile app, businesses who use the service may also track their cleaning services.The business has its headquarters in Virginia and collaborates with authorised local contractors to provide handyman, painting, and pest control services.With more than 14,000 healthcare providers covered, Coverall concentrates on cleaning medical facilities.This makes it a fantastic option for veterinary offices, dialysis facilities, hospitals, and dentistry clinics.

19. Jani-King

Individualized pricing,most business kinds’ services,120 locations in 10 nations.Regular, high-quality cleaning.One of the biggest commercial cleaning businesses is Jani-King.
The business maintains a global network of 9,000 franchisees and has 120 support offices in 10 different countries.Since they have handled practically every industry, including office buildings, retail, sports stadiums, hotels, healthcare, restaurants, college campuses, and manufacturing facilities, they are skilled in doing so.As one of the list’s oldest commercial cleaning businesses, the business was established in 1968.On its website, Jani-King provides a variety of video testimonials from well-known customers.The House of Blues, Methodist Hospital for Surgery, Marriott Hotels, and Coca-Cola are a few reviewers.

20. Clean ServiceMaster

Individualized pricing,services for specialty cleaning.Options depending on projects operating since 1929.With more than 8,000 company-owned and franchise sites, ServiceMaster Clean is one of the biggest commercial cleaning businesses in the nation.Under its corporate banner are numerous well-known brands, including Merry Maids and Terminix.So there’s a strong possibility you either use them now or they’re common in your area.Every industry, including banks, hospitals, schools, and retail outlets, is a client of ServiceMaster Clean.Therefore, if your company fits within those categories, they’re wonderful.In the event that you have more specific demands, they also provide specialised services.

21. Steamatic

,Individualized pricing,Services for disaster recovery,Recovering documents and restoring artwork,a pioneer in industrial cleaning.With disaster recovery services in addition to business cleaning, Steamatic sets itself apart from the other commercial cleaning companies on the list.The business tackles cleaning after fire, mould, water, and wind from hurricanes and tornadoes as well as restoration work.Customers may also choose to transport damaged items to a Steamatic facility for cleaning or bring a Steamatic crew on-site, according to the business.Steamatic may take care of the inventory, packing, shipping, and property storage if a customer selects the “pack-out” option.This can be effective for things like Steamatic’s document recovery, dehumidification, and art restoration services.In 1948, Steamatic was established in Texas, and in 1967, it started franchising under the name Steamatic, Inc.

22.  Vanguard Cleaning Systems

Invigorating Cleaning,Individualized pricing,tailored to your requirements,modern janitorial supplies,18,000+ accounts for commercial cleaning.In 1984, Vanguard Cleaning Systems was established.Over 3,000 franchisees operate it today across North America.It also provides janitorial services, which may be useful for a firm wanting to engage just one company to handle both janitorial and commercial cleaning tasks.Vanguard claims that it manages more than 18,000 commercial cleaning accounts.Despite winning several accolades for its franchise prospects, Vanguard’s website doesn’t show any cleaning or green cleaning certifications.

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