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5 Organic Options You Never Thought Of To Bring About Health and Wellness.

In the ever chaotic world in which we live, there are many things we have to deal with that can lead to distraction. Some of these distractions are things we enjoy, while others bring about situations that could be detrimental to our health.

Granted, it is so much easier to stop by that fast food drive through to grab a quick meal when you’re in a rush, however, in doing so, you set your body and your wellness back quite a bit every time you skimp on something that important to your health.

There are many options out there you can use to your benefit. More and more people in this world are learning about organic options that are great substitutes for their lives and are developing healthy habits that have changed their outlook on the whole health and wellness kick.

Becoming “organic” isn’t necessarily just about food. It is about pushing back those harmful ways and developing natural alternative habits that can bring you to your goals. If you are someone who is interested in learning more about organic resources and habits for your life, here are five options you may have never thought about that you can add to your routine.

#1 – Organic Foods For The Win

The term “organic” is thrown around in conversations very casually these days. Just because the word “organic” is slapped on the side of the label, many people believe it is good for them. For the most part, having the organic nature means no other substitute has been added to the food options and is generally okay to consume.

However, you need to remember that the term “organic” means the way the farmer has grown and produced foods. These foods are not exposed to synthetic pesticides, GMO’s, petroleum-based fertilizers, or other sludgy fertilizer that can eventually be harmful to your health.

In this instance, you should constantly monitor your intake of food and stay updated on processes and forms in which your food is grown, cultivated, and then harvested. It makes a lot of difference if something has been grown with natural fertilizers versus chemical ones.

Organic foods should be your only source because they are always fresher, contain fewer pesticides, it’s better for the world we live in, and doesn’t contain all of the harmful synthetics that have sneaked into our food source these days.

#2 – Consider Cannabidiol

One of the most popular compounds in America to date is derived from the hemp plant. In 2018, the Farm Bill legalized the production on the hemp plant, and this made way for cannabidiol, or CBD, to be used in a lot of different industries. CBD has been researched and studied by scientists and botanists all over the country and they are amazed at the positive results seen by this compound. When one uses CBD in their routine, it allows the body’s endocannabinoid system to become activated. The endocannabinoid system, or ECS, is directly connected to a lot of important bodily systems and functions including neurological and immune. When CBD grasps the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body, an amazing dance begins to take place. CBD has been known to alleviate pain, build the immune system, improve cognitive function, and a wealth of other benefits.

When you are considering options to use in your wellness routine, CBD should definitely be included in the mix because of the long list of benefits it brings. There are many who don’t quite understand the positive aspects of this compound, however, science has stated that this ingredient is kicking butt and taking names and helping people build better balance and health.

#3 – Take Care of Your Spine

When you begin to consider different options for health and wellness, you probably don’t even think about the spine. This common mistake is missed by the majority of Americans because we don’t understand the power that the spine has on the human body. The spine is the communications manager of the entire body. Without the spine, crucial systems cannot communicate with each other properly. When the spine is out of alignment, nerves and muscles are more prone to subluxations which directly affects the way the body reacts.

Because of the constant stress you are under every day, it’s important to get a therapeutic massage for your muscles and align your spine so your body can communicate better with itself. Your body has the ability to heal itself, however, without listening to what your body is telling you, you limit these benefits. Take care of your spine and your body will balance all by itself. Organic means that there are no unwanted processes involved in the final result, and allowing your body to adjust is a great organic option to stay healthy.

#4 – Don’t Forget To Sleep

Did you know that one out of every three Americans claim they do not get enough rest every night? More than likely, you might be one of those three people. If that’s true, then you probably already know how you feel in the morning when you wake up. Not getting enough rest is the direct relation of not having enough time in the day.

The body’s ability to heal itself primarily comes when the subconscious mind takes over in sleep. Bodily functions and systems have the ability to regenerate and recuperate as you rest which is why it’s so important to give your body enough time to do what it needs to do to prepare for the day tomorrow.

If you find yourself in a pattern of constantly not getting enough sleep you need to change your patterns. Structure and order are required for today’s adult to get the rest they need. Make sure you adjust your lifestyle to enable your body to get at least eight hours of rest every night.

#5 – Exercise the Mind

The body follows what the mind perceives. When you’re stressed out, relaxed, having a good day, or bad, the body will adjust itself to what the mind creates. One of the most important things you can do to start an organic lifestyle is to exercise your mind. This will enable the mind to switch between a hectic day and a relaxed moment. Sometimes the mind will get “stuck” in a certain state that can literally raise your blood pressure.

This is why it’s so important to be in charge of your mind and your thoughts as much as you can. Exercise your mind by reading books for fun, reading educational materials for learning, do something different, cook something new, have someone teach you how to play the piano. Whatever it is, force your mind to be challenged every day.

Another great aspect of mind exercises is to stay positive. People who have mastered the positive mindset have achieved quite a feat because this isn’t an easy thing to do. As you grow older, your mindset becomes more negative about different things. This is a learned behaviour and a bad habit you need to break.

One of the best examples (and a great book you can read) is called “The Secret” and it challenges your mind to stay positive by showing you practice ideas. The mind is a terrible thing to waste on stress every day.

Be the You You Know You Can Be

If you are someone who is searching for organic options to place into their daily routine, you’ve probably figured out by now that organic can mean a lot of things. Having organic foods are great and they do the job, however, living an organic, natural lifestyle is also beneficial for someone who wants to stay healthy and balanced.

Remember, being “well” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not sick. Being “well” should mean you are well in every aspect of life. So go and be the you that you’ve always dreamed about in life.


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