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5 Sports to Keep You Active in the Spring Season

Spring is coming, and the desire to get active after the cold and chill of winter is strong. But what sports and activities are best for the spring season? Finding options that can be enjoyed outside as the weather starts to warm up doesn’t have to be complicated! Take a look at our top five favorite sports to enjoy during the spring to help you stay active.

1. Baseball

Who doesn’t love a little baseball? The great thing about baseball is that it can be played with as few as two people and as many as 20 and beyond. All you need is a bat and some baseball gloves. Plenty of community parks have baseball diamonds, just gather up some friends and get out for a baseball game together!

If you’re looking for a good way to maintain a good grip on your baseball bat, be sure to snag some Lizard Skins bat grip. All you have to do is wrap it around the handle of your bat and you’re set!

2. Golf

Golf is another perfect sport to play in the springtime. Springto is one of the most ideal times of the year to enjoy this sport. Whether you’re getting out with a group or you’re going solo, golf is a sport that can truly be enjoyed all year round. Before you go to the course, make sure you don’t need to reserve a time slot in order to play. Get on the schedule if you have to and get ready for a relaxing day of golf.

3. Lacrosse

Lacrosse is another great option once springtime rolls around. This is a sport that requires a great deal of agility and endurance, so if you’re looking for a challenge that will truly give you a workout, lacrosse is a great way to go. Make sure you’re well equipped with a lacrosse stick and helmet and gather some friends together to play.

4. Basketball

Basketball is a great option for those colder days of spring when the weather hasn’t quite figured itself yet. Easily played indoors or outdoors, basketball is another great game that can be played one-on-one or with a large group of friends.

Another thing that makes this such a great option? You just need a basketball and to have access to a basketball hoop. That’s it. Once you have those two things, you’re ready to play basketball and let me tell you, it’s quite a workout! This is one of our favorite ways to stay active during spring.

5. Soccer

Soccer is another fantastic sport to help you stay active during the spring. All that running up and down the field is sure to get your heart pumping, not to mention it’s a great workout that anyone can enjoy.

This is another sport where you need minimal equipment. A soccer ball and soccer net are all you need. If you don’t have access to a net, you could even just set up markers to indicate where the net is and go off the honor system. Get a group together to enjoy this timeless sport!

As springtime comes closer, let yourself get excited about the various opportunities you’ll have to stay active! Whatever your preferences are, there’s a sport to get you out and encourage you to push yourself farther and farther.


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