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5 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Botox Treatment

Thousands of Botox injections are performed across Canada every year. There is a plethora of reasons why people get Botox, and it’s not just to look younger. In fact, Botox injections can be used to treat conditions like excessive sweating, a lazy eye, and even an overactive bladder. Whatever the purpose, if you’ve decided you would like Botox, knowing what to expect before treatment is important. Knowledge is power, so here are some essential things you need to know before getting Botox.

Consultation is Important

Before getting Botox, you must find the Best botox clinique in Toronto and have a consultation. When at the consultation, a professional will ask you to raise your eyebrows, frown, and smile. This is to see your expressions and how your face naturally moves so they can correctly place injections. Your consultation should feature a comprehensive health assessment too. This is to determine if you’re taking any medications which could interact with Botox.

Possible Side Effects

Like with any cosmetic procedure, side effects can happen, so it’s important to be aware of them before treatment begins. Should the Botox not be correctly injected, headaches and swelling can occur. While these are classed as normal side effects, others can last for much longer and have serious health consequences. These include vision problems, difficulty swallowing or speaking, and breathing problems. If you get any of these, you must see a doctor immediately.

After-Care Is Essential

The steps you follow after Botox treatment matter. Therefore, you must gently exercise your face, relax for the rest of the day, and avoid rubbing or touching the treated area. You mustn’t put makeup on the affected area either. If you plan to fly in the following days after treatment, it’s strongly advised against. This is because the pressure can negatively impact the toxins and how they move under your skin’s surface. If you have any further questions about after-care, speak to the doctor carrying out the procedure.

Bruising Is Normal

After Botox treatment, it can be quite alarming if you notice bruising. However, this is completely normal. In some cases, the Botox needle can hit a blood vessel which results in bruises. These normally fade within a few days. In general, you are more likely to get swelling and mild redness over a bruise. Both of these typically fade within a few hours of treatment.

It Doesn’t Last Forever

Finally, you need to be aware that Botox doesn’t last forever (no matter how much we wish it would!). While you may be left with the results you’re after, don’t be surprised if they fade after several months. Usually, most injections last between three and six months. However, this depends on where you had Botox. This means you’ll have to continue having treatments to keep up with your desired results.

Botox is one of the most minimally invasive cosmetic procedures carried out in Canada. Known as a relatively pain-free and quick procedure, Botox can minimise the visible signs of aging, and treat an array of conditions. Hopefully this short guide has given you some confidence and made it clearer what to expect before Botox treatment starts.


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