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Best Sites Like Anilinkz to Watch Anime Online Free

Anilinkz.to is the internet’s most popular free anime streaming platform, offering a diverse selection of high-quality video. www.anilinkz.tv is popular with millions of people since it is completely free and provides an excellent user interface and experience. I’ll provide you a list of approximately twenty of the top Anilinkz options for watching anime online for free.

What Ever Became of www.anilinkz.tv?

While registration is not required to view your favourite anime movies on anilinkz’, it is recommended that you do so that you can create a list of your favourites and share them with your friends. Additionally, you can offer feedback on the videos.

As you and I both know, aninlkz is the best online anime streaming service, but everyone needs more. As a result of my research, I located twenty of the greatest sites similar to animelinkz/anilinkz that you may enjoy while viewing your favourite anime films on ainlinkz.

The architecture of the website is incredibly well-designed. Additionally, the output of the website is incredibly user-friendly. Additionally, the website features whole episodes of high-quality animation. Notably, there are websites that are similar to www.anilinkz.tv. Thus, if you’re interested in watching anime, you have a plethora of options. I’ve compiled a list of the top twenty Anilinkz alternatives, as well as the finest locations to stream anime online, in this post.

The best sites similar to animelinkz for watching anime online for free.
Anilinkz is an anime website where you can watch free cartoons and anime episodes.



It is a website that provides a selection of free cartoon and anime series; the cartoons are regularly edited and sorted for the benefit of visitors. It’s quite possible that the majority of animation aficionados are aware of it. Below are some alternative websites to www anilinkz.com.

You will become a member of KissCartoon and will receive notifications whenever a new cartoon or anime is released. All sidebars are ad-supported, and you’ll even see pop-up ads after clicking on a video. KissCartoon is extremely popular with the general public; it attracts approximately 15 million monthly visits, the bulk of which are from the United States and the United Kingdom.

2. Anime Nova


It is mostly for anime aficionados; it allows access to a big number of anime films. Anime Nova is a text-based portal featuring an anime-themed homepage. There are no pop-up advertising on its homepage; it has a clean interface and a nice user experience; and it has a search option for finding the required anime.AnimeNova has approximately three million monthly users, the majority of them are from Japan and the United States.



MasterAnime is a website similar to www.anilinkz.tv. It is a website dedicated to the study of the art of anime. It’s also a great site to watch anime and cartoons; it features a section, or better yet, a group, dedicated to the newest anime, the most popular anime, and the most popular anime of the day. MaterAni.me has an amazing interface; the homepage is free of adverts, which is the platform’s biggest feature; users can quickly traverse this site, and practically everything is classified, making it a viable option to Anilinkz Alternatives to Series Watching

4.Chia Anime



Chia Anime is also an excellent substitute for the anilinkz website, which features a big anime library. It offers high-definition video streaming, which means you can watch your anime here. On the homepage, you’ll see a slew of pop-ups that show adverts, and clicking on one will open the ad in a new tab in your browser. It draws around 7 million visitors every month from the United States and the Philippines.

5. 9Anime


9Anime is one of the top websites for watching anime online, offering a diverse collection of anime shows. Additionally, it accepts anime requests in the event that a particular anime title is not already on their list. The greatest functioning website similar to www anilinkz.com.

While the site’s layout and user support are inadequate, it does feature a sizable selection of anime.While watching, you may notice a high volume of pop-up advertising and show advertisements; pop-up advertisements will open in a new tab in your browser.Consider its popularity: it has approximately 10 million monthly users, the bulk of them are from the United States. Americans are huge anime aficionados. A fantastic site similar to Anilinkz.



KissAnime is a free service that allows you to stream cartoons and anime in high definition video. It features both subtitled and dubbed anime in English. It is primarily for anime aficionados, as it contains practically every type of animation. Do not be duped. While this platform is not identical to Kiss Anime Club, it does include a movie section in the header. Although the site is mobile-friendly, there is a lot of advertising, which may bother you. KissAnime is a well-known anime video service with around 40 million monthly visitors, approximately half of them are from the United States. Consider this website; it may be the ideal Anilinkz substitute for you.



CartoonCrazy is a viable alternative to aninlkz in that it allows you to stream a range of cartoon and anime shows without any registration. It’s also a viable choice for English-dubbed anime. The UI and user experience of CartoonCrazy are superb; it’s simple to use and won’t annoy you. Yes, certain pop-up and display adverts will open in a separate browser tab. This website is extremely popular, with 12 million monthly visits; the bulk of users are from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.



It is also a good option to anilinks for anime aficionados; it features a vast selection of subtitled and dubbed anime. The homepage of AnimePahe is ad-free and simple to navigate, featuring only the most recently updated anime. In comparison to other free anime streaming services, this platform is fair in terms of UI and user assistance; you receive a thumbnail and title for the anime, and when clicking on it, the anime begins to play.

Additionally, the video player is superb, with an intuitive design. Over 2.5 million monthly visitors from the United States, India, the Philippines, and Malaysia visit AnimePahe. The only difference is that Indians continue to visit, but the animation is only in English.
Anilinkz is a website that resembles Anilinkz.

9. OtakuStream



OtakuStream is the finest location to watch anime online similar to aninlkz because it organises the most recent releases by segment. It features a Light/Dark option that you may adjust according to the time of day or night. OtakuStream offers the best user interface and experience; the front page is ad-free, and users may connect via Facebook and Twitter.
It has a search bar for finding your favourite anime.

10. Cartoon Network


As most anime and cartoon enthusiasts are already aware, Cartoons Network is also a fantastic option for viewing a variety of cartoons. It has various children’s web games.Because it is a premium product, it features an exceptional user interface and experience. In just two clicks, users can play a video of the finest quality. The main disadvantage is that they only have a modest library.Cartoon Network receives approximately one million monthly visits, with the bulk coming from the United States and the United Kingdom.

11.KissAnime Club


It is a modern website that offers a large selection of anime films and television programmes; it features an easy-to-use layout and an excellent user experience.
While its name is similar to that of the popular anime website Anilinkz, it has a unique domain name (URL). The nicest part about this platform is that there are no annoying commercials while watching cartoons, and it also features a huge collection of subbed and dubbed anime and films. Users can access a separate list of popular anime series. Kiss Anime Club is a relatively new platform with a small following. You may appreciate the video player’s simplicity of use and inclusion of buttons for sharing and streaming anime videos.

12. AnimeFLV

sites like www.anilinkz.tv


AnimeFLV is a well-known alternative to the anilinkz website in the anime community, and I would even call it the “Father of Anime,” however it is not available in English. However, if you speak Spanish, it may be the finest option for watching anime online. The user interface and experience are outstanding; the left sidebar features a list of anime, as well as the opportunity to browse for your favourite anime.

13. Anime Heros

sites like www.anilinkz.tv

It’s a relative newcomer in the industry of cartoon streaming, competing with anilinks; it features a diverse selection of popular and recent animation. It includes a section in which you can learn about the most popular animes.


sites like www.anilinkz.tv

Another platform that streams a big amount of anime from around the world is AnimieShow.
You can explore for your favourite anime on the search page. When you click on this site, regardless of where you clicked, pop-up adverts will show. That is why, despite having a big anime library, this website is despised by many. This website has a high authority and receives approximately 11 million monthly visits; it is particularly popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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