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Back Pain and Getting Better Sleep

Sleep is important for the body because it gives it a chance of resting and rejuvenating. This is far from the case for 31 million Americans who suffer from lower back pain.

Having back pain makes it harder for you to sleep and you end up feeling uncomfortable most of the night. This is the main reason why people suffering from chronic pain get 42 fewer minutes of sleep compared to other people.

Even if you manage to fall asleep, the quality of sleep you are going to get is not that good. Back pain is going to force you to remain on the lighter stages of sleep. You will find yourself waking up many times, but you may not even realize it. This causes poor quality of sleep, and you will feel unrested or uncomfortable when you get up in the morning.

The good thing is some of these issues can be dealt with through by making minor changes to your lifestyle. The three tips below will go a long way in helping you get quality sleep and wake up with less back pain.

1.Adjusting your sleeping position

It is important to have pressure equally distributed along your spine if you want to relieve the back pain. When you sleep on your back, your body weight is evenly spread. It is also a good idea to put a pillow under your knees because it helps in maintaining the normal curve of the lower back.

Side sleepers can also help because they will help in distributing pressure. Another option is to draw your knees slightly close to your chest. Placing a pillow between your legs will also help. You also need to alternate sides when sleeping.

It is not a good idea to sleep on your stomach because it puts a lot of strain on the spine. If you cannot avoid doing this, then make sure you have a pillow under your abdomen because it is going to relieve some tension in your back and neck.

2. Checking your pillow

When you maintain the natural curve of your spine, you are going to relieve tension. A pillow is going to help you do this. If you have a pillow that is too stiff or too high, it is going to result in your neck flexing all night. In the morning, you wake up with stiffness and pain.

Set the pillow at a comfortable height because this is going to help keep the spine in alignment. Have it beneath the neck and head, not shoulders. For additional support, get a pillow that conforms to the contours of the neck and head – like a pillow with memory foam or a feather pillow.

3. Updating your mattress

The age of a mattress can have a big impact on the back and spinal health. A mattress sags and loses its springiness as it wears out. While your mattress might have been keeping your spine in alignment when you got it many years ago, it starts to be less effective with time.

One question many people ask themselves when replacing their mattress is which is the best mattress. There is no definitive answer and more independent research has to be done. Some studies that have been done have shown that medium-firm mattresses are the best when it comes to relieving back pain. Take a look at these Tempurpedic mattress reviews and find the perfect mattress.

These tips are going to be of help if you have mild back pain. If your back pain is not mild, then make sure you visit a physician who can help you with the problem.


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