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Best 10 Local Moving Companies Near me in California

Living in California, and you want to move for a certain reason. It could be your work that needs it, you want to be oblivious of your past or any other purpose, and you want to move all your belongings hassle-free, then the answer is that you should hire any of the best companies near me in California. local moving companies  for California movers near me are the most convenient way to transfer all your belongings safe and sound to their final destination. California mover companies offer you a variety of services like packing your stuff in a most professional way, transporting them with insurance coverage of your valuables.

In this article, we will be trying to make it easier for you to pick the best California companies near me to move your households, either it’s interstate or intercity. You will find the reviews of the top 10 California moving companies. The top 10 California local moving companies companies, are being chosen based on positive feedback from the customers who have a good experience with these companies. 

It’s very important to have a look at the top 10 California movers near me to avoid scams. We are giving a list of the top 10 CA Movers to make it convenient for you to choose among them the best which suits your needs. Choosing from the list of the top 10 companies near me in California will make it easier for you to transport your goods very conveniently.

Top 10 California Moving companies

Best 10 Local Moving Companies Near me in California. The California Moving companies listed below are the top-rated companies with plenty of positive feedback.

Elite Moving and Storage

Elite Moving and Storage

Elite Moving and Storage is a company that operates in different states Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, New Mexico, North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin. Their average price for a local move is $1185, and the interstate move average cost is $3229. Elite  companies near me and Storage as a California mover is Highly recommended by the people who had a very good experience with them. They are also offering top-notch facilities as well. 

California New York Express

California New York Express

California New York Express is based in Lowrie Ave, South San Francisco CA, 94080, which operates in the states of California, New Jersey, and New York. The company is offering a highly competitive price and a guaranteed time frame. They claim to have no sub-contractor involved in moving the goods. The company is also offering a money-back guarantee to its valued customers.

Hire a Helper

Hire a Helper

Hire a Helper is another California based Moving company that is offering plenty of services to a lot of satisfied customers with positive feedback. Hire A Helper company is rated high among the top 10 California Moving companies. Hire A Helper Moving company’s states of operations are Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

This California mover has a simple and upfront pricing, real customer reviews, fantastic customer care, and all their services are guaranteed. They are offering Insurance for the repair and damage up to $10k.

NorthStar Moving Corporation

NorthStar Moving Corporation

NorthStar Moving Corporation is offering its operations in the states of Arkansas, California, Michigan, Texas. For a local move, they charge an average of $754, and for the interstate move, they charge an average of $1947. This California companies near me is fully insured and licensed. They have an A+ rating by the BBB with many years of the best reputation in the market. The company is also offering the convenience of its customers’ on-site estimation of costs.

Red Carpet Moving and Storage, Inc

Red Carpet Moving and Storage, Inc

Red Carpet Moving and Storage, Inc is another among the California Movers. They are only operating in California. They are services of Residential Moving, Commercial movers near me, as well as they are also providing the storage facilities to its valued customers. You can also provide them a call for a free quote.

Move Central

Move Central

Move Central is the next California moving company. This company is also operating in the state of California. For more than a decade, they are offering their services of packaging, moving, and storage facilities to its valued customers. Time to time, they offer amazing offers like one-month free storage while you find a new abode to settle in. The company is offering big discounts. They are offering plenty of services like packaging services, local moves, long-distance move, storage services, and office moves.

BigBen’s Moving and Storage

BigBen's Moving and Storage

BigBen’s Moving and Storage is a California Based Moving company that operates in the states of Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Nevada, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont.

This California Mover company is committed to providing its customer’s Packing, moving, unpacking, and setting up your household goods very intricately. This California companies near me is providing in House Estimation of the move you are planning, Long distance move, commercial moves, and storage solutions.

This CA Mover comes well prepared to keep in mind the customers’ needs. They also brief the customers about what they are going to experience during the move. The company hires the most experienced staff to avoid any hassle.

Beefcake Moving & Storage

Beefcake Moving & Storage

Beefcake Moving & Storage is based in Chatsworth, CA. This California Movers Company is operating in the state of California only. This California mover company has a good reputation in the moving industry. The company is giving a variety of services like local and long-distance move, packing services with a variety of options, wood crating and junk removal, but if you want to transport your vehicle, it is not a good option for you to choose.

Pete’s Moving Services

Pete's Moving Services

Pete’s Moving Services is again a California Moving Company that is offering its services only in the state of California. The most trusted company in central California provides companies near meservices like Local move, long-distance move, and relocation of offices. The movers near me is offering services for packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading, etc.

Move Happy Group

Move Happy Group

Move Happy Group is providing local moving companies solutions to its valued customers for the last many years. The company is operating in the states of California, Hawaii, New York, Texas, Washington. The company is one of the best that is transporting goods around the globe. The company is extending top-notch service to its esteemed customers. The services include packing, Insurance, and setting up at your new place. 

Estimated charges of California Moving Companies

To enlighten you about the exact cost of which will incur on local moving companies within California, we gathered data based on the reviews of the customers who had moved within California using many of the California moving services. The formula we applied is that we added the sum of money spent by the customers collected from the 650 reviews of different companies. Then divide the sum of money by the number of reviews. 

Based on the exact and careful calculations, the results show that the minimum average cost of local moving companies within California is $2052, and the maximum is $5900.

The cost calculated is not by the companies, but based on the reviews, so the cost mentioned above is subject to variation when you contact any of the California local moving companies. 

Some of the prominent factors that affect the pricing are 

  1. Size of your home
  2. The distance between your present location and the final destination
  3. The dates of companies near me.
  4. And the additional services you want, e.g., packaging, assembling, and storage.

The Regulatory authority that governs California movers near me

The California Movers must register themselves with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) www.fmcsa.dot.gov

Before Hiring Important Questions to Ask 

Moving into a new home or an office is a whole new experience that seems fascinating, but it’s also a tiresome process. Hiring a local moving companies is also very tricky and needs a lot of consideration. 

Besides the list of California, companies near me here are some of the important questions to ask a local moving companies well before hiring.

Since when they have done in the industry?

The most important question that should be asked to the company is that since when they have been operating in the industry. Asking this question will provide you a clear idea about their professionalism. Another very important question is about the staff what is the expertise level of the staff. A pro tip is that you can look at the reviews of customers or ask them directly to have a clear idea about that particular company.

Do the company Provide Insurance?

A customer needs to know about the insurance services. To know about the Insurance services is necessary because in any adverse circumstances if any damage occurs to your valuables, you can claim for compensation. The insurance policy is a thing that should be crystal clear from the very beginning.

Any Hidden costs?

Before signing the contract, you should know about the hidden cost, if any. 

Mostly good companies don’t charge any hidden costs.

Does the company provide Packaging Materials?

Mostly companies having a good reputation in the industry provide its customers with enough packaging materials like boxes, but rarely do some companies don’t. 

Make this clear before signing a contract.

Does the company Provide a Storage Facility?

This facility helps you when you have decided to move to a new place, but still, you are in the process of finding a suitable place to settle in. Simply you can contact the customer service of that particular company and ask them whether they are providing storage facility or not? Some of the best companies offer this service free of cost to the customers.


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