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Best Christmas Horror Movies 2020 in COVID Christmas

2020 as a whole has been a good horror the movie, so why not end it on that note? If this COVID Christmas is also stuck at home,

Here are the best Christmas horror movies you can watch.

2020’s Best Christmas Horror Movies

You will be shocked to see how many of these are out there actually. I came across Christmas horror movies in the making of this list, featuring psychopaths, evil elves, a Saint Nick murderer, a potential Antichrist, and none other than Goldberg.
Yeah, that’s right, WWE wrestler’s beer-can-crushing, Goldberg, like Santa. But there’s something in these movies for everyone.

A full-blown psycho-thriller-horror christmas movies may be encountered, or you might go with those that have a simpler plot.  You can stream any of the films on the list on Amazon Prime and Netflix. Rest assured. You’ll get a merry freaky Christmas from both of these!

Santa’s Slay

Santa rides a sledge, brings gifts, and brightens Christmas. But did you know Santa was the son of Satan? Well, not really. However, in this Goldberg starrer, we see Santa Claus slaughtering a town basking in Christmas spirit. In the movie, Santa is shown to be the only son of Satan, who says “I Hate Children.” While it isn’t necessarily a horror christmas movies, the gore is enough to have you on your toes. Go for this movie if you want to see Santa Claus riding a booster-powered sled and throwing gift-grenades and choking people.


A movie named after the anti-Santa, directed by Michael Dougherty is both funny and scary. If you want to see an extreme example of what happens if kids reject Christmas, this one is a must-watch. Still, I wouldn’t recommend you sit your kids down and make them watch it. You might not like the changing pace of the movie, but it has enough lively scenes to keep you hooked.

A Christmas Horror Story

The movie is set in the town of Bailey Downs, with William Shatner as a drunken RJ. It’s all about this Christmas horror movie, zombie elves, evil spirits, anti-Santa Krampus. A horror christmas movies Story includes intertwined stories, all of which are significant when you watch the movie. You can quickly watch it to see Santa and Krampus battling.

Anna And The Apocalypse

Without this one, the list of best Christmas horror movies for 2020 will be incomplete. If you’re a zombie genre fan, this is a pretty fresh approach. Anna and the Apocalypse are where Christmas meets Zombies and music, directed by John McPhail. In the middle of a zombie apocalypse, you can see Anna and her friends struggling to sing their way out of New Haven.


Within is one of the best-rated horror christmas movies themes of the season, a true Christmas horror movie. The film is set on Christmas Eve, where another woman, a psychopath who is after Sara’s unborn child, is haunted by a four-month-pregnant woman, Sara. If you want to feel the claustrophobia of Christmas, go for this one, brave heart!

The Children

If you have any children around, best not let them see this one and get ideas. A child is a movie that’s all about a
bunch of kids getting sick and turning on their parents. There are plenty of scares, and they’ll likely make you sick in the stomach. For instance, there’s a scene where the kids decapitate a man using a sledge. So if you’re ready for that kind of horror, this is one of the best Christmas horror movies for you.

Little Evil

Last but not least, Little Evil is the story of a man who thinks his step-son is the antichrist. This Netflix original is a gem of a horror-comedy. You’ll see the plot is built around miscommunications, errors, and simple slips leading to big twists. While it’s not directly related to Christmas, the son of Satan is never irrelevant in the best Christmas horror movies.
Honourable Mentions: Christmas Horror Movies 2020 Screenshot from Dead SilenceScreenshot from Dead Silence

Black Christmas

It’s not a creative film with a solid plot, but pure gore and horror christmas movies in its raw form. Based on the 1974 movie of the very name, Black Christmas is about a convict who escapes prison to return to his childhood home, now a sorority house, and starts murdering sorority sisters living there. Not the best rated Christmas horror movie, but certainly among the most bloody ones.


One of the scariest Christmas movie plots come to play in Saint. In the movie, Saint Nick is not his jolly good self but a ghost that kills and kidnaps kids on the full moon of December. This Dutch horror-comedy has many interesting scenes, including a sequence of Saint Nicholas jumping rooftops on horseback. You’ll certainly not like the concept of Santa coming down the chimney after this one.

Red Christmas

Searching for the best Christmas horror movies 2020, I stumbled upon this title. Red Christmas is a horror-thriller with a well-rounded story. You’ll see sickening use of items from pencils to hammers to bear traps. There’s nothing paranormal in the movie, just a really thorough antagonist.

If you don’t mind switching from hardcore Christmas horror movies to simple festivities gone wrong, these are the movies for you. I have three mentions here. These films are some of the best Christmas horror movies on Netflix. The first one is on Holidays. Available on Netflix, this one has 8 grizzly short stories inside the movie, and it will give you a shiver down the spine.


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