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Drugstore Makeup Pros and Cons

When it comes to drugstore makeup, there seems to be quite a divide. Some people are all for it, but others seem quite hesitant to take the plunge into the wonderful world of affordable makeup!

Many have already discovered the best drugstore foundation for their own makeup routine and have never looked back since. Yet there are a whole group of people that still seem wary.

Some say drugstore makeup can be good, others—not so much.

So to clear the air and really draw a line in the sand about whether or not drugstore makeup is worth getting, here are our top pros and cons for you to consider.

  •       Pro: It is affordable!

One of the biggest perks to drugstore makeup is that it is actually affordable and something you don’t need to save up big time for, compared to those pricey department store brands. This is great news for many of us, as it means that getting the basic primers, concealers, lip gloss, and mascara is within our reach and can start building up our own makeup kit. It is always a plus when we make a purchase and don’t spend all our savings!

  •       Con: You don’t get the tailored help

When you go into the fancy department stores, the makeup brands often have their own trained professionals on standby to give you demos, help you pick your products, and make you feel like a VIP. All that is nice, but do we really need it? If we have the trust in a drugstore makeup brand, the frills of a fancy makeup store isn’t actually necessary at the end of the day, it is just a nice little side perk that makes the shopping experience more enjoyable.

  •       Pro: so many quality brands to choose from!

Seriously, this is great! As it means that drugstores are your one-stop shop for all the makeup brands that you love and can easily get them in one go. And it means that if you like one brand’s mascara but another’s the foundation, you can pick up both at the same time. Drugstore makeup provides you with a plethora of choices and is such a massive perk in our book!

  •       Con: the cheapest is not always the best

There is a reason that the foundation costs $1.78—and chances are because it doesn’t actually work very well! While drugstores have so many quality makeup brands that have established consumer confidence, there are the random weird ones that give drugstore brands a bad rap! But avoiding the bad ones are easy—just do your research and try it out before purchasing! And if the prices seem too good to be true, it is probably because it is!

  •       Pro: they are always stocked up

No matter what time of day, month, or year you find yourself in the makeup aisle of the drugstore, chances are that it will always be stocked up with a ton of makeup brands and products to choose from! That means that you never have to worry about being disappointed or, worse, having to go without your favorite makeup item before it gets restocked again! Drugstore makeup brands are often reliable and always there for you—and thank goodness for that!

While some people have these misconceived notions that drugstore makeup isn’t as good as the ones you get in a department store, the truth is that often they are near equal and sometimes better! Not only is drugstore makeup better on the wallet, but it is also better for convenience and choice.

Why wouldn’t you choose the more affordable option if it produces the same result at the end of the day?


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