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How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy with Ayurvedic Tips

Every woman desires to have a happy and problem-free pregnancy. It feels great to be both physically and emotionally at ease when pregnant than typically tensed. This is the essence of a healthy pregnancy. Many years before the approval of conventional medicine, the Indian sages came up with Ayurveda, which is an all rounded science that boosts the connection between the mind and body. Ayurvedic practices give you the power to improve the strength of your body, further encouraging the process of healing.

How to Have a Healthy Pregnancy with Ayurvedic Tips

Ayurveda is described as a science of life, formulated to give you a clear understanding of your body. It enables you to remain healthy, energetic and full of life, still allowing you to appreciate your body’s full potential. New mothers can practice the principles of Ayurveda for a healthier pregnancy and a smooth recovery after birth. Here are 10 Ayurvedic Practices to increase your chances of having a cheery and healthy pregnancy.

  • Savor the sweet, sour and salty taste

As a pregnant mother, you need to put more focus on the sweet tasting foods, bearing in mind that it is the most beneficial for the growing baby. You need to consider taking foods prepared without oils, including beans and whole grains. You will find fruits sweet and amazing to your taste buds as well. Sweet potatoes and carrots are also ideal.

  • The theme of balancing vata

This is the science of balancing the energy required for boosting the nervous system. You can manage this by taking freshly-picked vegetables or plant-based foods. Stay away from processed foods. Stick to meals prepared with healthy oils, for example, coconut oil or even ghee. Always ensure that your food is warm.

  • Boost your immunity with the right milk

Drinking warm organic milk from hay-fed cows is healthy as it helps boost your immunity levels. Avoid homogenized milk and consider taking milk with ghee. Taking a teaspoon of ghee two times a day gives your baby smooth and healthy skin.

  • Take up regular body massages

Your skin requires gentle massages to ease up your body. Using herbal massage oil activates your skin, leading to a relaxed nervous system. This is a great way to relieve you from constant tension and stress, leading to a happier you. You can massage your skin, especially your abdomen or employ a massage professional. This is ideal during the third trimester of your pregnancy. A good body massage can get you physically and emotionally ready for nursing.

  • Engage in routine but moderate exercises

Exercises are known to keep your energy up and your body fit. However, according to Douillard, in an article about the benefits of Ayurvedic practices, you need to ensure that you take part in moderate exercises, such as walking for about 20 minutes on a daily basis while maintaining a slow-paced and deep breathing. Another example of exercises includes yoga or meditation, which helps strengthen your connection to your mind and body during pregnancy. You can still employ a professional trainer for increased results and safety.

  1. Enjoy enough rest

Rest is a crucial requirement during pregnancy, especially in your third trimester. This is a delicate stage of your pregnancy that calls for gentle movements and activities. During this stage, your body is transitioning to pave the way towards the delivery stage. Therefore, you need a lot of rest to foster a safe and smooth transfer of nutrients that boost immunity and strength to your baby.

  • Always endeavor to be happy

Joy and happiness are natural forms of medicine for the pregnant mother. It is advisable to lead a happy life together with your partner and family members. This is a stage in life that requires constant support and care that boosts satisfaction and joy. Anger and displeasure are not suitable for the mother and the unborn baby.

  • Keep to your cravings

Almost every pregnant mother has cravings. You should not struggle to avoid your cravings. Try as much as you can to eat the foods that your body craves, but in moderation and try to stick to a balanced diet plan. Ensure that your meal has sufficient amounts of vegetables, starch, and protein to boost your energy level. Remember that the cravings are brought about by your unborn baby. Therefore, give in to your craving but in moderation especially in the last weeks of your pregnancy.

  • Stay clear of hot spices and uncooked food

In as much as you need to balance your food types, especially for taste, you need to stay away from hot and spicy foods. Besides, always ensure that you eat foods that are properly cooked to avoid getting the upsetting stomach gases. Uncooked beans, including peas, can bring about stomach upsets and gas, which can make you uncomfortable. Ensure that your food is not prepared with artificial flavors or preservatives that can cause stomach discomfort.

  • Learn how to manage your morning sickness

Many pregnant mothers experience morning sickness, which can be a source of dreadful days. To lower the incidences of morning sickness, try and take a pinch roast cardamom seeds or dry toast. Ginger tea is ideal. You can try adopting a semi-inclined sleeping position.


A happy pregnant mother leads to a healthier and happier baby. The actions and activities that you engage in during pregnancy will determine the quality of your pregnancy. Equally, the foods you eat reflect on the health, vitality, and immunity of your unborn child as supported by the Mumbai Mirror. It is, therefore, advisable to boost your body strength and the natural development of your baby. Preparing well in advance for your baby is a sure way of leading a healthy pregnancy term. It helps you avoid encountering health problems during your pregnancy, further leading to successful delivery and recovery after your child is born. Most of all, connecting your body and allows you to be in full control during pregnancy, which is made easier by following the 10 Ayurvedic practices towards a healthier pregnancy as mentioned above.

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