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Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatments

As you know constipation is something that you face when you have bowel movements only three times a week. It is the most uncomfortable thing that one goes through and does need for a solution to be relieved from the same. Constipation does leave a negative impact on the body, mentally as well as physically.

There are many ways for constipation treatment. It is better not to directly delve into taking up medicines. Cure starts from home and changes in your dietary plans. We have brought for you top home remedies and proper food hacks that are sure to prevent you from the unconditional discomfort from constipation.

Home Remedies For Constipation Treatment

Stay Hydrated

One of the major causes of constipation that might occur is when you do no intake proper fluid in your body. As per the studies, during the process of digestion, fluids especially water takes 0 minutes to flush down. Thus, it is highly beneficial to stay hydrated to get relief from constipation.

If you are suffering from constipation, you can opt for drinking carbonated water to re-energize yourself and stay hydrated. Carbonated water has the effect of soda compounds that might help you to get relief from constipation.

Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment

It is highly mandatory to stay hydrated all the time. On average, every day you should drink at least 9 to 12 glasses of water daily. It is mandatory for you to stay hydrated as the water gets absorbed by the colon making your stool softer.

When you tend to drink the carbonated water it relieves you from constipation and other bowel problems are you get to gulp down the most purified form of water.

Eating Prunes

If you are looking for one of the best remedies for constipation you can opt for taking up prune or prune juice. Dried prunes are much popular, also because they are one of the richest sources of fibre.

Prunes -Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment

Prunes have got the ample amount of nutrients that help in increasing the bulk of stool. It is another source of natural laxative due to the presence of sorbitol, fructans and fermented sugars in it.

If you intake nearly a half a gram of prunes twice a day, you will be able to view the effective results and also it will be the best remedy for constipation.

Adding Flaxseeds

Flaxseeds are another source of fibre that helps in relieving constipation. You will not be able to intake the seeds just normally. It is better to add it to your smoothies, oats or in your salad.flax seeds - Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment

You will be able to purchase the seeds from any supermarket or online store. The flaxseeds tend to act as the natural laxative like the same as prunes. The only difference being you cannot have the seeds normally. You need to grind or use the powder in your meal and intake the same. It works well for your digestive system as well as supports weight loss.

Molasses for Constipation Remedy

Finding molasses is never that tough. Blackstrap molasses also is known as Gudras in Hindi, is mainly the third boiling of the sugar syrup. The presence of magnesium helps in loosening bowel contraction which stands for an excellent remedy for constipation.

Molasses Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment

Not only this, blackstrap molasses have the proper formulation of vitamins and minerals that help in providing relief to constipation. You can have one tablespoon of the molasses every night before going to sleep.

Drink Caffeinated Coffee

Another remedy for constipation is drinking coffee. Drinking of the same might vary from person to person. When you tend to have coffee there is sheer muscle stimulation during the process of the digestion.

Caffiene Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment

It increases the urge to go to the washroom. Caffeinated drinks tend to boost your gut that increases the pressure in the bowel movements.

Coffee has the presence of a little number of soluble fibres that helps in constipation treatment by enhancing the balance of the gut bacteria.

Intake of A Herbal Laxative/Tea

Another natural ingredient which acts as a laxative is Senna. It has plant and medicinal compounds which boosts the stimulation of the processing in your gut. This influences speedy bowel movements.

As it is a natural laxative, you need to make sure that you cannot take the one in bigger amount or quantity. If you are unable to intake the same, you can opt for hot ginger and lemon tea early in the morning.

Drinking warm water with ginger and lemon in it stimulates the digestive tract. If you tend to sit properly or might perform some squats you will be able to find the effective results.

Pregnant women and people suffering from inflammatory bowel diseases should not opt for the herbal laxative. It is better to opt for some other way or seek the recommendation of the doctor.

Intake of Probiotic

Constipation might also occur if there is an imbalance of the bacteria in the gut. Probiotics like Lactobacillus acidophilus, Saccharomyces boulardii and others are known to be naturally present in the digestive system.

Probiotics influences for enhancing the immune functioning and also acts as a shield for promoting proper digestion in the body. If you tend to take up probiotic supplements, it will influence in relieving constipation.

Foods like yoghurt, sauerkraut and kimchi, contain live, friendly bacteria which influences boosting up the gut system and provide the best remedy for constipation.

Try For A Low – FODMAP Diet

FODMAP stands for fermentable oligosaccharides, disaccharides, monosaccharides and polyols. It is one of the dietary methods that not only served as a remedy for constipation but also cures IBS.

The main aspect of opting for this diet is that you need to intake the proper amount of nutrition and fibre in your body for boosting your digestive system and also influence proper bowel movements.

Rich sources of nutrition like having fish and other important sources of protein and ample amount of fluids will help in the process digestion process and also provide you relief from constipation.

Avoiding Dairy Products

There are at times, constipation might be influenced due to the intake of dairy product. Many people tend to have a gastric problem due to having milk, cheese or any other form of dairy product.

This might because the person is lactose intolerant. This does not only goes for elders but also in some children. If you are facing such acute problems for constipation, better consult your doctor to see if this is due to the intake of dairy products.

Foods To Eat For Constipation Treatment

While you are suffering from constipation, you will be hunting for remedies that will get your system moving. One of the key elements is fibre, let’s delve into the aspect of the important foods that you should eat for relieving from constipation.


Some of the best and high-fibre fruits that you can eat for constipation treatment are berries, peaches, apricots, plums, rhubarb, prunes and plums. In some of the fruits, you can eat the peel as well for a higher fibre boost.


Eating green leafy veggies is one of the best strategies for constipation treatment. Vegetables provide you with the nutrients that are highly effective for your health. Eat leafy veggies like lettuce, kale and spinach. Vegetable peas, potatoes, carrots, red potatoes with skin, squash, zucchini.

vegetables Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment

Whole Grains:

Whole grains are much rich in fibre and serve as a great remedy for constipation. Whole grains like oats, bulgur, brown rice, quinoa, rye and whole wheat.

Whole Grains - Natural Food Intake For Constipation Treatment


Try Walnuts and almonds to your diet to relieve yourself from constipation problems.

assorted nuts


There are different types of seeds which are excellent sources of fibre. Add it to your smoothies or on yoghurt or salads. Chia, ground flaxseeds, and psyllium are some of the most selected.

Beans and Legumes (with caution):

Legumes such as chickpeas, soybeans, lentils, navy beans and kidney beans are high on fibre. But then they can tend to cause gastric issues as well. If you are suffering from IBS, beans and legumes are on top of the list of high FODMAP foods that may be a treatment IBS symptom.

Hot Tea:

Herbal tea made with fennel might let you give a soothing way that helps in constipation treatment.

Final Words –

Treatment of constipation can start from the home itself. Follow through the above things and you will be able to find the beneficiary results within numbered days. Consuming foods mentioned in this article will let you lead a healthy and peaceful life.


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