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The Ultimate Equipment Guide to Show Horses

The build up to a show you’ve been anticipating for some time now can be a hectic one, with so much to think about and plan. Especially for events which require travelling, getting prepared by packing up all the essentials in advance can take some of the weight off of your shoulders. It’s time to swap out the daily turnout rugs and head off on the journey, ready to put on your best performance yet!


Maintain appearances by packing your best show clothing, carrying back up options in case of any mishaps during the trip. The aesthetics of your show outfit are important so be sure to pack your best show wear in advance. Tight fitting bottoms such as jodhpurs or breeches with a show shirt and jacket are common wear, being suitable for the nature of the event whilst maintaining a professional appearance. To match your outfit, remember the extras such as your helmet cover and gloves to ensure you’re ready to impress. It is also advisable to plan for the weather forecast at the location you are heading to, allowing you to prepare against any rain showers or bright sunlight.

Safety wear

Even during events, risk is still present so ensure you travel with all the precautions you could need. Standard essentials such as a helmet and safety vest should be worn that are safety approved for the country you will be in, offering a level of protection to your most vulnerable body parts. Appropriate riding boots should also be worn to offer protection to the feet and lower legs, preventing uncomfortable rubbing from the saddle straps and offering an extra layer of protection if you are unlucky enough to fall into the path of an oncoming horse.

Grooming equipment

As well as ensuring you are looking your best, make sure your horse is looking theirs. Once you arrive at your destination, you will want to have grooming brushes, a mane comb, detangler, a hoof pick and braiding supplies where necessary. By bringing along all your go-to products and equipment, you can ensure your horse is ready to turn heads as you arrive at the show.


Stay prepared by keeping any paperwork you could possibly need together in one place, ideally in a hardback folder to keep it safe. Commonly you will be asked to provide proof of registration, any paperwork for both you and your horse and insurance details. It is also worth having a copy of any emergency vet information or transport cover to hand so you can quickly access it in the event of an emergency.

The essentials

As you prepare for the big day, it can be easy to overlook the standard day-to-day routine of horse care. Depending on the duration of your trip, ensure you have all of things you would need for your horse when at home to ensure they remain healthy, comfortable and warm. From their daily feed and hay to blankets, buckets and a first aid kit, ensure you have access to all of the things your horse will need for the duration.


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