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Tips for Maintaining Favorable Energy Levels

Although many of us take abundant energy for granted in our younger years, we often experience a noticeable decrease in stamina as they enter adulthood. While younger people seemingly have access to boundless amounts of energy, adults generally have to put a bit of work into maintaining favorable energy levels. Fortunately, tending to your energy levels as an adult doesn’t have to be a time-consuming or physically exhausting venture. Anyone looking to maintain healthy energy levels for the foreseeable future can benefit from the following tips.

Work Out on a Regular Basis 

Since working out tends to wear us down, you may understandably view exercise as a detriment to favorable energy levels. However, exercising on a regular basis stands to heighten your stamina and help you get proper sleep – which is another essential tenet of maintaining favorable stamina levels. Keep in mind that exercising doesn’t have to entail working out to the point of utter exhaustion. Engaging in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day can do wonders for your energy reserves, help you build strength and enjoy the benefits of a peaceful night’s slumber.

If schedule constraints have prevented you from embracing regular exercise, try to carve out a spot for designated fitness time in your daily itinerary. For example, if you like starting your day early, consider getting up half an hour earlier than usual and devoting this time to your fitness goals. Conversely, if you prefer to be more awake when you work out, devoting half an hour of your lunch break to exercise can be a great way to work physical fitness into your everyday routine.

Never Skip Meals 

Some of us have an unfortunate habit of skipping meals due to packed schedules and poor time management. In addition, people looking to lose weight tend to wrongly regard skipping meals as an effective way to shed excess pounds. If either of these describe your situation, you’d do well to rein it in posthaste.

Food is the fuel on which our bodies run, and depriving yourself of it is liable to deplete your energy reserves and leave you feeling uncomfortably hungry. So, in addition to eating a diet rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, protein and other health-conscious staples, make sure to eat three balanced meals per day and enjoy healthy snacks between mealtimes. This will only not help you maintain favorable energy levels, it can also keep your metabolism operating at peak efficiency. Conversely, skipping meals stands to hinder your metabolism, which can make it very difficult to keep weight off long-term. So, regardless of how jam-packed your schedule is or how serious you are about losing weight, you should never allow yourself to skip a meal.

Address Low White Blood Cell Count

Having a low white blood cell count – a condition known as neutropenia – can have a tremendous impact on one’s overall energy. Neutropenia has a variety of root causes, so if you discover that your white cell count is below what it should be, don’t hesitate to consult a physician. Depending on their findings, you may be referred to a hematologist. Since some of the causes behind low white cell count are quite serious – especially bone marrow disease, autoimmune disorders, malnutrition and active infection – you’d do well to have the problem addressed sooner rather than later. Furthermore, cancer patients often experience neutropenia when undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatments.

The appropriate course of treatment will depend on the root cause of your neutropenia, as well as how much of a white blood cell shortage you’re experiencing. If your white cell count isn’t alarmingly low, your doctor may prescribe white cell-boosting medication. Conversely, if your count is well below normal levels, they may recommend white blood cell injections. Anyone interested in donating healthy blood should consider a Vitalant blood platelet donation.

Maintaining favorable energy levels when faced with a world that seems intent on draining your stamina can seem like an uphill battle. When contending with depleted energy, even the easiest everyday tasks are liable to give you trouble. Luckily, keeping your energy levels high isn’t quite the arduous chore you may regard it as. In the interest of warding off waning stamina, put the measures outlined above to good use.


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