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Tips for Parents When 19 months Old not Talking

If your 19 months old not talking a the lot at 18 months, try not to stress. The age at which kids learn to talk will differ widely. If it takes your child a little longer than normal, how he grows, later on, should not be affected.

Ideally, your child can know between six and Twenty terms by 18 months, and understand many more. Talk to your health visitor if your 19 months old not talkingor GP for advice if your little one may say less than six words. It’s probably the case that he’s just not quite there yet, but if there is a problem, it’s a good idea to get help sooner.

Point to Follow When Babies not Talking

There are plenty of other signs to watch out for apart from speaking sentences, that indicate your little one is eager to communicate:

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  • Get tips on how to inspire your child to talk
  • See the full speech timeline of your child from birth to four years old.
  • When 18 months not talking learn more on how to improve the language abilities of your little one.
  • Discover how his language skills can help with repetition and reading with your toddler.

He’ll point to it when your toddler needs something. This is a sure indication that he wants to engage with you. Your toddler should be able to obey clear directions from you, such as “Pick
up your teddy.” When you ask for it, he will give you his teddy.

He’s going to understand plenty of single words, and maybe some phrases with two words, such as “shoe on or “give me.” Maybe he’ll try to imitate the words you say and the movements you make.

Your toddler can recognise and point to objects and images in the book when you’re reading a storey with him if you prompt him. He’ll love nursery rhymes as well and when you sing them. He will even want to join in when 18 months not talking.

He’ll babble to himself as he plays. This will sound like babies not talking since pacing will be used and how loudly he speaks to express meaning will vary.

How can I inspire my 18 month-old to talk?

babies not talking

To promote your toddler’s voice, there are many things you can do. A great first step is to give him plenty of chances to connect with you. Talk to him if your 19 months old not talking when you do things like washing dishes or changing his nappy every day. When you’re out and about, point out things you see. Leave a nice pause to allow him to answer if you ask your toddler a question. Your toddler will also be helped by visual cues to grasp what you are saying to him.  For example, if you want him to come to you, holding your hand out to
he will make him understand what you mean when you say, “come over here, please”

Give him plenty of encouragement as he uses words and let him know when he’s got it right. “Yes that’s right, it is a spoon! Well done!”

And if he doesn’t say it plainly, repeat what you hear your toddler trying to say to you. About what he says, extend. So if your child says “nana” when he wants a banana, you could say Yes, here’s a banana.”

Don’t be too concerned about how your toddler uses his terms. It’s more critical for him to believe like
you know what he’s trying to tell you. And whose heart did not melt at the sound of their little one saying “pasgetti” rather than “spaghetti”?

Tips on Learning to Talk

If your toddler has learned more than one language, he may get confused between the two, or prefer to use one language more than the other. Rest assured that his capacity to learn to talk would not be impaired by this. In fact, there is evidence that his memory and language abilities can be enhanced later by learning two languages.

From time to time, both toddlers stumble over their vocabulary. If your toddler stutters for more than a few months or his stutter appears to be getting worse by the time he is two years old, ask your GP or health visitor for advice. She might be able to refer you to a therapist for speech and language.

Have a conversation with your health visitor or GP if your child has trouble following basic directions or questions, or finds it hard to pay attention to items that you point to or talk about. She can advise you, for example, to have your child’s hearing tested. Hearing loss can make learning to talk complicated, so it’s always worth ruling this out when 18 months not talking.

Occasionally, a delay in learning to talk or when 17 months not talking can be a symptom of an autism spectrum disorder, coupled with not making eye contact or not listening to others around him. When you are nervous, Talk to your GP or health visitor.

However, in many situations, all that is needed is a little extra aid and reassurance from your health visitor. Both infants learn to talk at their own pace, and as they develop, those who start slower than their peers catch up well when 17 months not talking.


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