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Top 10 Comotomo Bottles in Stores 2021

Comotomo Bottle” Breastfeeding in a Bottle.” has been coined for this Comotomo baby bottle. As a breastfeeding mom, you are looking for comotomo baby bottles that your baby will easily take. With a wide mouth and a naturally shaped nipple, this silicone-made one fits the bill by looking and feeling like a real breast. This increases the probability that your baby will transition between the breast and the comotomo baby bottle happily.

Where to Buy Comotomo Bottles?

You can buy the Comotomo bottles in either a 5-ounce or an 8-ounce size, so it’s great for both newborns and older babies. Which thing is to make them easy for those introducing the bottle is that they have a wide mound to prevent any confusion with a naturally shaped nipple. These are also made of silicone that can go safely in the dishwasher and microwave, besides baby bottles being easy for your baby.

The silicone also gives these babies a super soft grip that they like to hold onto. There is a dual vent on the nipple on these that will help relieve any disability and protects eructation. And best of all they and these bottles have an extra-wide base, which is a must for any tired household, so they’re really easy to clean.

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Top 10 Comotomo Bottles in 2021

Top 10 Comotomo Bottles in Stores 2021. These comotomo baby bottles are on a high priced side, so first try a few before committing to more.

Medela Breastmilk Bottles

comotomo bottles

If you’re (or intend to be) a mom who’s breastfeeding, then you’re probably pumping with a breast pump from Medela. This implies that you might already have a set of bottles of Medela breastmilk. There is really no need to go out and buy multiple baby bottles if you already have these. These Medela ones are robust and can also conveniently act as storage for breastmilk. A box of these Medela bottles can be a healthy, economical option, even if you’re no to give mother or don’t use a Medela pump.

Pura Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

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We suggest Pura as another environmentally-friendly baby bottles if you want something lighter in weight than a glass bottle. The Pura is one of the few bottles that are 100% plastic-free, with the bottle part made of stainless steel paired with a silicone nipple and sleeve. Baby bottles are made both for your baby and for a better future with 100 percent natural ingredients. They also have an insulated version to preserve the temperature they want in your baby’s milk.

Lifefactory Baby Bottle

Lifefactory Baby Bottle

The mission of Lifefactory is to make single-use products a thing of the past. And although baby bottles are rarely used once, after one baby, many starts looking dingy and scratched up. This also causes moms to throw them out and to substitute them for the next baby with new ones. Lifefactory makes sure that these glass baby bottles, beautifully made, are constructed to last. To help your baby hold the bottle and prevent the bottle from breaking, they also come with a colourful silicone sleeve of your choosing. (Although even without the sleeve, this is not likely because the baby bottles are made of super tough and heat resistant Borosilicate glass.)

Avent Natural Baby Bottle

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The Avent Natural Baby Bottle is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an anti-colic baby bottle that doesn’t have any of the extra tiny parts inside to keep track of. It uses an anti-colic valve installed into the nipple to vent air into the baby bottle and away from the tummy of your baby instead of an internal venting mechanism to assist indigestion. Few components allow simple cleaning and assembly. On the website, one mom left a review reading, ‘I love them! Like other bottles, they didn’t have 100 parts, which was my favorite part! “A little bit dramatic, but you’re getting the idea! 

Pro Tip: While we’re on the subject of simplifying your life as a parent… it’s time to try the portable battery-operated bottle warmer from Baby’s Brew baby bottle. It can securely warm the milk of your baby on the go, conserve nutrients from breastmilk, milk and save you a lot of headaches trying to find out how to warm the milk of your baby when you’re out living life. The option to have a disable, mess-free formula dispenser will also be enjoyed by Holle Organic Formula Stage.

Baby Brezza Natural Baby Bottle

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Baby Brezza bottles are unbelievably simple to clean. Although most baby bottles have 3-5 pieces to keep track of and sterilize, there are only 2 for the Baby Brezza! Not only that, but it also has a nature that means you don’t need to clean it with a bulky bottle brush. This may not seem that critical, but that washing time really adds up when you feed your baby 8-12 times a day. This, according to the website, will save moms up to 10 hours of cleaning and assembly every year!

Tommee Tippee Advance Anti-Colic Bottle

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With colicky babies in mind, this bottle was made. Air is drawn away from the milk with a special anti-colic venting system, ensuring that your baby is not drinking extra air. It also has an anti-colic nipple fitted with a stretch that is flexible and normal. This means you can get a decent latch for your tiny one. The heat-sensing strip of the venting tube that will turn pink if your milk is too hot is another neat feature of this bottle design. (We also suggest using a portable bottle warmer from The Baby’s Brew to make sure your baby’s milk is never too hot to start with!)

We also recommend out this list of formulas, in addition to using an anti-colic bottle, to see our best tips for babies with sensitive tummies.

Brown’s Natural Flow Original Bottle

Brown's Natural Flow Original Bottle

These Dr Brown bottles are fitted with a proprietary internal vacuum-free device designed specifically for the reduction of colic, spit-up, burping, and gas. It guarantees that your baby bottles swallow milk instead of air. Babies will eat at a comfortable speed when it is used in combination with the regulated silicone nipple, so they do not overdo it. For newborns, these bottles are a perfect Dr Brown Bottles choice and are also great to use in combination with breastfeeding. The inner vent system can easily be removed if it is no longer needed when your baby grows out of its colic.

Nanobebe Baby Bottle 

Nanobebe Baby Bottle 

In addition to being shaped to mimic a real breast, the Nanobebe baby bottles are also specially designed to protect precious breastmilk nutrients. The bottle cools rapidly in the fridge due to its unique shape, which reduces bacterial growth. It warms 2-3 times faster than regular bottles do, too. The other cool thing about these creative baby bottles is that in the refrigerator, they can be stacked together. Add the Nanobebe adapter, and you can then pump your Nanobebe bottles directly, all set to give to your son when it’s time to eat.

Evenflo Classic Glass Bottles

Evenflo Classic Glass Bottles

These bottles are not only sold at an excellent price but are also made from sustainable glass. This implies that any siblings who come along in the future will continue to look pristine and hold up. It is not only great for the environment to be able to reuse baby bottles but cost-effective, too. The measurements on the sides that will never rub off are another nice extra about these glass baby bottles. And when you’re done with the flasks? Such ones can easily be recycled.



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