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Top Tips on Being Healthy

There are plenty of ways to be healthier. This article discusses some of the best tips for maintaining the optimal health of your mind and body.

Sitting is the new smoking:

We need to keep moving to maintain our health. It is not normal for humans to sit for long periods during the day. This is particularly important since many people now work from home after the impact of Covid-19. Your cardiovascular and bowel functions work much better and more effectively when you are standing upright. Not forgetting physical activity boosts our overall energy levels, endurance and helps maintain healthy bones.
Sitting for long periods can also weaken our muscles since we aren’t using them regularly enough, especially our leg and glute muscles. Both are critical for movement and stabilising us. If these weaken, we can experience joint strain and may be more prone to injury.
Creating and maintaining a regular exercise routine will also help boost our mood, given the release of endorphins in the brain. Regular exercise has been associated with lower levels of anxiety and depression.

Supplements & Nutrition:

Eating a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich fruit and vegetables will fuel your body with all the right vitamins, minerals, and goodness it needs to thrive. It’s often advised to limit your intake of sugars, salts, and fats usually found in processed and convenience foods. We also need at least two litres of water per day to keep our bodies and brains hydrated since our bodies are approximately 70% water.
A Mediterranean diet is often recommended for optimal health. Research has found the omega fatty acids found in extra-virgin olive oil and other healthy fats are vital for your cells to function correctly.
Many individuals also invest in food supplements to top up their intake of specific vitamins. For example, many individuals will take vitamin D supplements to compensate for the lack of sunshine during the winter months. CBD has become a very popular health supplement in recent years, given its numerous benefits for emotional and physical wellbeing. There’s a range of CBD products you can buy, such as oral drops, zeal CBD gummies, creams and teas.

Stay Social:

We are social beings, and it’s essential to recognise the connection between health and friendships. Forming healthy friendships allows us to celebrate good times and feel supported in bad times. Having a sense of community from a solid friendship group prevents us from feeling lonely and increases our sense of purpose which is incredibly important for our wellbeing. Therefore, having a healthy social life has the most significant positive impact on our mental wellbeing. Indeed, studies have shown adults with social support networks have reduced experiences of depression, stress, and high blood pressure. Some studies suggest it leads to extended longevity too. Did you know laughing with friends is good for your health, improving blood flow by 20%?

Sleep: get plenty of it

Getting enough rest is essential for our health. Sleep is involved in the healing and repair of our bodies. It’s also critical in providing our body and mind the opportunity to recharge, so we feel refreshed and alert. The standard recommendation is seven to eight hours of consecutive sleep per night.
In conclusion, it’s essential to look after and care for our minds and bodies – we only have one to take us through life. Therefore, creating healthy routines is a wise investment of time for our health and longevity.


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