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How Gym Owners Can Generate Business with Video Brochures

There is no denying that fitness is one of the most saturated markets today. With so many different workout varieties, apps, and at home equipment available, it’s hard for gyms to stand out.

In order to generate business, it’s important that you are able to truly showcase everything about your facility. Your marketing strategy should encompass presenting why your gym is the perfect fit for your target market. Sharing your values, mission and benefits is important, as is giving an inside look at all of the features your gym has to offer.

One of the most effective ways to grow your business is by using a video brochure.

What is a Video Brochure?

A video brochure is a groundbreaking marketing solution created to WOW your target audience! It combines the elements of a traditional printed brochure and adds a digital flare with an embedded HD video screen. Recipients can read, listen and watch to learn all about your business.

How does it work?

From the outside, a video brochure looks like a typical brochure. But, upon opening, the reader is greeted with both text AND video. This is achieved through video in print technology which happens to be a relatively dated technology that many aren’t aware exist.

Video brochures can be used in a variety of different ways. You can mail them to potential gym members, give them away at events or use them as a follow up marketing tool.

What are the benefits of Video Brochures?

Your goal is to stand out in the busy fitness market. By utilizing a video brochure, you will be able to do that and ultimately generate more business too. Here’s how:

Engage with your audience –  While viewing your video brochure, the recipient will be touching, watching, listening and reading. Having the opportunity to let your audience engage with multiple senses allows you to create a unique experience that is sure to keep your gym top of mind.

Provide information that is easy to understand – Not only can you use print text within a video brochure, you get to include an embedded video. People retain almost 95% of a video message compared to 10% of what they read in text. Being able to offer your recipient a video with accompanying text and graphics will allow them to easily understand and digest the information you’ve provided.

Recipients will want to share your brochure – When people like something, they share it. Creating an eye-catching video brochure that people enjoy watching is important. Think about how many people enjoy working out with their family, spouses, and friends… a video brochure is an easy and effective way to have your message spread.

Convenience is key – With so many spam calls, texts and emails happening these days, it’s important to get in touch with your audience when its most convenient for them. By sending a video brochure in the mail, there is no pressure or stress to open it. Let the recipient view your brochure at their leisure when they can truly take in your message.

Build the foundation of the client relationship – Trust translates to sales. By using video, you can speak directly to your audience. Help them understand your values and demonstrate your personality. Explain to them what your business is all about and why your gym is a great fit for them. Build that foundation of trust from the start for a long-lasting client relationship.

Differentiate yourself from the competition – Sure, other gyms send mail to their target market, but what does that look like? It’s usually a printed postcard or an ad in a local paper. A video brochure is something that most people have yet to receive. Get a jump on your competition and leave your market intrigued to learn more by incorporating video brochures into your marketing strategy.

Customized to your brand – When you create a video brochure, you create a one of a kind piece that is unique to your business. Every element is your choice. A video brochure is a complete representation of your brand. Choose the sizes, colors, texts, images and video to create the perfect match for your brand.


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