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What Is Aesop and What Are Its Top Products

Aesop is one of the biggest yet ironically lesser-known cosmetic brands in the world. Despite its relative obscurity, this Australian company’s skincare products are considered some of the best in the market.

Aside from skincare, they also offer top-notch hair and body care products. From balms, cleansers, and toners to purifiers, oils, and shampoos, there is a little bit of something for everyone looking to use the best beauty and body care products on the market.

What Makes Aesop Products So Special?

By now you are probably asking yourself, why all the fuss about Aesop?

Well, the main selling point of this luxury cosmetic brand is the ingredients used to manufacture its products. Aesop is renowned for its highly organic manufacturing process, favoring natural botanical ingredients and methods over harsh chemical products and treatments that are all too common in the cosmetics industry.

All Aesop products use plant-based ingredients, carefully tempering them with lab-manufactured substances to make for a holistic and soothing end product that is every bit as effective as it is good for the body. In fact, Aesop is 100% vegan, which means their products do not use animal products such as beeswax or honey.

Aside from using natural ingredients, Aesop is also known for its sleek, minimalist design and eco-friendly materials. These materials are part of Aesop’s sustainable design approach, which makes them reusable and recyclable. Not only do these products look good and make you look good, but they are also good for the environment.

What Are Some of Aesop’s Tops Products?

With such a wide variety of products ranging from hand-washes to serums to gels and creams, it’s tough to nail down the best when there are so many to choose from. Still, we have compiled a shortlist of Aesop’s most popular brands.

1. Aesop Protective Body Lotion

This lotion doubles up as a sunscreen, offering SPF50 protection from UV rays as well as providing a layer that protects you from water. Sunlight is the number one reason that we, and by extension our skin, age so rapidly. Therefore sun protection is a cornerstone if not the foundation of any beauty and skincare regimen.

Not only does this lotion hydrate the skin and protect it from the sun, but its distinct spearmint aroma will leave you feeling refreshed. It is also lightweight which makes it suitable for everyday use.

Aesop body lotion is perfect for a hot, sunny day at the beach or hiking in the outdoors, where you are likely to get wet, sweaty, or exposed to the elements.

2. Aesop Classic Shampoo

Infused with juniper berries and cedarwood, this shampoo’s earthy tones and sweet aromatic scent make it a favorite for those who wash their hair on a regular or daily basis. It helps keep hair hydrated and moisturized at the roots with its vegetable proteins.

The ingredients are fairly mild and won’t damage your hair or irritate your scalp, and its minty scent will leave your head feeling cool and fresh.

3. Aesop Parsley Seed Cleanser

This facial cleanser is made from licorice root, lactic acid, parsley, and blackcurrant seeds. It forms a smooth, milky emulsion when mixed with water that gently but effectively, cleans all the grime from your face and exfoliates the skin with its lactic acid.

All you have to do is massage it into your face twice a day and rinse it off with cold water. It is especially effective for those who live in urban areas, where the skin is often exposed to smog, dust, and other substances that can tarnish the quality of the skin.

4. B & Tea Balancing Toner

Unlike other toners on the market, Aesop’s Balancing Toner is totally alcohol-free and is more than ideal for soothing sensitive skin. It is made with green tea and vitamin B5 which opens up the pores, balances the skin pH, and supplies it with antioxidants. It can be used by almost all skin types, from dry to oily.

5. Aesop Aromatique Hand-wash

This hand wash comes in two varieties; the Resurrection edition which is made of rosemary, cedarwood, and mandarin rind, and the Reverence brand that is made from bergamot rind, vetiver root, and petitgrain.

Resurrection has a fruity, fresh scent more while Reverence has a heavier, earthy, woody tone to it. Both are excellent hand-washes that will leave your hands clean yet supple.

6. Aesop Fragrances

As mentioned earlier, Aesop does not just specialize in skincare. They also have a line of fragrances such as the aptly named Rozu, which is known for its rosy, floral scent.

Other perfumes include Hwyl, with its spicy, smoky, woody fragrance that is similar to those of a Japanese forest. Marrakech is even more spicy, inspired by the city in Morocco.

Last but not least is Tacit, a more orthodox type of cologne for those who prefer crisp, classical scents over woody aromatic ones. It’s worth pointing out that All Aesop fragrances come with ensembles that have cleansers, scrubs, and balms made from the same scents and ingredients.

Why Aesop Is the Best

With its emphasis on botanical ingredients, minimal use of chemicals, and use of eco-friendly materials, Aesop stands out as a unique, holistic, and wholesome brand.

Their sleekly designed products are ideal for the environmentally conscious as well as those who are tired of using cosmetics that are packed with all sorts of potentially harmful chemicals. Not forgetting their use of natural plant-based ingredients which is a strong reflection of their respect for the environment and the health of their customers.

Best of all, Aesop manufactures a wide range of products from skincare to body care to hair care. These include fragrances, gels, balms, creams of all varieties, with exfoliating sets tailored to specific skin types and/or problems.

Whether you have sensitive skin that burns easily in the sun, dry skin that just can’t seem to trap any moisture or oily skin that often clogs up your pores, you are sure to find a natural solution to your problem with Aesop’s wide range of luxury beauty products.


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