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Why Seniors Opt For Memory Care Facilities During Retirement 

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in nine adults, ages 45 and older, reported confusion or memory impairment. This is still mild enough that it won’t disrupt their daily routines and whereabouts. However, while it’s very unlikely, some of these cases would progress to Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia. Therefore, elderly people need to get substantial support to fight off memory loss as early as possible.

The good news is that a growing number of memory care facilities are sprouting here and there that provide better living arrangements for seniors. You can check out VivanteLiving.com and other reputable memory care facilities near you. Whether you are a senior member or you have a senior elderly family who wants to settle in such facilities after retirement, you can read along with this article.

Check out the reasons below as to why seniors opt for memory care facilities during retirement.

  • Encourages Independence In Secure Environments  

Seniors want to live in a place where they can continue being independent but with the assurance of a safe environment. A secure environment is crucial, especially when the elderly are prone to wandering unconsciously. Fortunately, this is usually offered and is one of the primary functions of memory care facilities. With this type of space, you can easily monitor your loved one, promoting independence and reducing confusion.

In these facilities, residents can safely engage in outdoor activities and be distracted positively. When someone has memory loss, walking outside unattended can be dangerous. They would feel lost and scared, which can trigger panic and helplessness. But these negative emotions can be prevented when they’re inside memory care. Even when they’d love to walk and wander around, the facility has a safe atmosphere where everyone is ready to provide support and supervision.

Their families can rest easy knowing their loved ones are in good hands in memory care facilities. You or your elderly relative can go about your daily life without being exposed to dangerous people and other external elements.

  • Provides 24/7 Support  

Alzheimer’s disease comes with different levels that may worsen over time. In such cases, most loved ones with memory loss require full-time care and support due to such disease’s progressive nature. What’s good about memory care facilities is that they’re ready and equipped with trained caregivers and nurses who are available 24/7 to support their residents with daily needs.

The community comes with round-the-clock assistance for everyone who needs it—comparing this arrangement with hiring personal nurses or health providers. With personal nurses or health providers, their duty time usually comes with a limited work shift. This means your elderly family won’t have anyone who can watch or care for them at some other times. Therefore, this aspect makes elderly people feel safer and more secure in memory care facilities.

  • Conducts Fun Memory-Enhancing Activities  

Senior people require constant activities to make their minds and bodies work. There are usually regular activities and groups at most senior care facilities. Memory care communities handpick many of these activities based on their benefits to cognitive health. Such activities are diverse, depending on the interests and hobbies of elderly residents.

Whether you or your senior family love cooking, playing chess, playing instruments, or gardening, you will always be able to find the right activity to take part in. There are brain exercises that work, and activities of this type can stimulate the mind, boost mood, spark creativity, stimulate senses, and create a sense of purpose for seniors with dementia. These different programs and activities target specific conditions. People with memory loss may be able to promote memory health. Everyone in the facility is free to select and participate in such activities.

  • Offer Customized Care  

Another perk offered by memory care facilities is customized care services for the elderly. There is a need for special care for individuals who suffer from memory loss. Depending on the level of memory impairment, staff are ready to assist and provide specialized medical services. With this individualized service, everyone can be helped and assisted as they wish.

At memory health facilities, dedicated staff is not in short supply. There is a lot of interaction between employees and the residents. They’re also willing to go above and beyond to help their patients live healthier and better. These staff are also trained to track down the health of patients. The correct emergency measures can be taken when the patient’s conditions change. The staff undergoes advanced training to deliver specialized medical care and attention.

  • Improves Physical And Mental Health  

The ability of your loved one to care for their physical and mental health will decline as dementia progresses. This can lead to a decline in their physical and mental aspects too. In spite of this, the best memory care communities are well-equipped to handle these kinds of situations. These facilities usually incorporate physical and wellness programs to encourage seniors to exercise and improve their mobility. These are important tips for being healthy, after all.

There are also programs to help older adults with mobility issues, as some exercises can be done even when they use a wheelchair. The point is for them to stretch their muscles and keep blood flowing. Aside from these physical activities, some programs also improve their mental health. Counselors and staff constantly talk to the patients to understand and listen to how they feel.

Some activities allow patients to use their minds to encourage their brain capabilities. For example, they can play board games, chess, puzzles, or write journals and read books to keep their mind always active. Keeping seniors physically active and mentally engaged slows the progression of the disease.

  • Boosts Patient’s Social Life  

Socializing has always been integral to a person’s life. It may be difficult for loved ones with memory loss to participate in social activities when they live at home. Often, they’d prefer to isolate themselves at home instead of getting to talk to people in the park and other nearby places.

However, when they live in memory care facilities, they will naturally have to socialize and interact with fellow residents. On a daily basis, residents interact with each other and their caregivers and staff in a community setting. They’ll be able to build connections and develop genuine friendships together.


Depending on your or your senior loved one’s needs, you can find the best memory care facility. By understanding all the reasons above, you’ll realize how beneficial and healthy it is to live in such an environment. This is the best place to improve mental welfare and cognitive health.


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