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Why You Should Try Meal Replacement Shakes

If you’re looking for an easy, convenient way to get a well-balanced meal, you may want to try meal replacement shakes. Why should you have meal replacement shakes instead of your regular meals? Consider the scenarios below.

Have you ever set a goal to eat better by meal prepping at the beginning of each week? You may have started out really motivated in the beginning and dutifully prepared your lunches on Sundays. But slowly that motivation may have faded as your Sundays got busy with family time, football games, laundry, etc. Your perfectly balanced, home-cooked lunches started to devolve into frozen meals loaded with fat and sodium or fast food meals low in nutritional value.

Or maybe breakfast is the problem. Does a lack of time in the morning mean running out the door with a coffee and a bagel?

If any of these situations ring true, it may be time to give meal replacement shakes a try.

Meal Replacement Shakes Are Convenient

As shown in the examples above, many people just don’t have the time or energy to prepare healthy meals on a daily basis. Meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking can take a lot of time, and depending on your lifestyle, a large chunk of your time may be consumed by work and other obligations. Worrying about eating right may be just another thing to stress about.

The beauty of meal replacement shakes is that they can provide balanced nutrition without requiring much time or prep. It can be as simple as mixing the shake powder with your beverage of choice. It can’t get faster or easier than that!

Meal Replacement Shakes Can Help Support Healthy Weight

When we don’t have the time to plan and prepare well-balanced meals, we may notice a tendency to gain weight. Many prepackaged foods are high in calories, fat, and sodium, but low in nutrients. While they are quick and easy, they don’t provide your body with the nutrients it needs and you may end up overeating as your body pushes you to provide it with real nourishment.

Meal replacement shakes are fast and convenient, but they can also provide many of the nutrients needed each day. When time is of the essence, meal replacement shakes can help take the guesswork out of meal planning. Most shakes are relatively low in calories and only require the addition of a liquid to mix with the powder. If you add only water or unsweetened almond milk, you’re guaranteeing a low-calorie meal with adequate macronutrients to keep you satisfied.

USANA Nutrimeal Meal Replacement Shakes Provide Balanced Nutrition

If you’re planning on using meal replacement shakes to substitute some of your meals, you’ll want to make sure to find one that offers quality ingredients and the ideal ratio of carbohydrates, protein, and fat. USANA Nutrimeal Meal Replacement Shakes have carefully formulated their shakes to contain the right balance of macronutrients along with 8 grams of dietary fiber. This helps to keep you fuller longer so you’re not tempted to make a coffee and donuts run mid-afternoon.

USANA Nutrimeal Shakes are 240 calories so they provide your body with adequate energy while also helping you practice portion control. Their meal replacement shakes are low-glycemic to help support healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range. Have a shake for lunch to fend off the urge to raid the candy dish at work.

If you want to simplify your grocery list and save time on meal prep, try out meal replacement shakes. If you’re looking for an easier way to manage your weight without time-consuming meal planning and food tracking, you may also benefit from the balanced nutrition of meal replacement shakes.


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