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10 Amazing Reasons to Eat More Parsley!

Parsley can be added to smoothies and salad recipes and as a garnish for many cooked meals.

Please note: If you are pregnant/nursing you should avoid parsley. You can read more about that here: Why You Should Not Detox During Pregnancy or Nursing

1. Parsley is an amazing breath freshener. Try chewing on a piece of parsley after you have eaten a meal that contained lots of garlic or onion.

2. Parsley contains lots of Vitamin C. This will help to increase your immune system, helping you fight off pathogens.

3. Parsley is great for cleaning and clearing the kidneys. It will help to flush out and break up any stones that may be present within the kidneys.

4. Parsley can also help to clean out the urinary tract, helping with urinary tract infections.

5. Parsley is great for detox, and cleansing out the colon. It helps to aid digestion and move waste through the intestines.

6. Parsley is a great anti-inflammatory herb. It can help to ease joint pain caused by inflammation

7. Parsley can help to defend the body against heart disease.

8. Parsley is great for bloating and water retention. It can help your body to release excess water, as well as built-up waste and gas in the colon.

9. Parsley can help you to breakdown and digest protein and fat molecules.

10. Parsley is high in minerals, which are essential to your overall health.


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