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10 Tips For Faster Hair Growth

Hair is what gives everyone their beauty. Of course, losing hair will be a massive concern for all. After all, everyone loves their hair. Well, some of them lose hair with age. That’s because certain hair follicles stop growing, resulting in balding and thinning.


The American Academy of Dermatology states that hair grows approximately half-inch every month. Additionally, 6 inches of your hair is grown each year on average. The growth of hair entirely depends upon medical conditions, age, and lifestyle.

So, for faster hair growth and maintaining healthier hair, you can use a hair mask, go for a scalp massage, consume vitamins and minerals, etc. To know more about how they all help your growth, you can read further and learn about them.

1. Get a scalp massage: When it comes to scalp massage, you can ensure that it helps you relax and relieve stress and helps the growth of hair. As per a study of 2016, scalp massage does improve hair health.


In this study, a four-minute scalp massage was given to the people every day, and the effects were tremendous, especially for the nine men in the research. That’s because they had thicker hair than usual. It is believed that the scalp massage dilated the blood vessels resulting in thicker and healthier hair.


2. Look for essential oils: With the help of essential oils, you can be certain that your hair growth will improve immensely. What’s more, it smells absolutely amazing. According to a study, peppermint oil considerably increased follicle depth, dermal thickness, and follicle number. Another study has stated that rosemary oil can help restore hair growth.


3. Consume vitamins and minerals: Although many hair growth supplements contain vitamins and minerals, it is important to eat a balanced diet too. After all, your body requires energy for hair growth, and an unbalanced diet can affect the growth. Hence, you must eat foods consisting of vitamin D, iron, zinc, vitamin C, etc.


4. Stop heating: Dryers, straighteners, and curling iron can lead to breakage and damaged hair. It doesn’t mean you need to avoid these tools. Instead, you can limit the use of them. You can reduce the temperature when you use these styling tools. That’s because it can reduce hair damage. As per a 2011 study, utilizing a hair styling stool in limited amounts can reduce breakage.


5. Soften the hair coloring process: Hair breakage can occur when you dye your hair with certain chemicals. Hence, it is necessary to soften the hair coloring process to allow your hair to grow swifter and appear less brittle.


6. Try minoxidil: The founder of Freelance Foundations stated that minoxidil has been tested for hair growth and shown positive results. This ingredient can treat hair growth and is similar to Rogaine. Make sure the drugs that contain minoxidil are registered with the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).


7. Use caffeine products: As per a 2014 study, caffeine is effective for the hair. Research suggests that using caffeine-based products can improve hair growth at the cellular, organ, and molecular level.


8. Increase your protein intake: It is recommended to increase your intake of protein by consuming at least 50 grams or more of protein each day.


9. Explore keratin supplements: As per researchers, products with 500 milligrams of keratin can result in hair loss, improve hair brightness, luster, and hair strength.


10. Search for hair masks: You can achieve long and healthy hair with the help of a hair mask easily. It will boost your hair growth and give a perfect shine to the hair. You will be impressed by the results. It is recommended to use a natural hair mask, which is attainable in various online stores. Without any chemicals, the natural masks will stimulate hair growth.


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