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100% Working Best Torbox Proxy/Mirrors & Sites Alternative to Torbox

Torbox.net is the best website to watch Latest movies, Tv shows and much more. But due to vast searching  Torox is down. You can also find the best working websites alternative to Torbox.

Also shared the list of Best Torbox Proxy/Mirror, Torbox is the best torrent site to watch free movies.

What Happened to Torbox?

Torbox remains a decent site for torrents. It offers torrent files from a very long period with new films, T.V. shows, e-books, complete games, applications, etc. That’s why you can use Torbox.net torrent to obtain them free if you are trying to get all of these items free. The only thing you need is to have a BitTorrent the client installed on your device, such as BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc.

Best Torbox Proxy/Mirror

These proxy and mirror sites can be used to unblock Torbox.net. Net’s Moreover, all your favourite material can be freely downloaded. To use these proxies and mirror sites, you do not have any need to use VPN, applications, and apps.
S.No. Torrent Site Torrent Site URL
1 1337x.to https://www.1337x.tw/
2 Torrentz https://torrentz.eu/
3 Kickass Torrents http://kickasstorrents.to/
4 YIFY Torrents https://www.yify-torrent.org
5 Extra Torrent https://extratorrent.ag
6 ISO Hunt https://isohunt.to/
7 The Pirate Bay https://thepiratebay.org/
8 Torrent Project http://torrentproject.se/
9 TorLock https://www.torlock.com/
10 Seed Peer http://seedpeer.eu/
11 RarBG http://rarbg.to/
12 Torrent FunkT https://www.torrentfunk.com/
13 Monova https://monova.org/
14 orrent Downloads https://www.torrentfunk.com/
15 Your BitTorrent https://yourbittorrent.com/
16 Torrent. https://torrent.cd/
17 iDope https://idope.se/
18 Lime Torrents https://www.limetorrents.cc/
19 BitTorrent Search http://bittorrent.am/
20 Bit TOR https://dht.bittor.ch/
21 Btdb http://btdb.in/
22 Torrent Bit http://www.torrentbit.net/
23 Torrent King http://torrentking.eu
24 Sumo Torrent http://www.sumotorrent.sx/
25 Demonoid https://www.demonoid.pw
26 EZTV https://eztv.ag/
27 Worldwide Torrents https://worldwidetorrents.eu/
28 SkyTorrents https://www.skytorrents.in/
29 BT Scene http://www.btsone.cc/
30 Torrents.ME https://torrents.me/
31 01 Torrents http://www.01torrent.com/
32 Troogle http://www.toorgle.com/
33 7tor http://7tor.org/
34 Arena BG https://arenabg.com/
35 Pirateiro https://pirateiro.com/
36 RU Tracker https://rutracker.org
37 NT Torrents https://www.nyaa.se/
38 Pirate Public http://piratepublic.com/
39 Academic Torrents http://academictorrents.com
40 Fast Torrent http://fast-torrent.ru/
41 Mejor Torrent http://www.mejortorrent.com/
42 File List http://filelist.ro
43 Zooqle https://zooqle.com
44 Zamunda http://zamunda.net/
45 DIVX Total http://www.divxtotal.com/
46 New Rutor http://new-rutor.org/
47 Only Torrents http://onlytorrents.com
48 Desi Torrents http://www.desitorrents.com/
49 Booty Tape http://www.bootytape.com
50 Torrent 9 http://www.torrent9.info/


It is extremely straightforward to use Torbox. Most of the time, the search results will never disappoint you. Each torrent file is tested by its employees and users and reviewed. So, without any hesitation, you can confidently go ahead and download the torrent files. On a regular basis, thousands of users visit Torbox to download content for free. A torrent client like uTorrent built on your P.C. is everything you need to have.

Torbox, is it down?

However, over the last few days, while attempting to access Torbox using its http://torbox.net URL, many users have faced problems accessing the web. This is due to the fact that many ISPs worldwide block these torrent sharing sites. Since they don’t agree that the the essence of file serving is ethical. So, if you’re a frequent Torox user and wondering why Torbox doesn’t work for you, here I’m going to send you some cool tricks to unblock Torbox with the support of Torbox Proxy/Mirror sites.

Top Torbox alternatives

Torbox, is it down? Do not forsake faith. A whole host of other torrent websites are available that could offer a similar variety of content and ease of use. The best Torrent website alternative to Torbox is below.


1337X also ranks high on the chart. A complete revamp of the 1337X platform, created in 2007, brought a huge jump in traffic. 1337X is a strong torrent site that, thanks to its wide variety of movements, games and T.V., gets all the important stuff right. The best working site alternative to Torbox.

For those who are after older or more obscure torrents, 1337X is sufficient. The best torrent platform is 1337x. Their torrent database might not be as big as some other pages, but it’s likely to have what you’re searching for.

Torrent Downloads

TorrentDownloads is a great choice due to its large database and high quality of torrents alternative to Torbox. Torrent Downloads is a safe place for many people due to the huge number of healthy torrents and incredible download speed.


The awesome and highly intuitive gui of Zooqle is seen as a newcomer to the peer-to-peer (P2P)/torrenting scene. By entering an email address, username, and password to manage subscriptions to your favourite T.V. shows and films, you can easily create an account on the web. Zooqle is undeniably the optimal way to fulfil T.V. cravings and binge-watching by offering users over 1,300 TV shows and 30,000 movies to freely choose from.


The second best torrent platform that is equally well known is RarBG alternative to Torbox. Started as a BitTorrent tracker in 2008, RarBG now provides over 300,000 users a day with torrent files and magnet links. Due to its user-friendly interface and a large amount of feedback on torrents provided by a huge community, the web is popular with so many people.

Originally, to escape the authorities, RarBG was hosted in Bulgaria. However, some countries have imposed a ban on RarBG, such as India, Portugal, Denmark, the U.K., Saudi Arabic. And if you still want RarBG to be accessed, use a Rarbg Proxy.


The Limetorrents website is a favourite torrent site, but it does not host a torrent file on its own, but links you to other file hosting websites instead. If you want movies, games, eBooks, movies, and music to be downloaded, then Limetorrents is great for you. This torrent platform is also family-friendly, which ensures that no harmful content can be found. The alternative to Torbox is one of the strongest ones.


In the list of best torrent sites, YTS.ag is seventh. As YTS.ag is somewhat different from TPB and RarBG, it specialises mostly in movies. YTS. A.G. torrents are considered by most users to be high quality and legit.
Thanks to its smooth Interface, YTS.ag is also outstanding. If you love to see movies in high-def 720p, 1080p, and even 3D, YTS.ag should be on the top of the list. One of the best pirate bay mirrors.


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