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25 Best Drug rehab centers in United States

Based on a number of qualifying selection criteria, this list of the best drug rehab facilities in the United States has been compiled.These requirements include things like accommodations, accreditation, treatment modalities, location, and client evaluations, among other things.The list below is entirely arbitrary and will be updated yearly.Don’t forget to look at our list of the 25  drug rehab facilities in United States.Selecting The Best Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility For You Or A Loved One.It can be challenging to decide which alcohol and drug rehab facility to go to for addiction treatment given that there are thousands of them in the United States.No matter if you require drug detoxification, outpatient drug rehab, inpatient addiction treatment, or any combination thereof, you can find the right rehab services at a number of rehab facilities throughout the United States.It can be challenging for people looking for a reliable rehab facility to distinguish between treatment facilities that are credible and those that are not.The list of treatment facilities is based on the essential elements of high-quality, successful drug and alcohol rehab programmes.

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United States

The 25 Best Drug rehab centers in United States are as following:

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1. Maryland’s Ashley Addiction Treatment

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesDrug Rehab Facilities in Havre de Grace, Maryland for Ashley Addiction.The Maryland rehabilitation facility Ashley Addiction rehab provides a selection of drug and alcohol misuse treatment programmes.These treatments include, among others,intense outpatient programmes at its sister facilities in Bel Air and Elkton, inpatient therapy at its flagship campus in Havre de Grace, and gender-specific therapies.family counselling, education, and relapse prevention initiativeshealthful detoxification procedures,ongoing treatment; relapse prevention.Find the ideal programme for treatment right now.Make a phone call to speak with a treatment expert.Free and confidential at all times.

2. Michigan’s Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesDrug Rehab Facilities in Brighton, Michigan: Ascension Brighton Center for Recovery.The Brighton Center for Recovery was the second drug and alcohol recovery facility to open in the US and the first in Michigan.This treatment facility has more than 60 years of expertise treating drug and alcohol addiction, and it is aware that managing addiction frequently takes time.This rehabilitation centre provides a range of therapy programmes, such as long-term drug treatment,services for outpatient addiction therapy,Programs to avoid relapse and programmes for long-term rehabilitation.In support of ascension are High Google ratings for Ascension Health’s Addiction Treatment Center of Excellence, which has Joint Commission accreditation

3. Bedrock Recovery Center

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesMassachusetts 12851 Grand River Avenue Brighton, Michigan Drug Treatment Facilities,Bedrock Recovery Center – Canton, Massachusetts.The Joint Commission and CARF both have dual accreditation for Bedrock Recovery Center.For individuals enrolled in the inpatient programme, there are single and double rooms accessible here.Among Bedrock’s evidence-based therapy alternatives are medicationassisted therapy (MAT) cognitive behavioural therapy (DBT),interviews for motivation,mental health and addiction recovery education.In addition, this treatment facility offers a wide range of top-notch extras including yoga, hiking, exercise, and even a movie theatre.

4. The Girard, Pennsylvania, Behavioral Wellness Center

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesThe Behavioral Wellness Center At Girard – Drug Treatment Facilities in Pennsylvania.This Pennsylvania behavioural health facility provides both dual diagnosis and drug addiction therapy.Options for treatment include,long-term drug treatment,therapy for mental health problems at a hospital,outpatient treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.MAT for opioids with Vivitrol, Suboxone, or methadone.The rehab center’s addiction treatment programmes are JCAHO-accredited, and Newsweek named it one of the Best Addiction Treatment Centers in 2020.

5. Cirque Lodge, Utah 801 West Girard Avenue Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesDrug Treatment Facilities in Provo, Utah: Cirque Lodge.In Utah, Cirque Lodge provides programmes for addiction rehabilitation in its tranquil Rocky Mountain environment.The following therapeutic services are offered by The Cirque Lodge,residence-based therapy,alcohol and drug detox.Treatments based on research,behavioural and cognitive treatments,counselling ongoing care trauma-informed therapy.a vast network of alumni supporters

6. Elevate Addiction Services California

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesAlcohol and drug treatment facilities in Watsonville, California provided by Elevate Addiction Services.Inpatient treatment facility Elevate Addiction Services has two rehab centres in Santa Cruz and Lake Tahoe.In Placerville, they also offer a detox facility.This facility for drug and alcohol therapy is:an NAATP member who is Joint Commission-accredited and has a good Google ranking.Inpatient treatment, outpatient therapy, telemedicine services, detox assistance, aftercare, and more are available here for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug misuse.

7. Harmony Foundation Colorado

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesDrug Treatment Facilities in Estes Park, Colorado: Harmony Foundation.A thorough treatment programme is provided by the Colorado inpatient rehab facility Harmony Foundation for anyone struggling with drug or alcohol misuse.Here, an alcohol and drug detox as well as ongoing treatment are offered as part of the residential recovery programme.There is a dedicated therapy programme for young adults in addition to co-ed inpatient programmes.Among the indicators of their treatment services’ quality are:NAATP member certified by the Better Business Bureau with certification from CARF (BBB)

8. Rehab Facilities in Malibu, California

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesOro House Recovery Centers.With premium alcohol and drug treatment programmes that incorporate both holistic and non-12-step methods, Oro House is recognised by the Joint Commission.Programs for addiction recovery are available and include,Medication-assisted therapy (MAT), medically assisted detoxification, addiction treatment programmes, and family programmes are examples of intensive outpatient programmes (IOP).Added assistance for this drug rehab facility comes from.

9. Silver Hill Hospital – New Canaan

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United States2021 award from Newsweek, A+ rating from the BBB LegitScript certification.Drug Rehab Facilities – Silver Hill Hospital – New Canaan, Connecticut,Inpatient therapy is available at Connecticut’s Silver Hill Hospital for both adults and adolescents aged 13 to 17.Treatment for co-occurring eating disorders, personality disorders, and other mental health issues is offered in residential treatment programmes for drug use disorders.The Joint Commission’s accreditation and LegitScript certification support the treatment services.

10. Chandler’s Valley of Hope

25 Best Drug rehab centers in United StatesChandler’s Valley of Hope,Arizona’s Valley Hope drug and alcohol treatment centre has 55 beds and offers residential and partial hospitalisation programmes for persons overcoming addiction.Adults who are 18 years of age and older can get treatment services.Programs for recovery may involve a range of therapies, including,detoxification under medical supervision.Therapy delivered individually, among families, and in groups MAT behavioural therapy involvement in 12-step programmes.Qualities of this addiction treatment facility include,LegitScript certification from the Joint Commission and Blue Cross Blue Shield’s Blue Distinction Center designation.

11. United Recovery Project

The goal of United Recovery Project is to increase clients’ chances of recovery in a caring, encouraging environment.Anyone battling with substance abuse has hope.The best possible treatment is ensured by a low client-to-therapist ratio.You can progress toward recovery by learning how to cope with problems in everyday life in a secure setting where clients are also taught how to deal with previous unsuccessful attempts to find answers.The skills clients require to maintain long-term sobriety are given to them by therapists and counsellors via the use of a range of treatment techniques.Clinicians design individualised treatment plans for each patient in order to attain the best degree of wellbeing on the road to recovery by knowing each patient’s distinctive peculiarities.

12. Lodge at All Points North

A complete behavioural health facility, All Points North Lodge focuses on trauma counselling, mental health, and addiction treatment.APN Lodge, which is accredited by the Joint Commission, provides specialised treatment and state-of-the-art services to develop a rehabilitation plan that is personalised for you.APN Lodge also provides hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a range of diseases and wellness objectives, as well as dTMS for depression and OCD that have not responded to medicine.

13. Clearbrook Rehabilitation Facilities

Pennsylvania and Massachusetts,Clearbrook Treatment Centers has been offering addiction treatment programmes to people with a range of drug misuse and mental health conditions since 1972.Residential treatment, a family programme, medically supervised detox, and other services are all provided at Clearbrook Massachusetts.Our Baldwinville, Massachusetts, recovery facility’s mission is to assist patients in effectively and securely achieving their sobriety goals.

14. Tarzana Treatment Centers

Aiming to promote both physical and emotional welfare, Tarzana Treatment Centers, Inc. is committed to provide expert medical treatment that treats every patient with compassion and in accordance with their unique needs.Through integrated primary medical and behavioural healthcare programmes, such as inpatient medical detoxification and psychiatric stabilisation, residential and outpatient substance use disorder treatment, outpatient mental health, and residential rehab for teens, young adults, and adults, primary care clinics, and HIV/AIDS services including specialty medical care, Tarzana Treatment Centers offer whole-person healthcare.

15. Boca Rehab Facilities

Both Florida and New Jersey.Specialized programmes including trauma-focused programming, faith-based Christian programming, and medication-assisted programming are available at Boca Recovery Center.Programming for each client may be more individualised with a diversified workforce.Upon a clinical suggestion, alternatives include smart recovery, sex/love addict, gamblers anonymous, al anon, drugs anonymous, and alcoholic anonymous.Private rooms with all the conveniences of home are among the amenities.There are modern televisions and cosy furniture in every room.A gym, gaming room, basketball court, and barbecue area are available on every property.Weekend programming includes planned outside activities to provide clients a chance to engage in sober recreation.

16.Recovery Unplugged

Texas, Florida, Tennessee, and Virginia locations,Recovery Unplugged routinely offers top-notch addiction treatment from institutions in Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Florida.All of Recovery Unplugged’s guests have access to extremely opulent amenities such beds with private baths, 500-thread-count bedding, and in-house chefs, and the majority of insurances are accepted by the facility.Even private apartments are accessible.

17. THE BALANCE Luxurious Rehab

Spain’s Mallorca,In contrast to conventional rehab facilities, THE BALANCE Luxury Rehab is a cutting-edge residential treatment facility and a mental hospital.It is intended to be a sanctuary of safety where you may discover happiness, tranquilly, and healing.An expert group of doctors and psychiatrists working in Mallorca, Spain, can provide you a one-of-a-kind and remarkable experience.The facility provides you with more than just medical care; it also gives you the direction you need to reclaim your spirit and become your greatest self.

18. New Jersey SOBA

Adults battling a variety of drug use problems can access substantial mental health and addiction treatment options in New Jersey through SOBA New Jersey.Their programmes are intended to aid in the healing process for both people and families while also offering the direction and skills required to lay the groundwork for a prosperous future.With a comprehensive, dual-diagnosis approach, SOBA New Jersey tackles mental and behavioural health issues as well as the underlying causes of addiction.

19. The first Step Mental Health

FL Pompano Beach,The Joint Commission has certified the dual-diagnosis long-term care facility 1st Step Behavioral Health.The first step is to restore people’s physiological balance through medical, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual care.As a full-service drug and alcohol treatment facility, they can help people struggling with addiction and mental illness every step of the way through recovery—from detox and evaluation through aftercare.

20.Farm Riverwalk Ranch

Houston, Texas,The beautiful ranchlands of Northern Texas are home to Riverwalk Ranch, which acknowledges addiction as a chronic condition and understands that treatment entails adopting a new way of life.Patients get a comprehensive continuum of care and support as well as a personalised and collaborative treatment plan.The layout and administration of Riverwalk Ranch guarantee that patients may pursue their objectives in a secure environment.The team at Riverwalk Ranch provides the ongoing assistance individuals require to beat addiction.

21. Promises Austin Center

Promises Austin specialises on the treatment of drug and alcohol misuse.Up to Elements Behavioral Health purchased it in 2012, it was known as Spirits Lodge.Only patients who are 26 years of age or older with co-occurring mental health and drug addiction issues are eligible for residential therapy at this rehabilitation facility.Its house is a nine-acre mansion in Spicewood, Texas, which is a suburb of Austin.Promises Austin treats patients in three stages, using psychotherapy, psychiatric counselling, and holistic care.Each patient’s demands are taken into account when designing the services.Everything at Promises Austin has a schedule.There is a defined time to wake up, have breakfast, lunch, study, utilise personal electronics, hold group talks, and other activities.Promises Austin can now only handle a total of 24 patients.Patients at the rehab treatment centre are required to share rooms, while private rooms can be requested.Residents feel at home because of the community’s family-like atmosphere.When preparing meals, the culinary staff takes patients with dietary restrictions into account.

22. Sunny Wellness Retreat: Calming Treatment Program

For those battling with alcohol and drug misuse, Sunflower Wellness Retreat is a 20-bed wellness facility with individual rooms for both inpatient and outpatient therapy.Outside of Kansas City, in rural Kansas, is the finest area to find peace, tranquillity, and independence from negative influences.The 12-acre private institution is dedicated to treating alcoholism, opiate addiction, drug misuse, and cognitive-behavioral intervention techniques.

23. Arrow Passage Recovery

This Texas detox facility offers a distinctive twist in their method of recovery.
The main method used to treat individuals with drug addiction concerns at this relapse treatment facility is music therapy.When you arrive, you are welcomed by a calm environment combined with a medical team that is on call around-the-clock.According to Recovery , patients can utilise music to get past the obstacles stopping them from beating their addictions.It takes around 7 days for this recuperation procedure.Modern amenities including a vibration room, acoustic guitars, walking paths, delicious cuisine options, and full-sized mattresses are available, according to the employees.Family visits, ingesting soft or energy drinks, and bringing pets to outpatient groups are all prohibited under the restriction regulations.

24. Ambrosia Treatment Center

Ambrosia Treatment Center, with more than 10,000 success stories, specialises in detox, rehab, and cutting-edge therapies to assist you in putting your life back together.All of the treatments you receive at this facility are covered by insurance.Rehabs.com and Google.com both give this facility 4.9 out of 5 stars.At Ambrosia, a 12-step approach is combined with other treatment modalities, often holistic therapy.You will have access to certified and licenced professionals at this institution, and there are three staff members for every one client.This institution has recreational amenities including exercise centres, swimming pools, and highly nice living quarters with spacious, furnished rooms with largescreen TVs. It can house up to 36 residents at once.


25. Betty Ford Treatment Center

This organisation focuses on providing opiate detox, psychiatric care, virtual services, and treatment for alcohol and drug addiction.Betty Ford, a former U.S. first lady, Leonard Firestone, and Dr. James West were the foundation’s three principal founders.Betty Ford’s battle with alcohol addiction led her to decide to create this organisation in 1982.The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation was created in 2014 after the Betty Ford Treatment Center joined with Hazelden, making it the nation’s top-ranking non-profit organisation.There are 17 sites of the Betty Ford treatment facility around the country.Two of these places, however, are centres for school-based prevention rather than therapy for children.The joint commission has accredited all of the Betty Ford treatment center’s facilities.Other professionals also possess professional licences in the many fields they represent, in addition to the professional staff’s licences in drug misuse therapy.

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