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35 Best LimeTorrents Alternatives In 2022

In this essay, we’ll learn more about the alternatives to LimeTorrents, Torrentreactor, Torrentz2, and EZTV.In the categories of movies, TV shows, apps, software, anime movies, games, and much more, LimeTorrents is the recognised torrent provider.You may browse all of the torrents that are easily available at LimeTorrents by using the advanced search box or by going directly to the most recent isoHunt group or the top gushes.Additionally, look at the proxy and mirror sites linked from torrents.to.LimeTorrents is an independent torrent search engine that provides both its own gathered torrents as well as user-contributed torrents. It does not arrange files from other torrent suppliers.Additionally, it permits users to access both genuine and adult-oriented free gush data.Users of LimeTorrents’ torrent websites are aware of how outstanding the platform is.Even the torrents you download from LimeTorrents are reliable and correct, and they also offer lightning-quick download rates that are uncommon for torrent files from other services.LimeTorrents provides free torrents of a wide range of products that aren’t normally available online, including movies, TV series, games, software, eBooks, and more.Finding the best LimeTorrents replacement is now quite difficult, nevertheless.Thankfully, limetorrents proprietors and other torrent enthusiasts have been regularly giving us new limetorrents proxy and mirror websites.On Limetorrent mirror websites, you may find new content as well as the same data, indications, and updates.The main distinction is that they operate under various identities.

35 Best LimeTorrents Alternatives In 2022

The 35 Best LimeTorrents Alternatives In 2022 Are As Follow:

1. Skytorrents

A clean and privacy-focused torrent search engine that was introduced in 2018, Skytorrents is currently in development.The intelligence linkage constantly keeps this cutting-edge project current, and manual interference is minimal but accessible.Every day, a huge number of the newest torrents are found, making them open to investigation by everyone.Along with limitless access and privacy features, Skytorrents also offers a free service.


For all those TV fans out there who don’t want to miss a single episode of their favourite programme and want to watch it on their schedule, there is EZTV, a torrent website.Search for episodes of well-known TV shows depending on the year they debuted, or quickly search the whole library by entering the title of a show in the search box.Customer service is available around-the-clock to address any issues with torrents and websites as quickly as possible.

3. Torlock

You may access thousands of high-quality torrents of movies, TV series, games, software, anime, and books with Torlock, a RARBG substitute.If you have already viewed every movie on your watch list, it suggests popular torrents and provides torrents with quick download speeds.Participate in the debate to learn more about the torrent or to share information with others.Join the community forum to talk about popular subjects and post your torrents to the website.

4. TorrentKing

Once you enter the name and press the enter key, TorrentKing or TorrentRex, a Meta movie engine, will help you discover torrent from the internet.To download the finest high-speed torrent, view all the torrents that are currently accessible and compare them.To save time and download more files quickly, use custom filters to discover what you’re looking for.To view a movie’s full description, click on it.



A torrent search and indexing website called Rarbg was created in 2008.Peer-to-peer users can share files and transfer data by receiving magnet links and torrent files that are BitTorrent compatible.Customers enjoy this site because it offers trustworthy torrents, however there are much too many advertisements.The amazing website RARBG offers nearly all of the most well-liked torrent download URLs.The user interface of this platform is quite impressive and has many interesting features.You can quickly get your links thanks to this part.

6. Torrentz2


Strong metasearch engine Torrentz2 combines the outcomes of several other search engines.You may access a global online community with millions of users at any time and from any location for nothing at all.The user menu and the search panel are the only two components of the platform’s simple, minimalist user interface.The fact that this platform doesn’t demand registration or any other personal information in order to download or view material is one of its most enjoyable and addicting features.It is among the top LimeTorrents substitutes.

7. YTS.mx


Similar to LimeTorrents, YTS.mx is a free movie streaming platform that enables you to browse and download high-quality movies in manageable file sizes.The website was created especially for movie fans who want to view new movies every day in HD.It offers you a fantastic movie experience with a big selection of HD films and is frequently updated with new content. Genres available include Action, Comedy, Fighting, War-based, Romantic, and many more.There are movies in each genre that you may view.There is no registration or membership needed to watch and download movies on YTS.mx, but if you want to keep up with the latest trends, you must register with just your email address.

8. Library Genesis

Library Genesis

You may download articles and ebooks on a range of topics using Library Genesis (often referred to as LibGen), an easy search engine comparable to LimeTorrents.It is a free search engine with millions of ebooks that is regularly updated with fresh content in order to offer a complete and thorough experience.The articles and ebooks on this site are broken down into many categories.There are articles and ebooks in each area that you may select from and download without any limitations.You may put the title of the book you wish to find in the search box on the website as well.

9. BTDigg


BTDigg is a BitTorrent DHT search engine that scans the DHT network in real-time.In addition to hosting live torrents in Asian and European languages, it offers full-text search functionality.Decentralization and unicity are two fundamental features of the entirely lawful BTDigg system.Decentralization implies that the platform enables users to search both inside and outside of the torrent space, with the exception of private trackers.Contrarily, unicity acknowledges that there isn’t an analogue because of special characteristics.

10. Extratorrent2


A platform for distributing digital entertainment software, programmes, and movies is called Extratorrent2.It gives users the ability to look for, download, and distribute magnet links and files that facilitate peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing among BitTorrent protocol users.It is commonly known that the website is one of the most well-liked content platforms.It makes it simple to find and download movies, programmes, applications, games, and other kinds of digital material.This platform’s most enticing feature is how many different categories there are to go through, like Browse Torrent, Top 100, Music, and TV Shows, all of which are time-saving.

11. Toorgle


Users of Toorgle, a Google-powered internet search engine, may examine accessible torrent downloads and get any kind of information pertinent to your material.To deliver the best results for each search, the website looks through over 450 websites that are relevant to torrents.One of the most used torrent search engines, Toorgle now has over 55,000 000 torrent indexes in addition to the Facebook application and the Firebox search bar.It contains a search bar that looks like Google and lets users look up different phrases and download different things like movies, videos, and games, among other things.

12. SeedPeer


A little yet potent torrent website, SeedPeer strives to maintain its reliability, speed, and cleanliness.This torrent website is accessible from anywhere on the earth and is appropriate for all users.You may use this to download a variety of torrent files, including ones for games, software, and movies.The structure of the website is straightforward and offers several options to locate what you’re searching for, including browsing through categories, seeing previous searches, and using an advanced search box to enter the name of the item or tag you’re looking for.You may use the torrent website SeedPeer from anywhere in the world for nothing at all.

13. Torrent2DDL


A service called Torrent2DDL transforms torrent URLs into links for direct downloads.The website has a straightforward user interface and a space for uploading torrent files in the middle of the screen.Users have the option of simply inserting the magnet link into the box or selecting it from Uptobox.com or another site.Users may obtain the files in a straightforward format without having to download any extra software thanks to the website’s conversion of the complete torrent file URL into a direct download link.

14. Kinozal.tv


Customers may swiftly and simply download all movies produced in the Russian film industry through the website Kinozal.tv, which is in Russian.Movies from the historical, drama, adventure, action, science fiction, and other genres are available on the website.Users may use the website’s several options to focus their search, such as the year filter to locate movies.Users may even select a country filter to view the movies that are accessible in various nations.They may select movies based on a variety of seeds and formats.Users of the website can receive suggestions from the website, such as the top movies of the day or week.

15. Torrent4All.com


A vast collection of films, music, movies, PDFs, and other media may be found on Torrent4All.com.Customers of the service have the option to download a variety of movies rather than stream them online.It has one of the easiest-to-use interfaces for file searching and downloading.The most recent movies, TV shows, and music albums are available to users on Torrent4All.com.The site allows users to enter their search terms, and it will then provide a list of results in several categories, all of differing sizes and quality.

16. TorrentFunk


Fast BitTorrent search engine TorrentFunk was developed especially for global movie aficionados.The website includes an easy-to-use interface where you can type in any text, including the name of your movie or a tag.In a flash, you have all the findings, which you can then examine at your convenience.Additionally, you may use this to download music, movies, TV shows, games, and software endlessly.It is superior than other torrent clients since it also has a recommendation system that suggests torrent connections based on your interests.This search engine’s ability to display all of the most recent results, which you can easily access and bookmark, is another excellent feature.

17. Torrent Galaxy

Torrent Galaxy

You may download everything you want from Torrent Galaxy for free, including movies, music, software, games, documentaries, and courses.The best feature of this site is that it only offers authentic links to certified torrents.You may access the peer-to-peer torrent service from anywhere in the world for free.The structure of the website is easy to use, and the sophisticated search bar makes it simple to discover your preferred torrent.The name, tag, or any other pertinent information for the torrent must be included.

18. YourBittorrent


A rapidly expanding torrent search engine with social networking features is called YourBittorrent.The website allows you to look for and share virtually any kind of torrent file with friends and family members anywhere in the world.With its advanced recommendation engine, torrents are suggested in accordance with your tastes.The site offers a sophisticated search box where you can enter the name of the file you’re looking for, and its layout is similar to that of other torrent sites like The Pirate Bay.

19. BTDB


The BitTorrent database serves as the basis for the torrent search engine BTDB.A broad variety of films, TV series, anime, and other illegal materials including e-books and software might be found.Only top-notch files are uploaded to this highly regarded torrent engine, which is community-driven.The highest quality video for movies is uploaded, which is a 10-bit H265 video with a 4K resolution.Because there are many seeders, downloading speeds won’t be sluggish.You may effortlessly and rapidly download files using a one-click magnet link.Use keywords or pick from the categories if you don’t have any particular search items.

20. ExtraTorrents

For individuals seeking for torrents who don’t want the search engine to monitor their location or other personal information, ExtraTorrents provides a secure search engine.In a single click, access an infinite amount of movie, anime, game, software, music, and TV programme torrents from a big number of fast torrent servers.To discover any prohibited or deleted torrent from the depths of the internet, a variety of search tools are available.Make recommendations to developers so they may enhance the torrent user experience and quality.

21. 1337x

Another popular torrent website is 1337x, which has a large number of official alternative domains since 2017. These include 1337x.st, 1337x.se, x1337x.ws, x1337x.is, x1337x.eu, and 1337x.gd.Despite being around for approximately 15 years, 1337x only became well-known in 2016 after another well-known site, KickassTorrents, was taken down.The best proof of 1337’s success is its high Alexa rank value.Red and black site design gives 1337x a stylish yet straightforward appearance. The homepage lists nine major categories, including hot TV series, movies, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, others, and (18+) XXX.Users may also choose from a variety of top lists, such as Trending Today, Trending This Week, Top 100 This Month, Popular Foreign Today, etc., to easily explore new popular material.You may quickly search for and download everything you’re looking for here using a magnet link or a torrent file thanks to the vast number of internet users.

22. The Private Bay/TPB

Top torrent sites - The Pivate Bay

The Pirate Bay, often known as TPB, is a well-known and popular torrent site that has been operating for a while and is well-known to all experienced torrenters.Even though it was briefly shut down in March 2017 and 2020, respectively, it quickly resumed operations and overcame several additional crackdown measures, demonstrating its tenacity. As a result, it consistently ranks at the top of lists of the greatest torrent websites.TPB presently supports up to 35 languages and is mostly available in English and Swedish (because to the fact that it was founded by a Swedish person).TPB can accommodate different torrenting needs by providing six primary categories: audio, video, applications, games, porn, and other.It is also clear from its Top 100 (download) list that Windows apps, TV shows, and (hot/HD) movies hold the top three download positions.About ten resolution, codec, and imaging options are provided while viewing video resources to assist you rapidly filter the desired parameters as you wish, such as 1080p x264 and 2160p HEVC HDR.

23. Nyaa Torrents

top torrent sites - nyaa

The only highly regarded torrent site that focuses on Asian torrents, particularly Japanese anime, is Nyaa Torrents.This free base shouldn’t be missed if you love anime.You may discover other media items, such as (lossless/lossy) music, live-action videos, manga books, photographs, and software, in addition to anime in numerous translated sub-languages.Despite having a very straightforward website layout, NYAA.si may frustrate customers with unnecessary internal pages, advertisements, or 18+ adult directives.Therefore, if you really detest this kind of activity, you should have an ad-blocker running in the background.Keep in mind that there isn’t presently an official NYAA mirror site, so if you don’t want to get infected with malicious software or something similar, don’t trust any other links for NYAA.

24. Kickasstorrent

KickassTorrent is another recognized top torrent site brand for many years. Elder torrenters get used to calling it KAT. Although it’s taken down in 2015 since its “.so” registry was banned, the team soon moved to another domain name and is now available in kickasstorrent.to and kickass.to addresses. But unfortunately, it went down in July 2016.Even later on the KAT workers created another katcr.co replacement to gather previous KAT members, it ended up with another closure in 2020.Definitely, KickAssTorrent is now unavailable today, but it’s hard to say it will be revived sometime in the near future.And we will also pay attention to the follow-up and update the information in this post.

25. Demonoid

Top torrent sites - demonoid

Demonoid began as a BitTorrent tracker and eventually transformed into a torrent platform for peer-to-peer file sharing.Deimos, the site’s creator, suffered several legal repercussions as a result of how quickly it spread to become as popular as The Pirate Bay in the middle of the 2000s, endangering the rights of copyright owners, and he resigned as administrator.In 2018, Demonoid closes as a result of his unintentional death.This legacy was still being maintained by an original staff member next year.Perhaps only veteran torrent users are familiar with this moniker, but given the wide variety of torrent kinds and files, it merits recognition and inclusion in the list of the top 20 torrent sites for 2022.Every user may quickly select desired categories using their preferred language, quality, and status thanks to the extensive search options.Unfortunately, only members may access the server, according to the most current news report from February 2022.Having stated that, you should create an account here before beginning to torrent.

26. IPTorrents


Unlike the torrent sites previously described, IPTorrents needs registration before anybody can view the homepage or perform any further torrent search or download activities.In other words, it is a private torrent site and not a public one.While creating an account may seem time-consuming, it will allow you to torrent without being interrupted by advertisements.Simply contribute to this site if you want to torrent more quickly.

27. Zooqle

New best torrent sites 2022 - Zooqle

In 2022, 2021, or before, Zooqle is another relatively new brand among the top operating and active torrent sites.However, it will have more than 6.4 million confirmed torrents across a variety of categories by the end of February 2022.You can easily access about 20 movie genres (such as action, animation, adventure, crime, and thriller) and 17 TV series genres (such as comedy, family, kids, and drama) from Zooqle’s top category menu. You can also easily access games and apps for all the major platforms, books, anime, xxx, and pictures.For rapid resource exploration, more filtering operations may be performed.

28. TorrentDownloads


On TorrentDownloads, you may find a wide range of well-liked torrent sites for TV shows, films, music, games, software, anime, books, and more.
At a high health level, you may easily locate a good number of recent releases, like House of the Dragon S01, Animal Kingdom, and Top Gun Mavericks (2022).
However, downloading fresh episodes might be dangerous because the ISP might see you and warn you.

29. EliteTorrent


In this torrenting promotion, EliteTorrent is a new moniker that was primarily developed for Spanish-speaking users.You may quickly search or browse through any of the 30 genre areas to get 1080p/720p torrent resources on drama, comedy, crime, adventure, kids, and other topics.This website has recently increased traffic since April 2022, the majority of which are direct visits, according to website analysing software.So we advise you to check it out and see whether it’s reliable and usable.

30. TorrentReactor

With millions of genuine gushes, Gush Activator is regarded as one of the most active torrentreactor service providers on the internet, bringing the most recent torrents to its users.The genres of gush files available here include adult, anime, music, movies, series, TELEVISION programmes, seasons, episodes, and much more.Visitors to Gush Reactor may search for torrentreactor based on their preferences for both old and new gushes.The finest part of torrentreactor Reactor is its powerful search engine technology, which makes sure that users have found the torrent they were looking for.Visitors may share their gush papers on Gush Activator, which makes it superior to competitors.

31. KAT.cr

KAT.cr is a significant torrent uploading and downloading organisation that specialises in both downloading torrents and Meta links.Customers can use any form of download manager or a torrent client to download using this.KAT is an independent web search engine that offers all types of isoHunt data.

32. Torrentz

The most popular torrent search engine used globally is Torrentz, which claims to be a strong and reliable source of torrent data.It is only one of the many big platforms that contain billions of gush files that it has continuously gathered from the almost three tonnes of gush carriers.Torrentz is a quick Meta-search engine for torrent files in addition to being a free torrent provider.The company is supported by hundreds of other top torrent firms in addition to employing its own independent torrent internet search engine.Those who want to distribute their own own produced torrents with others can do so as well.

33. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is the peer-to-peer (P2P) system-based torrent carrier.If these gush data are inaccurate, it gives thousands as well as hundreds of gush data with no goal.This is the outstanding top position of BitSnoop, which consistently offers its consumers only legitimate torrent material.It provides assurance to its users that they will obtain reasonable seeds to quickly download and install gush files.You may read more articles about the greatest kissanime substitutes here.Almost twenty-four million isoHunt documents are available right now, and thousands more other big files are added to it on a regular basis.Due to its reliance on the databases of several other top gush service providers, it has one of the largest collections of gush files.At the moment, it depends on the site with around 300 gushes.

34. SumoTorrent

Due to the availability of authentic raw files, SumoTorrent will always be there when it comes to quality rather than quantity.It is recognised as the leading gush supplier by BitTorrent for offering the best seeds and also leeches gush files to its users.The nicest thing about SumoTorrent is that it also serves as a downloader, enabling users to download all of their torrent files.Even if the gush documents are corrupted, the automated repairing mechanism will first correct the isoHunt file before allowing users to download and install.

35. TorrentHounds

The greatest torrents freely available on the internet may be found by using TorrentHounds.Although there is no shortage of isoHunt companies, acquiring the best and original ones is what counts most.The source of several leaked papers is TorrentHounds, which operates on the similar basis.

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