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5 Ways To Encourage Your Children To Brush

When looking to encourage your children to brush it is important to think of new and creative ways that are more enjoyable. Not only will they capture their imagination, but they will provide an enjoyable experience along with good habits that will follow them through life, but where do you start? In this article, we will be providing you with 5 ways that you can encourage your children to brush in the new year.

Lead By Example 

One of the biggest ways to encourage your children to brush is to lead by example. Whether this is brushing your teeth with your little ones or allowing them to brush with you in the morning and at night before bed, this will encourage them to brush and enjoy timer together. This will then help them to maintain a healthy smile and reduce the risk of an unexpected visit to an emergency London dentist to resolve common issues such as toothache and erosion.

Implement A Reward Chart 

Another way that you can encourage your kids to brush is through the use of a reward system. Whether this is the incentive of more pocket money at the end of every week or a sticker system with a prize at the end of the month, this can all help to encourage your child to brush. Though this may take a while to implement with younger children, it is important to persevere as this can is a system that will follow them through into adult life and beyond.

Let Them Choose Their Brush

Letting your child choose their own brush and toothpaste is another way to encourage them to brush as they are more likely to use a brush that they love. Whether it is a brush with a character from their favourite film or a flavoured toothpaste, this can help to encourage healthy habits.

Make It A Group Activity 

If you have a number of small children all within a few years of each other, making the task of brushing teeth a group activity is a perfect way of encouraging them as it adds an element of friendly competition. Whether it is who can brush the best or who has the best brush, this is the perfect family activity to get everyone ready for bed in a structured manner.

Use Music To Your Advantage 

The final way to encourage them to brush is to use music. Whether you have a playlist on Spotify or you let your children use a song every night, this will help them to enjoy brushing much more. In addition to this, keeping the song at 2 mins or just over will help you to track the time of brushing accurately in the morning and the evening, making this far more enjoyable for everyone, regardless of the music that you love.

Whether you are a first-time parent struggling to make oral health a priority or you are looking for a way to make brushing more enjoyable for your little ones, we are sure that one of these can help you get your children to brush. Which will you be trying first?


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