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8 Important Questions to Ask at a Cannabis Dispensary

For anyone new to cannabis, it can be overwhelming with the number of choices one has. There are so many cannabis products, strains, and weed terms that it is easy to miss something. Even for someone who has been visiting the dispensary for a while, it is easy to get confused. After all, the cannabis industry is constantly evolving, with different products being introduced into the market now and then. To get a personalized experience, you will have to consult with the budtenders as they have considerable knowledge on the matter. Here are some common questions you should ask to ensure you have a positive experience with cannabis.

How Strong is the Product?

It is important to ask how strong a product is, regardless of whether you are purchasing it for medical or recreational purposes. Cannabis products contain psychoactive chemicals, and that is why you get high. However, some strains have a higher THC percentage than others, and dosages also vary in edibles. So make sure you ask the budtender about the potency of any product you want to purchase. Maybe you are looking for something that will help you relax. The last thing you want is to purchase something too strong that causes paranoia and anxiety. If you are a beginner, disclose this information to the budtender.

What Would You Recommend?

An experienced budtender is knowledgeable in all matters of cannabis, making them a good source for recommendations. When you ask for their advice, you are likely to get a quality product depending on your needs, rather than if you had chosen something randomly from the shelf. Also, if you have been using a product, like a cannabis flower, and want to try edibles, let the budtender know this for a proper recommendation.

What is The Right Product For?

Certain weed strains are best suited for certain conditions. For instance, if you struggle with depression, anxiety, or insomnia, you will find that certain strains are better suited for these needs. Tell your budtender what you want your weed for. Are you looking to trigger an appetite, get creative, relieve anxiety, or mellow out? Depending on the effect you desire, the budtender will suggest the right strain for you.

Which Product is a Customer’s Favorite?

Besides the budtender’s recommendation, there is always one or two products that many customers seem to like. It will help if you ask about it. After trying a product and enjoying it, most customers will come back and report their experience. A good budtender knows which products are popular among customers and can easily direct you to those. However, also keep in mind that people’s experiences can be different. So, instead of relying heavily on the customers’ preference, you should also factor in what effects you are seeking. For instance, you can be more specific and ask about the popular product for customers dealing with anxiety or insomnia. That way, you can get a precise recommendation.

What’s New Today?

If you want to learn about new cannabis products or the latest developments, ask what’s new in the shop that day. This will help you discover new products that you may not have thought of trying. Also, be specific about the type of products you are interested in. This allows the budtender to gauge what you are into before making suggestions.

How Do You Use the Product?

You can expect to find various products in a Maine dispensary, including a cannabis flower, tinctures, topicals, edibles, and many others. However, these products are not consumed the same way. Some are administered orally, and others are smoked. To receive great results, choose a consumption method you are comfortable with. Many people prefer smoking flowers, while others prefer eating cannabis-infused foods. If you are new, ask the budtender how each product is consumed.

What Effects Will I Get from This Product?

You should also ask about the effects of a product before buying it. Marijuana contains mind-altering compounds that affect your brain and body. Depending on the cannabis strain or product, it could result in different feelings. While some products can help you feel euphoric, relaxed, or sleepy, others can make you feel uplifted, energized, and alert.

What Is The Best Value Now?

A budtender will always know what are the best deals in the dispensary. They help customers find some good deals on various products and so it is good to ask about that. Dispensaries always try to ensure their products are moving fast, and so they will offer good deals now and then. Finding the best deal while still consuming a high-quality product will help you save money.

Your weed experiences rely on the questions you ask at the dispensary. Each dispensary might have different weed products that require knowledge of how to use them. Asking the right questions ensures you are given the right product depending on the effects you are looking for.


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