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A Complete Guide to How to Get Rid of a Headache Fast

Headaches are quite common in people of all ages. The severities of headaches vary from person to person. The reasons for headaches are various and people suffer from headaches due to various reasons. Headaches can be caused by having migraine or sinus or there might be the tension headache as well. Find out how to get rid of a headache quickly and effectively.

How to get rid of a headache?

Headaches can cause a mild uncomfortable sensation to unbearable pain as well. There are various medications available for different kinds of headaches. However, there are many ways that can cure a headache even without taking medication. If you are wondering how to get rid of a headache then this article will provide you a complete guide to the process.

How to get rid of a headache using a cold pack

In case you are having a headache due to migraine then you can use a cold pack to get rid of the headache. You should place the cold pack right on your forehead. You can wrap cubes of ice in a towel or use a bag of peas that have been frozen. Now you can also take a cold shower and it might help to reduce the severity of the pain. Next, you should keep compressing the cold pack on your forehead for at least fifteen minutes and then give it a break for the next fifteen minutes or so. You should keep repeating the process until you feel better.

Using a heat compress

Using a tension headache might be reduced by using a hot compress. You can place the heated pad on the back of your head or on the neck that is paining. If you have a headache related to sinus then you can use a warm cloth on the area that hurts the most. You can also take a shower in warm water and that might help in reducing the pain.

Dim the room lights

When you start having a headache dimming the lights of the room might work wonders. Headaches, especially the migraine ones can be caused by flickering or bright lights as well as from the light-emitting from your laptop screen. If you are wondering about how to get rid of a headache then you should turn off your phone while having a headache. The light coming out of the phone will only cause the headache to get worse.

If you have regular attacks of a headache then you should use sunglasses while going out to protect your eyes from direct sunlight. During the day make sure to pull the curtain to stop heavy rays of the sun from entering the room. If you use computers for several hours then make sure to use anti-glare screens on your laptop or computer.

How to get rid of a headache by easing the pressure on your head

You might be facing a headache due to a ponytail that you have tied too tightly. This is one of the external compression related causes that might cause a headache. Other causes include wearing a tight hat, swimming goggles or even wearing a tight headband. It has been seen in many cases that loosening a tight headband causes a headache to vanish.

Do not chew

Chewing is really not a good idea about how to get rid of a headache. When you are chewing a gum not only your jaws hurt but your head hurts too. The same rule applies when you are chewing your lips or fingernails or the insides of your mouth and cheek. When your headache starts you should avoid chewing crunchy or chewy food and take small bites out of food items. In case you have a habit of grinding your teeth then you might face an early morning headache-related problem. Make sure to consult your dentist to get rid of this habit.

How to get rid of a headache by relaxing

Relaxation works wonders on a persisting headache. You can perform meditation, yoga or relaxation of your muscles as well. You should also learn to practice to calm down when you are right in the middle of the headache. This would help your muscles to relax and thus reduce the severity of your headache. You might also consult your doctor for doing physical therapy in case you face spasms of pain in your neck.

Use come caffeine

When you are having a headache you should drink some coffee or tea or some drink that has some amount of caffeine in it. If you have such a drink right at the beginning of your headache then the severity of the pain might decrease to a few levels. You can also have some common pain reliever that acetaminophen and that might also work. However, make sure to not drink too much of caffeine as that might create a type of headache of its own kind.

How to get rid of a headache with massage

Massage is one of the top listed methods of how to get rid of a headache list. It is an easy procedure and you can perform it on your own without any external help. You can do a gentle massage on your temples and neck right from the beginning of your headache. This is especially helpful in cases of tension headaches that are caused mainly from stress-related factors. If your pain gets too much unbearable then you can ask someone of your family to massage your neck and the adjoining area.

Use ginger in some amount

According to a recently conducted study, ginger can work as a relieving factor for headaches. It can be used in addition to the general over the counter medications and can work as well as medicines that are normally prescribed by doctors. Migraine patients can especially benefit from using ginger. You can also use ginger in tea as it would help you get both ginger and some caffeine.

Pressure points for headaches

Knowing about your pressure points might help you to reduce the severity of a headache by some degrees. Pressure points are parts of the body that are more sensitive than the other areas. There are a number of pressure points for headache and some of them are mentioned below.

Union valley

The point of union valley exists in the area between the index finger and the thumb. In order to treat your headache, you will have to start to pinch this area with the help of your index finger and thumb of the other hand quite firmly. However, make sure you do not hurt yourself by putting too much pressure. Keep pinching the area for about ten seconds. As the next step, you will have to create small-sized circles with the help of your thumb on the same area in one direction followed by another for ten seconds. You will have to keep repeating the process and perform it on both of your hands.

Gates of consciousness

These pressure points are placed at the base position of the skull that runs in parallel with the hollow areas that are located in between the two vertically placed muscles of the neck. In order to use these points, you will have to place your middle and index fingers of both the hands-on these points. You will have to press tightly in an upward direction on both sides for at least ten seconds. You will then have to release and keep repeating the process. This would help you to get rid of the headaches caused by tension.

Drilling bamboo

The drilling bamboo pressure points are situated at the indentations on both sides of the place where your nose bridge meets with the eyebrow ridge. In order to use these points to get rid of headaches, you will have to take the help of both your hands’ index fingers to provide firm pressure on both the existing points together. You will have to hold for ten seconds and then after releasing will have to repeat the same process. If you are having a headache due to sinus or strain on the eyes then this would help you to reduce them.

Shoulder well

This point can be found at the edge of both your shoulders right at the halfway in between your neck base and the shoulder point. In order to use this particular point, you will have to take the help of your thumb of any hand to provide circular and firm pressure on the point for at least a single minute. You will then have to switch your hand and then put pressure on the opposite side. This will help to reduce neck pain and thus prevent headaches that are caused by that.

Third eye

The point of the third eye is located in between two of your eyebrows at the point where your forehead meets your nose bridge. In order to use this point for positive results on a headache, you need to use your index finger of anyone’s hand to give pressure on the point for at least a minute. This would help to reduce the headache caused by eye strains and sinus.

Natural remedies for headaches

Besides medication, there are several natural remedies for headaches that help in reducing the severity of the pain and also make it occur at lesser frequencies. These remedies are free of side effects and come to use in the long run. Some of these remedies are mentioned below.


Aromatherapy refers to the study that deals with how smells can help to trigger various positive as well as healing reactions in the brain. There are certain smells that help in reducing the severity of particular headaches. Such smells also work by soothing the nerves and thus reducing the sensation of the pain. You can use lavender and eucalyptus oil as well as extract of peppermint as aroma-therapeutic elements. These are easily available at the local medical stores as well as on online stores.

Breathing exercises

Breathing exercises can also help you to deal with your recurring headaches. These exercises especially help tension-related headaches by easing the muscles. You will have to find a calm and quiet place where you will not get distracted by anyone. Thereafter, you will have to start taking rhythmic and slow breaths and hold on your breath for at least five seconds and then let it out. This will help you in relaxing and thus the tightness in your muscles will reduce.


Acupuncture consists of applying sharp and fine needles to the key areas of the body in an attempt to ensure the proper flow of energy. This process helps in stimulating the natural pain decreasing compounds of the body and thus helps in reducing the severity as well as the frequency of headaches.


Though it may sound cliché but you dogog need to sleep for at least seven to eight hours to fight your headache. Lack of sleep often leads to severe and unbearable headaches. You should prepare a sleep cycle of your own and make sure to stick to it. This would help you in the long run as it would certainly bring down the frequency of the headaches.


Given the fact that dehydration contributes as one of the reasons of persisting headaches, hydration naturally helps in reducing the pan. You should focus on your daily water intake and make sure you do not get dehydrated. You should also avoid drinking too much of coffee as it often leads to causing headaches. Even if you cannot start your day without coffee you should make sure to have a coffee that is a mixture of decaffeinated and caffeinated coffee. You should also control your alcohol consumption as it causes dehydration.

Final thoughts

These are the basic things that you need to know about how to get rid of headaches. Make sure to follow the home-made remedies for headaches in order to ensure a side-effect free treatment. However, if your pain goes beyond the level of tolerance then you should consult a doctor without delay. Make sure to take only prescribed medicine for your headache and avoid the painkillers as much as possible.


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