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Best 20 AC Installation Companies In 2022

Best 20 AC Installation Companies In 2022.Based Best AC Installation Companies on service area, customer assistance, scheduling, emergency service, available brands, and all-around value, the AC installation firms listed below have been chosen as the best air conditioning repair and installation companies.

Best 20 AC Installation Companies In 2022

The Best 20 AC Installation Companies In 2022 are as following:

1. The Home Depot

All 50 states provide The Home Depot’s AC installation services. Customers have the option of in-person or virtual consultations in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. For many households around the nation, The Home Depot, which is generally regarded as a home improvement company, offers simple HVAC services. The Home Depot offers diverse financing alternatives, from brief no-interest payment intervals to 120-month payback intervals, in addition to its nationwide service region. Customers who want to identify the best alternative for their air conditioning system and receive upfront pricing can schedule virtual or in-home consultations. For urgent HVAC crises, the majority of sites offer 24-hour emergency services. However, this is not always the case, therefore it is advised to contact the local customer support staff for more information about the services provided at the particular location.

2.  Gree Inverter AC

One of the emerging nations in the globe. It populace is transitioning from a traditional to a contemporary way of life. Businesses and sectors are benefiting from this transformation.
To support people’s contemporary lives, many businesses are manufacturing high-quality items. One of these businesses is Gree, the top producer of premium inverter air conditioners, refrigerators, water dispensers, and other small household appliances in the globe. The most often ordered inverter air conditioner is the Gree model. This is so that Gree inverter AC can continue to function and retain its worth in the market.Gree is succeeded in making the greatest inverter air conditioners with cutting-edge technology. The organisation has been enhancing the comfort and ease of living for more than three decades. It aspires to provide the most cutting-edge, eco-friendly appliances possible to benefit consumers,such that it doesn’t in any manner have an impact on nature.

3. Carrier

One of the biggest producers of home and commercial HVAC systems is Carrier.It serves clients in more than 180 countries and runs 51 plants.In fact, it was the first business to get a USGBC licence for its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design programme (LEED).The business provides an extensive selection of high-quality solutions, such as air conditioners, humidifiers, air filters, and UV lights.Their air conditioners are made to minimise several allergens and dangerous air pollutants, such as mould spores and chemical fumes, in addition to dust and pet dander.Through accredited dealers, Carrier offers equipment.The system you want to keep a cosy, healthy atmosphere at home will be precisely implemented with the aid of their professionals.In most areas of the United States, units and independent contractors are accessible.


Since the 1950s, RUUD has developed into one of the biggest producers of HVAC systems for home and light commercial usage in North America.Today, it runs a number of production plants and distribution hubs with the help of cutting-edge equipment, highly skilled personnel, and trained staff.For quick delivery, RUUD accessories and replacement parts for cooling, heating, and water heating are strategically supplied across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.International and export distributors also reach other western nations.ENERGY STAR, which was created by the US Department of Energy and the US Environmental Protection Agency, is a partner of RUUD. Its goal is to reduce energy consumption and air pollution by designating items used in homes and businesses.A few programmes provided by the corporation let you manage home comfort systems and make big energy savings.For instance, the Ruud App shows information on the product, the warranty, and replacement possibilities.With the RealSupport App, you may receive on-screen and visual real-time support.

5. Rheem

Rheem is a pioneer in creating some of the most cutting-edge developments in HVAC systems, holding more than 300 patents and having more than 100 years of expertise.Sister brands Rheem and Ruud are owned by Paloma Industries.Both give high levels of performance, efficiency, and quality.However, Rheem has a far larger network and an even better track record of customer service.Any HVAC business may become a Rheem dealer.Other than a basic HVAC licence, there is no particular qualification needed.
The dealer can install your item if he is certified by NATE (North American Technician Excellence).The Rheem Pro Partner programme is your alternative choice.They are skilled contractors with Rheem training.

6. Trane

The pioneer in producing HVAC systems that are energy-efficient, Trane, has more than 900 US patents.Through a wide range of air conditioning, heating, ventilation, contracting and energy services, as well as cutting-edge controls for homes and office buildings, it offers creative solutions that enhance interior conditions.The business creates HVAC systems in addition to working on numerous energy-saving and renewable energy initiatives.For heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, and custom HVAC installations, Trane dealers offer quick service and professional repair.When it’s time to replace a unit or get a new one, their professionals will carry out a comprehensive inspection of the area and offer the system that is best for your house and budget.

7. Goodman

Daikin Industries Ltd. of Japan purchased Goodman Manufacturing in 2012.The company’s technology and product quality have substantially advanced since then.With the addition of a SmartCoil 5mm copper tube condensing coil, Goodman’s central air conditioners and heat pumps may now operate with less refrigerant.Compared to 3/8′′ tubing systems, Goodman SmartCoil products are less clumsy because of the lower tubing size.Better Business Bureau continues to give the company an A rating.This ranking is determined by 16 performance criteria, which highlight Goodman’s capacity to collaborate with dealers and homeowners to swiftly address any problems that may surface.

8. Coleman Heat and Air

Customer satisfaction is quite high.Coleman HVAC systems go through thorough testing to guarantee they are the best and are intended to fulfil quality standards.They provide outstanding performance, dependability, and efficiency.Unitary Products Group, a unit of York, a Johnson Controls Company, is the owner of the trademark.It provides a variety of models, ranging from a single-stage energy star with a 13 SEER rating to a two-stage energy star with a 20 SEER rating.The system’s capacity affects its size and weight (that ranges between 3 and 5 tons).The quieter ECM motor, swept-wing fan, and sound enclosure found on higher models all work to reduce echoing noise.In addition, the WhispherDrive technology maintains the noise level below 69 dB.Coleman has had an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for more than ten years.The Lennox Circle of Excellence Award and the Dave Lennox Outstanding Achievement Award are only two of the honours it has received.

9. The Johnson Controls

Depending on the size of the facility,Client Contentment is Very Good.The HVAC equipment selection from Johnson Controls is extensive.Offices, apartment complexes, hotels, hospitals, industries, and warehouses all include their equipment.Contact Johnson Controls if you want to put up an HVAC system for the entire floor.You will receive a special solution from the firm to lower installation, maintenance, and commissioning expenses.Their equipment is designed to use as little energy as possible while yet providing maximum comfort for users.Aside from that, the business provides HVAC dampers and louvres in a range of sizes, forms, and materials, each of which is tailored to specific applications and needs.Overall, they may enhance every facet of your organisation by integrating and improving systems.

10. York

ExcellentClient Contentment.One of the many brands held by Johnson Controls is York.High-performance HVAC systems that dynamically adapt to your demands are delivered.YORK Affinity air conditioners are more intelligent, efficient, dependable, and connected than those from other brands.Installers may customise the blow operation in accordance with the atmosphere thanks to YORK’s unique ClimaTrak technology (dry, temperate, or humid climate).A 5-year limited guarantee on the thermostat is also offered by the firm, in addition to a 10-year components warranty.Its coverage of 1-year labour costs makes it even more unique.Another choice is to get an exclusive warranty that provides a decade of complete system protection, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any kind of system breakdown.

11. Lennox Commercial

More than 125 years of HVAC experience may be found at Lennox Commercial.Its three operational sectors are refrigeration, commercial heating and cooling, and residential heating and cooling.Lennox products provide a wide choice of setups for the best comfort, from air conditioners to premium air handlers and indoor coils.Furthermore, all items are simple to install and maintain.They may be altered to accommodate each home’s particular requirements.The innovative variable-speed technology in the rooftop units, which are intended for large buildings, increases energy savings. They are connected with the Lennox CORE Control System.To assist with unit operating optimization, the firm also offers a smartphone application.You will undoubtedly have a choice of cooling and heating systems thanks to the more than 6,100 independent vendors and installers.

12.  One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating

With its background-checked professionals, One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning guarantees high-quality, dependable service—and the service is free if the technician is late. Because One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning cherishes its clients’ time, it offers complimentary service in the event that a technician is late. The client may feel more confident and at ease knowing that the business takes care in having dependable employees who have passed background checks and drug testing. This business offers a 2-year guarantee on servicing work, and clients may get in touch with customer support via phone or email. However, the website might be a little challenging to use, particularly for users of mobile phones or tablets. But if you have some patience, this shouldn’t be a big problem.Customers can also save money on services by enrolling in the Home Comfort Club yearly maintenance package.

13. Serv Aire

Customers who use Aire Serv receive SMS notifications when technicians are available. Homeowners may benefit from free assessments of heat gain and loss along the route.Customers in 39 states and Washington, D.C. can use Aire Serv, and they can make reservations over the phone or online. Free heat gain and loss evaluations, which highlight any parts of the home that are prone to becoming excessively hot or cold, are one notable service that Aire Serv provides. This service is crucial for figuring out how energy-efficient a house is. Customers should be aware that Aire Serv only offers a 60-day guarantee, and any issues that arise after that are the customer’s responsibility. When a technician is on the way, customers will get a “on my way” SMS, allowing them to carry on with their day as usual. Additionally, everyone who enrols in the Advantage Plan yearly maintenance package receives a discount on services from Aire Serv.

14. Dr. Energy Saver

Homeowners might spend money on a new air conditioner, services for whole-home insulation or even a whole home energy assessment using Dr. Energy Saver’s environmentally conscious services. Prospective clients may discover Dr. Energy Saver locations in 25 states, but they should get in touch with the neighbourhood office because different sites provide different services, scheduling alternatives, and customer assistance. The wide range of whole-home heating and cooling services provided by Dr. Energy Saver, including home energy audits, installation, repair, maintenance, and whole-house insulation, is one thing that sets them apart from their competitors. While it may not appear like insulation and energy audits are directly related to installing or maintaining an air conditioner, they do. A home’s HVAC system can benefit from greater insulation, which can be addressed with insulation services if the energy audit identifies any areas of heat gain or loss through the house. Additionally, a more efficient HVAC system uses less energy and produces more savings.

15. Mathews CCAC

Mathews CCAC is pleased to provide comprehensive HVAC services to Corpus Christi homeowners, ranging from air conditioning maintenance and repairs to big AC installations.To make it easier for you to breathe, we also provide high-end indoor air quality solutions, such as humidity management and air purification.\Additionally, Mathews CCAC is an expert in radiant barrier installation as well as attic and crawl space insulation for homes.Whatever service you require, you can be sure it will be of the greatest calibre.

16. Bryant

With a ranking of No. 2 and a rating of 4.1 out of 5, Bryant offers some of the top HVAC products available. The business, which is owned by Carrier, sells equipment that is quite identical and built in the same plant using the same components. In actuality, the majority of Bryant models cost a little less than their Carrier counterparts but are similar. The top-tier air conditioner from Bryant stands out for operating extremely quietly, and its furnaces are among the most effective ones on the market. It also provides ductless systems, geothermal heat pumps, air purifiers, and other heating and cooling goods in addition to air conditioners, heat pumps, and furnaces.

17. Amana

Amana is tied with Coleman for 10th place with a score of 3.5 out of 5,Professional reviewers commend Amana appliances for their exceptional quality but point out that they have more expensive installation fees. Despite the reputation for durability of Amana’s products, the business nevertheless offers extensive warranties that can help offset the cost. Lower-end models include a compressor or heat exchanger unit replacement warranty of two years as well as a minimum 10-year limited guarantee on parts. A lifetime replacement warranty is provided for premium units in the event that the compressor or heat exchanger malfunctions. Amana sells a variety of other household appliances in addition to HVAC equipment, and is included in our list of the Best Dryers of 2022.

18. Frigidaire

Tied for eighth place with a score of 3.6 out of 5, Frigidaire is well known for its refrigerators but also offers furnaces, heat pumps, central air conditioners, and other Nortek Global HVAC products. Even while Frigidaire claims to thoroughly inspect every HVAC unit it delivers, some reviews claim that since Nortek Global started producing the machinery, quality has dipped a little. In addition to having a smaller product selection than some of the other businesses on our list, Frigidaire’s appliances aren’t the quietest or have the greatest SEER ratings. Frigidaire should be on your short list if you’re searching for a well-known HVAC brand without breaking the bank because experts believe its costs are relatively affordable.

19. American Standard

American Standard has been in the HVAC business since 1929 and has a rating of 3.7 out of 5. Although it costs a little less up front, the business’s equipment is almost identical to that of its sibling company Trane. American Standard meticulously tests each unit by recreating challenging settings, much like Trane does, to guarantee great performance. Reviewers conclude that American Standard is a good choice for residents in regions with harsh weather. Additionally, because its units are smaller than the majority, owners of smaller homes choose them. Although the firm doesn’t have the most energy-efficient versions available, its products are regarded as being well-made and trustworthy.

20. TemperaturePro

TemperaturePro was founded in 1986 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Since then, it has offered services for commercial properties in significant American cities. Its array of services also includes instals, upkeep, and repairs. The expert installers at TemperaturePro are trained, skilled, and North American Technician Excellence certified (NATE).Industry clients served by TemperaturePro include hospitals, retail establishments, educational institutions, and more. Its installation and replacement services cover anything from rooftop units to central systems.When you choose TemperaturePro to install your AC, the firm will begin by doing an on-site assessment of your property to gauge the size of your company and determine your present AC requirements. Following that, TemperaturePro will provide you an estimate and suggestions for your property so you may examine them.Additionally, Temperature provides emergency services around-the-clock and has monthly payment finance alternatives. By calling your nearby TemperaturePro office, you may arrange a free estimate.


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