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Cartoon HD APK V3.0.3: Download and Installation Procedure

Cartoon HD APK is an android and IOS supported entertaining app that is liked by millions of people around the world. It is also fully compliant with Windows phones as well and lets you stream high-quality videos for free. In 2013, cartoon HD was launched by the Apple Store, but now it is also available to android users. Cartoon.HD is the best alternative to Showbox. Recently a new update of cartoon HD has been released and is available to the users as Version 3.0.3.

Cartoon HD APK Download for Android

In this article, we will discuss this new update of cartoon HD. We will also gather the information that will help you in downloading and installing Cartoon HD APK V3.0.3.

We will try to answer all your queries like:

  1. What actually is Cartoon HD APK
  2. What new features are added to the Cartoon HD APK
  3. Why should we prefer Cartoon HD APK Download for Android?
  4. How and where to install Cartoon HD APK latest version?
  5. What is the step by step procedure to install Cartoon HD APK?

So here we go!

What actually is Cartoon HD APK?

Basically, Cartoon HD APK is a video streaming app where you can watch unlimited HD videos and cartoons for free. It is said to be a best alternative to Showbox because Showbox provides restricted access to watch videos, while Cartoon HD APK Download for Android lets you unlimited access to watching the videos that are free as well. This is the world’s first video streaming application that delivers sources of HD quality even with a poor internet connection.

Video streaming is the newest trend for young people. Also, the oldies now enjoy spending their lonely hours with something like a good movie. So Apple decided to launch it in 2013. After its release, it was accessible only for Apple users. But after some time, developers decided to launch it for android smartphone users. Since then, it has become a choice of every Movie lover. This is because, in order to watch movies, we do not always search for cinemas. The high ticket fee and lack of ample time hold us away from going to theatres. Furthermore, we happen to miss our favorite Television shows because of several reasons. But thanks to Cartoon HD APK Download for Android, we don’t need to be upset anymore. Just download the app and stream your favorite content anytime, anywhere!

Cartoon HD APK same as NetflixAmazon Prime, and HBO GO that offer online streaming of various videos. But those websites require monthly charges while cartoon HD provides free streaming. That’s why Google has not taken any steps to sell Cartoon HD Official APK in the Play Store. Hence this application is available only in the Apple store. Google Play store does not support it. But as it is said that “Where there is a will, there is a way.” There is a solution to this problem also. There are several alternative links to download Cartoon HD APK what we will discuss in the next section of this article.

What new features are added to the Cartoon HD APK

You can request new videos from the “Setting” option in the latest update of Cartoon HD APK Download for Android. To browse for different genres, like comedy, crime, horror, etc., a new browsing filter has been added. Another interesting update in Cartoon HD APK is that you can download your favorite videos and watch them later in your free time. Isn’t it wonderful?

Several competitive apps of Cartoon HD have come into the market, but it is still the best because this app is light and does not consume much of your time to open a video. Of course, the speed of Cartoon HD is fast as compared to its competitive apps, and its downloading speed is also remarkable. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to bother with the ads.

Some of the best features of Cartoon HD

Some of the best features of Cartoon HD

  1. It allows you to watch and even download HD quality movies and TV shows.
  2. There is an endearing graphical user interface that is well organized with a clear understanding of users’ needs.
  3. The interface is decent, simple, and user-friendly.
  4. By allowing you to enjoy videos at 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions, this software also supports devices with less memory.
  5. It offers online streaming, even at a slow internet connection. That’s great!
  6. Its content is refreshed regularly, and you will always enjoy your latest Tv shows.

Why should we prefer Cartoon HD APK Download for Android?

Lets us discuss some best features of the Cartoon HD app that make it a preferable application.

This application is free. After you have downloaded and installed it, it would never ask you to enter your credit card details or to subscribe to its services. It is regularly updated and provides fresh content. With this application, you can download videos and watch them later. It displays content in different categories of almost all genres. It is probably the best alternative to some competitor apps like Showbox, Netflix, or any other that offers limited access to their content and requires monthly payments.

How and where to install Cartoon HD APK latest version?

As I told you earlier in the article, the Cartoon HD app isn’t available on the Google Play store. So you must be wondering that from where can this amazing app can be downloaded. So following are some links to Download Cartoon HD APK 3.0.3:




Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9m774ju19fm37ps/CartoonHD.3.0.3.droidfeats.com.apk/file


Link: https://forum.droidfeats.com/t/app-mod-3-0-3-cartoon-hd-apk-for-android/17

What is the step by step procedure to install Cartoon HD APK?

  1. After downloading the app from the links, you would open the Download manager of your device where the downloaded files are stores.
  2. Next, you would open the Cartoon HD APK file.
  3. Before running the installation, it will ask your permission to allow access to your phone—Grand everything without a worry.
  4. Next, the installation process will start.
  5. When the installation process completes, it will show you an option to open it. At the homepage of your device, there will be an icon of Cartoon HD APK. You can also open it from there. 
  6. Open the app and enjoy your free live streaming.

Some alternatives to Cartoon HD APK:

If you don’t find Cartoon HD APK Download for Android anywhere, then here are some alternatives to it:


Flipps, developed by Flipps Media Inc., is a great place to enjoy movies, TV series, YouTube, news, and much more. It is available on both iOS and Android For unlimited entertainment beyond the standard TV guide. It contains more than 100 channels.

Amazon Prime Video

For those who stream and download famous movies and TV shows, including The Man in the High Castle, The Grand Tour, and much more, Amazon Prime Video is a commonly used entertainment application created by Amazon Mobile LLC. It provides thousands of hit games to provide a fine experience for its users. 


The Popcornflix app provides free and full-length movies that can also be streamed from Popcornflix’s official website and also from smartphones. It is a free and full-length film platform that makes it easy for its users to quickly experience brand-new films and get the chance to watch theatrically released and independent films.


Beetv is an application that makes it possible for users to stream free movies and TV shows. The platform has a vast film or series catalog and provides high picture quality. Movies and series show quality choices on this site, and users can choose the quality of viewing based on their screens.

IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb Movies & TV is the best and most reliable source for movies, TV shows, and celebrity content in the world, in which you can watch the new trailers, purchase tickets, watch thousands of free online movies and explore famous movies. It is one of the world’s largest entertainment apps that enables its users to watch sports, television shows, and news on their mobile phones and tablets.


This is how you can use the Cartoon HD App to stream TV shows & movies of your desire for freedom. In order to watch the video, what other subscriptions do you buy? Check out the app and let us know in the comments below about your Cartoon HD App experience.


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