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Cheapest home warranty companies of 2022

Home warranties can help you save money and preserve your most valuable possessions.
Repairs to appliances and systems can be far cheap home warranty expensive with a home warranty policy, so it’s critical to buy intelligently. While comprehensive coverage and customer service are vital, the actual choice home warranty of a house warranty is also critical.

You pay a monthly premium and a service fee when repairs are necessary with a home warranty plan. Often, you will pay for your house warranty without ever requiring service, but when it is used, the warranty will save you a significant amount of money. Homeowners frequently express that having a home warranty provides them peace of mind about their property because they know they will be covered if an expensive appliance or system fails due to regular wear and tear over time.

Our Home Media review team investigated hundreds of the industry’s leading home warranty providers, weighing cost against coverage and service. Continue reading to determine the most affordable home warranty that meets your needs.

Choose from three different plans: Bronze Care, Gold Care, or Platinum Care.
Both Gold Care and Bronze Care are $35.83 per month and cover home systems and appliances. Platinum Care is a combined plan that protects systems and appliances for $37.50 per month—one of the lowest monthly premiums we’ve found for comprehensive home coverage. Additionally, when american home shield sign up for coverage, they receive two months free. Fill out this online form for a amazon home warranty  no-obligation estimate from Select Home Warranty.

Additional information is available at: First American Home Warranty Select Home Warranty Review

For almost 35 years old republic home warranty , First American House Warranty (FAHW) has been a market leader in home warranty coverage, offering some of the most affordable options available. Its monthly plans range from $28 to $43 and its service fees are $75, which is comparable to the cinch home warranty average.

What distinguishes First American from its competitors is its First Class Upgrade, which insures systems and appliances against incorrect installation, modification, or maintenance.
Additionally, FAHW has no coverage limits on heating, cooling, or ducting, replaces things that are too damaged to repair, and offers a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fill out this online form with your zip code or call First American Home Warranty at to request a free quotation. Additional information: First American Home Warranty Review The Fundamentals of a Home Warranty. It’s beneficial to understand what a house warranty is, what it covers, and how much it costs prior to purchasing one.

What Is a Home Warranty and Why Is It Necessary?

A home warranty is an annual service contract that covers main systems and appliances against failure caused by regular wear and tear. Additionally, it protects homeowners from having to pay for costly repairs and replacements out of pocket.

A Home Warranty Is How Much Does It Cost?

A house warranty typically costs between $25 and $50 per month, or between $300 and $600 per year. The most basic plans will cost less than $50, while more complete coverage will cost more than $50.

Along with monthly payments, home warranty companies charge a service call fee, or deductible, for each claim. These servicing fees normally run from $75–$125, with certain companies, such as American Home Shield, allowing you to first american home warranty your fee. For instance, a $75 service cost will almost certainly result in a higher monthly premium, and vice versa.

What Is Included in the Home Warranty?

A house warranty protects the major systems and equipment in your home, such as your refrigerator, electrical system, plumbing, water heater, and dishwasher. The following is a summary of frequently discussed topics. Additionally, home warranty providers may include the following items as optional coverage: Swimming pool Spa Septic system Pumping system for wells

How Does a Home Warranty Benefit You?

Apart from safeguarding valuable possessions in the event of a breakdown, a house warranty provides the following benefits: You save time by not having to search for a contractor. Provides the opportunity to save money on costly repairs and replacements. Certain firms, such as America’s First Choice Home Club, offer unique perks, such as complimentary credit monitoring and discounts on maintenance materials. Can assist in speeding up the sale of a home and may serve as an intriguing aspect for prospective buyers Protects your budget and keeps customers from having to pay for unexpected charges

How to Select the Most Appropriate Home Warranty Service

While you may be looking for an inexpensive house warranty, the least expensive is not usually the best. While all of the firms mentioned above offer competitive pricing and extensive plans, there are certain home warranty companies that offer severely limited coverage for a low fee. Consider the following aspects before purchasing a home warranty to guarantee that you receive the best value and coverage:


If you’re on a budget but still want full coverage, we recommend Choice Home Warranty.Choice provides two economical cheap home warranty options and allows clients to select their own service charge. Consider obtaining estimates from several different suppliers in order to compare prices and select the plan that matches your budget the best.


The majority of home warranty firms offer a range of plans, from systems- and appliance-only to combination plans. Consider the goods in your home that require coverage and tailor your policy accordingly. Consider adding coverage for additional objects to your policy, such as your pool, spa, guest apartment, or septic system, in addition to your most cheap home warranty household possessions. Not every provider offers the same add-ons, so choose one that safeguards your most valuable possessions.


Oftentimes, companies will add coverage limits and exclusions in your contract for specific things. Before investing in a plan, make sure to study your contract terms to see what is and is not covered.

Customer service

While the majority of suppliers operate 24-hour claim cheap home warranty, a few do not. Each of the home warranty businesses choice home warranty reviews in this article has a 24-hour customer support centre that is available to accept claims at any time of day or night.


To genuinely choose the lowest home warranty, evaluate current promotions and offerings from each company to determine the amount of money you could save on your contract.
When customers sign up for a plan, companies such as Select Home Warranty and Choice Home Warranty offer several months of coverage for free.

Who is responsible for the cost of a house warranty?

A house warranty can be purchased by home purchasers, sellers, agents, and owners of rental properties. Homebuyers will be charged for coverage if they obtain a policy during or after the closing process. Sellers may pay for coverage if they include it in the price of the home. Real estate agents or realtors may purchase a home warranty to cover potential damages that occur while the home is on the market or may give a home warranty to buyers as a closing gift. Owners of rental properties could purchase a house warranty and deduct a portion of the cost from their renters’ rent.

When am I eligible to purchase a home warranty?

A home warranty can be purchased at any stage during homeownership. However, we recommend purchasing a home warranty when you initially acquire your property to ensure coverage begins immediately.

Is it cost effective to purchase a house warranty?

When home systems and appliances fail, a home warranty can save homeowners hundreds of dollars in repair and replacement costs. For a moderate monthly fee, this type of home security plan can provide individuals with the peace of mind knowing they are protected if an item breaks.

Even if you are not experiencing a problem with a system or appliance, it is still prudent to have protection in place in case something unforeseen occurs, leaving you with costly repair or replacement charges.

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