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Comparing the DonJoy Iceman vs. Full-body Ice bath – which is better for Post-game Recovery?

The DonJoy Iceman is a battery-operated ice pack that can be used to treat different kinds of injuries on diverse parts of the body. A full-body ice bath is a popular way to treat an injury or speed up the healing process by full-body immersion. If you are a professional athlete, experiencing an injury can be frustrating and debilitating. You may be wondering if the DonJoy iceman or full-body ice bath is the right tool for you when it comes to recovering from an injury. Some pros and cons of these two methods include; convenience, ease of use, effectiveness, price, etc.

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Pros of DonJoy iceman


DonJoy cold therapy tools are lightweight, making them convenient to use when traveling and also fits in any locker room. The ice packs fit in a standard-size gym bag and the whole leg wrap fits neatly into most suitcases with no trouble at all. Having your own cold therapy device means you don’t have to worry about finding a facility that offers ice baths.

*Ease of Use

DonJoy Iceman is very easy to use. Simply remove the ice pack from the freezer and attach it to the wrap. The wrap is adjustable, so it fits comfortably around your thigh. You can take it home and use it without a crew to operate and maintain the DonJoy iceman.


A DonJoy Iceman is a great tool for reducing pain and swelling. The ice pack stays cold for a long time, providing consistent relief to the injured area which speeds up the healing process.

Cons of DonJoy iceman

*Limited Coverage

The DonJoy Iceman is designed to treat the thigh and only the thigh. If you are looking for cold therapy for a larger area, such as your entire lower body, the iceman is not the right tool for you.


DonJoy iceman are not the most affordable cold therapy devices on the market because they are designed with professional athletes in mind who need top-of-the-line quality. If you are on a budget, you may want to consider a full-body ice bath instead.


Some users report feeling uncomfortable wearing the DonJoy Iceman. The rubber straps can pinch and irritate your skin, especially if you are wearing the wrap for an extended period of time.

Pros of full-body ice baths

*Entire Body Coverage

Full-body ice baths are designed to treat the entire body while submerged in an ice bath. If you need to reduce swelling throughout your leg, knee, or ankle, this method is ideal for you.

*Low Cost

Full-body ice baths are a very affordable option when it comes to cold therapy, the reason being that the ice and water are already readily available.

*Less Messy

Rather than having to deal with ice packs that may or may not fit properly, you can simply step into a full-body ice bath and relax. No need to worry about water spilling everywhere and making a mess.

Cons of full-body ice baths

*Painful and Uncomfortable

Full-body ice baths cause your entire body to feel pain because you are sitting in ice water and your body temp is dropping rapidly. This type of cold therapy can be extremely uncomfortable and cause a lot of pain. Also, submerging your body in ice water can be very uncomfortable, particularly if you are not used to it.

*Limited Mobility

Full-body ice baths require you to completely submerge your body in ice water, which can limit your mobility. If you are injured and need to move around, an ice bath may not be the ideal treatment for you.

*Time Consuming

To properly use a full-body ice bath, you need to fill a bathtub with ice and water. This can be a time-consuming process since you have to wait for the water to be cold enough before you can get in.

*Risk of Injury

There is a risk of injury if you are not careful when getting in and out of an ice bath, this is because the water is generally very cold, which can lead to muscle cramping.

When it comes to post-game recovery, the DonJoy iceman is a good option because it is easy to use and provides the extended treatment. If you need to treat a large area of your body, a full-body ice bath may be a better choice. Talk to your doctor or physical therapist to see what is best for you.


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