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Cost of Ankle Replacement Surgery

The ankle is prone to injury. All kinds of accidents and injuries, particularly sports injuries, can lead to damage to the integrity of the ankle. Diseases also often lead to degenerative processes. Sometimes even a total ankle replacement is required. The upper ankle joint, which is responsible for the vertical mobility of the foot and ankle, is the most susceptible to injury. The cost of ankle replacement depends on the type of surgery (total or partial replacement), type of hospital, and other factors.

About ankle replacement surgery

Unlike knee replacement or hip replacement, ankle replacement surgery is a rare surgical procedure. So when choosing a hospital and doctor, it’s important to know how many ankle replacements the surgeon has performed.

The ankle joint is a complex articulation of three bones: the tibia, fibula, and talus. The most common causes of ankle pain are trauma, sprains, ankle or metatarsal fractures, and a deformity of the foot.

If conservative therapy or minimally invasive interventions do not help, the patient should undergo ankle replacement surgery. This surgical method is the most effective way to restore joint function.

When is ankle replacement surgery necessary?

Ankle replacement surgery is used when conservative treatment cannot solve the problem. This occurs when the main elements of the joint cannot perform their functions due to degenerative changes or trauma. The decision on the need for ankle replacement is made on an individual basis, depending on the clinical picture. The main indications for ankle replacement surgery are:

  • Mobility impairment that reduces the patient’s quality of life
  • Persistent pain
  • Bone deformities and overgrowths
  • Critical narrowing of the joint gap
  • Arthrosis or arthritis with severe degenerative changes
  • Severe fractures

The decision to undergo surgery is made individually for patients with oncology, elderly patients, obese patients, patients with mental disorders, and chronic pathologies.

How is the surgery carried out?

Ankle replacement surgery is performed by a team of experienced specialists who have been performing these procedures for many years.

During the procedure, the doctor removes the elements of the joint. Then a prosthesis covered with a special metal is installed. The surfaces of the components are exceptionally smooth. The prosthesis is made in such a way that the surgeon makes one part of it attached to the bone in the lower leg region, and the second part is attached to the talus bone. The parts of the prosthesis are fastened together, and then the doctor sews tissues layer by layer.

How much does ankle replacement surgery cost?

Given the fact that ankle replacement surgery is not cheap, it is necessary to carefully consider the cost of an effective alternative (if any is available), assess the reputation of the clinic, the experience of doctors, and patient reviews. To assess the preliminary cost of ankle replacement surgery, you need to take into account several factors.

Prosthesis prices depend on the design, the materials and technology used, and the method of fixation. For each person, a prosthesis is chosen individually, taking into account the diagnosis, health condition, age, and physical parameters. In a good clinic, you will get a clear answer to your questions, starting with what tests and examinations are necessary and up to a list of certified manufacturers of implants suitable for installation in your case.

Generally, price is adjusted depending on the specifics of the diagnosis, detected pathology, presence of concomitant diseases, type of prosthesis, medications, and surgical techniques, rehabilitation program, and the additional services.

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