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Costco Chicken salad: Just 10$ Costco Meal for Lunch Cravings in COVID-19

Due to COVID-19, we all are now fed up with making food, snacks, desserts, fast food, and any meal at home. Me! I had turkey and also cheese and also cucumbers like for long today, and even truthfully, it was still irritating to take them both together. After consuming a lot of boring meals in breakfast, lunches, and in dinner in a row, this large vat of Costco chicken salad is looking quite impressive to me right eating now.

Costco Chicken salad

COVID-19 bounded all the world at homes and in this pandemic situation, we cannot go for a hangout with friends and enjoy tasty meals from restaurants. Costco chicken salad is an affordable amazing Food Cape Cod chicken salad, which, if you are unknown, we are going to introduce the tasty Cuisine Costco Chicken salad.

Costco Chicken salad is made with these Costco ingredients:

  1. The chicken breast is white meat.
  2. Some cranberries
  3. Little bit pecans
  4. Also honey for a sweetness
  5. Some savory spread that’s ideal for lunch.

Costco Chicken salad

This kind of Costco Chicken salad is lovely no matter if you wish to get fancy as well as make a sandwich or go straight and use it as a dip for veggies and biscuits. OR MAYBE, this might an excellent thing to add to some macaroni as well as call it pasta salad. IDK!

Instagrammer @Costcobuys published a photo of this Costco chicken salad, and also in it, you can inform this is one MASSIVE box. Yeah, this is a 40-ounce box of chicken salad so you can have it handy whenever you’re really feeling a bit peckish. There will be plenty to walk around. It might feel like a lot. However, devoted Costco chicken salad followers will undoubtedly tell you that once you pop, you won’t be able to stop, as they claim.

Costco Chicken salad

“It’s so excellent! I acquired another Costco chicken salad today !!” a single person composed. “This Costco Chicken salad is addictive, so good!!!!” another said.

This entire Costco chicken salad can be your own for around $10, which indicates lunch for a week is approximately $10. Not too, shabby!


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