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Best 15 FaceRig Alternatives In 2021

facerig for streaming without a subscription 2021 is an open source facerig free alternative platform that records photos and generates multiple avatars using a camera. It enables you to conduct a facerig free trial. People are looking for the simplest Facerig alternatives now that the original is no longer functioning. This will be used to apply numerous effects to the avatar, instantly upload it to other platforms, and render it on YouTube. Apart from that, it includes a variety of capabilities, including facerig mobile animation, video recording, and internet chat facerig download 2021

You can begin creating your own avatar with a camera and photo storage. If the free trial version of facerig alternative vtuber does not work, you will need to use a facerig alternative live2d software to acquire access and utilise the benefits facerig live2d. The next section discusses some free alternatives to facerig that enable hands-onfacerig avatars download and create life to the characters.

Top 15 FaceRig Alternatives

These are the following FaceRig Alternatives :

1. Muvizu Play

Facerig Alternatives

Muvizu Play is an excellent alternative to FaceRig. With Muvizu, you can visualise your idea in hours, if not minutes, rather than days or months. Once completed, you can upload the video to YouTube. You can get a trial version of the programme before purchasing the full version, such as facerig mac. By purchasing the premium version, you can remove the limitations of the free trial version. Additionally, you’ll gain access to additional objects and characters and the opportunity to erase the watermark. Additionally, this premium alternative to FaceRig receives frequent improvements.

2. F-Clone

F-clone is the first software of its kind that use cutting-edge technology to capture real-time motions and facial emotions using a camera. Unlike the other FaceRig equivalents, this one allows you to do more than simply create games; it also allows you to design your own avatars for use in YouTube videos. F-Clone, like FaceRig, makes use of a rebuilt library for planar matching of facial features to facial images. It takes only a few minutes to create a personal avatar for use in YouTube videos. Once you’ve fallen in love with our FaceRig Alternatives, you can upgrade to the premium version that’s right for you.

3. FaceFX

Avatar creator

FaceFX is a capable FaceRig replacement that specialises on audio-based animation for video games. This means that all your 3D avatar requires to begin speaking is an audio file. FaceFX is a similar programme to FaceRig, however using it to its full extent is not free. You can create as many custom slider sets for your avatar as you like. The face graph functionality enables you to create a relationship between the targets. You may fine-tune your avatar to perfection using this alternative to FaceRig. FaceFX is one of the most advanced alternatives to FaceRig available.

4. Insane Talk

facerig Alternative

The most popular alternatives to FaceRig are face animation programmes such as Crazy Talk.
Among other outstanding features, it contains a 3D head design tool, seamless lip-syncing, and a revolutionary auto motion engine. It’s comparable to FaceRig, but is entirely free. However, the free version does not have access to the premium features. To access the full range of Crazy Talk’s features, you must pay. It may be used to create a video, a fun family picture album, training and marketing movies, as well as animated cartoons. It’s one of the best alternatives to the FaceRig.

5. Mocaox

MocapX is a FaceRig replacement that makes full use of the iPhone’s depth camera.
It creates a one-of-a-kind experience by capturing the motion of Maya’s face in real time.
If you own an iPhone, you can utilise the camera to animate characters in real time in Maya using the iPhone’s camera. For example, FaceRig enables you to record facial motions without sending them to Maya. Additionally, you may animate with joysticks, sliders, and keypads. Additionally, you can capture your eye movements and save an expression to use with a three-dimensional avatar. This FaceRig alternative allows you to connect two iPhones and simultaneously use two characters.

6. Animation Master

facerig alternatives

Animation Master is a free FaceRig substitute that comes along with a few essential features.
It’s inexpensive software that’s straightforward to use but highly powerful. Hash Inc. designed it with a high degree of adaptability in mind. It is capable of converting any concept into a spectacular three-dimensional model. It teaches difficult 2D and 3D production techniques in a straightforward manner. It is capable of processing a broad variety of creative imaginations and converting them to 3D material.

7. Gabsee

facerig alternative

Gabsee is a highly suggested alternative to FaceRig. This one works on iOS and Android devices, and PC users can use it by installing an Android emulator such as BlueStacks.
This programme simplifies the process of creating a cartoon version of anyone through the use of layers, which can subsequently be converted to a 3D animation. Gabsee is unique in that it approaches augmented reality uniquely. According to others, Gabsee will adapt the so-called Bitmoji’s 3D version of Snapchat.

8. Plotagon

facerig alternative

Plotagon FaceRig Replacements is one of several FaceRig alternatives that are currently available. It is a cross-platform programme that is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows. Rather than merely communicating with an audience via text message, Plotagon supports in the production of a multimedia experience that engages the audience for any purpose. Users can create demonstrations and tutorials utilising this software’s output scenarios for 3D animation. It’s a fantastic feature to be able to transmit 3D content up to 4K resolution for the best quality and viewing experience.

9. Moviestorm

As the name implies, this is more specialised software for filmmakers. It is incredibly cost-effective, time-efficient, and effective. It’s an incredible opportunity for individuals to practise and hone their 3D content development talents. Movie Storm is more related to educational software for 3D modelling and rendering in general. This is a great alternative to the popular FaceRig for beginners.

10. CrazyTalk


Crazy talk is a popular alternative to FaceRig when it comes to creating interesting animations. This, too, includes a lot of basic editing options that let you to perform lip-syncing and other effects. Frequently, this is free software that requires a paid subscription to get all of its features. This software may be useful for distributing video files, producing a photo album, or generating a movie for marketing or teaching purposes. This is often the best option, especially when creating a video for comedic purposes.

11. 3D LightWave

free facerig alternative

This is an excellent alternative to FaceRig, which is available for free and allows for the creation of 3D graphics and images. This software is beneficial for motion graphics, video games, music videos, and advertising, among other uses. You may work with both static and moving photos in this programme. When it comes to obtaining a reasonable and user-friendly one, LightWave 3D is the only option. Right now, you may use the software’s free version to combine 3D objects and create gorgeous images. This 3DCrafter may be a viable choice for creating photographs, adding 3D effects, and other modelling tasks, as you’ll be able to construct a broad variety of models via drag-and-drop.

12. Houdini

free facerig alternative

Houdini is a procedural programme that, in its free edition, enables users to figure out how to do things. This software enables you to create and distribute repetitions across several devices. Frequently, this is free software with simple tools. Users can play with a variety of different faceRig options and visual effects. As a result, if you’re want to design imaginative judgements or avatars, this is typically the finest alternative.

13. Gravity

free facerig alternative

This is an excellent alternative to FaceRig because it allows you to build an avatar and customise it with a variety of qualities. The features include high-fives, dancing, sprinting, and other activities. You can customise your avatar by modifying his or her appearance using contemporary styles and altering his or her body. To access the software’s higher quality tools, you must purchase the software’s premium edition.

14. Blender

Facerig alternatives

Blender is an excellent alternative to FaceRig for animating your avatar. This open-source alternative to Facerig enables you to create a custom avatar, assemble it, render it, and integrate it into a game. This programme, on the other hand, is compatible with a wide number of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac. This is an excellent alternative if you’re a beginner looking to work on something other than FaceRig.

15. LightWave


This is an excellent free alternative to FaceRig for creating 3D graphics and images.
This software is beneficial for motion graphics, video games, music videos, and advertising, among other uses. You may work with both static and moving photos in this programme.
LightWave 3D is the finest alternative if you’re looking for a cost-effective and simple-to-use solution. Right now, you may use the software’s free version to combine 3D objects and create gorgeous images.


Choosing the correct software to perform one task that it is capable of performing optimally is critical for the best outcome. When it comes to 3D content development, FaceRig is a household name. Nonetheless, there are other alternatives to consider for certain objectives.
The fundamental concepts underlying alternative applications and programmes to facerig for streaming remain unchanged. Nonetheless, some of them may provide lower rates, additional features, and greater flexibility in using the software. Finally, it comes down to personal preference when it comes to selecting FaceRig alternatives to utilise instead of FaceRig itself.

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