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Facts to Know About Drug Addiction

Addiction is a problem that may occur irrespective of age, background, or race. It is also beyond the primary reason why someone starts using drugs.

There are people around us who have probably started using drugs just for fun or to feel included in a group of friends. It is one of the most common ways in which young boys and girls get attracted to harmful drugs. Other than this, people also start using drugs to ease stress, depression, anxiety, and similar problems. 

You will be surprised to know that drug addiction goes beyond illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. Moreover, doctor prescribed medicines, especially pain killers, are right next to marijuana, if you rank the most harmful drugs. Tranquilizers that are prescribed by doctors are also similar when it comes to side-effects.

Sadly, death cases in the US are more due to drug overdose than any road accidents or murders. Such overdosing is mostly caused due to opioid painkillers. Addiction to opioid analgesics is as harmful as the riskiest side-effect of heroin consumption. It is a fact that none of the illegal or prescribed drugs aren’t straight-off abusive for anyone. You will find so many people who use drugs for several recreational reasons and are hardly affected at all. On the other hand, some people have lost their well-being and health due to harmful drugs. 

Also, drug addiction and abuse are not much about the frequency, type, or amount of drug consumption. The main factor that works, in this case, is the level of harm a specific kind of drug may cause to you. Recognizing a drug abuse problem of someone around you is the first step. Next, you should ideally take the person to an NAD treatment center for further activities. 

What Are the Significant Risk Factors of Drug Addiction?

On the one hand, you know that drug addiction may happen to anyone. Similarly, you must understand that vulnerability to such harmful habits undoubtedly vary from one person to another. Your genes, social environment, health, and family, all play pivotal roles in your case of vulnerability. The risk factors that you must be aware of are:

  • Addiction history in the family
  • The method of administering it matters a lot. For example, injecting or smoking a harmful drug is probably riskier
  • Neglect, abuse or other similar traumatic experiences
  • Drug use at an early age
  • Mental severe issues such as anxiety and depression

The Facts About Drug Addiction and Abuse of Prescribed Drugs

Before you change the topic and shift straight to focus on illegal drugs, let us check out some of the facts about the regularly prescribed medications.

Incorrect Usage

Drug overuse regarding prescription drugs means inappropriately using medicinal pills. It may also mean that a person is consuming it in a much higher amount than the actual recommendation. 

You must have also come across people who try to use medicinal drugs without an actual prescription or based on suggestions. Try never to rely on someone else’s order when you want to use any medication. Also, medicines are not experimental objects. So, you must not try those for uncomplicated fun. 


You must have heard of medicines such as Vicodin or OxyContin. Both of these are reported as the two most popular abusive drugs that young boys and girls prefer. Also, prescription drug abuse is hazardous. There is simply no medicine or drug that comes without even the slightest bit of side-effects. 

You cannot deny the fact that most of the doctors mention specific dosage for each drug and will duly state the side-effects if any. Now, if you act careless and consume a medicinal drug randomly, it will become hazardous. Moreover, there is no one else you can blame for this, except yourself and your careless attitude. So, you must be careful while visiting the doctor and also judge the purpose and side-effects of medicine before using it. 

College Goers

As per record, out of all college-goers who have experienced drug overuse were introduced to it by their seniors. Also, almost 1/3 college students have already tasted or used prescribed drugs during their stay in college. The primary reasons that provoke college-goers to use drugs are excessive academic pressure, weight gain, or to stay up till late at night.

Sadly, the average age of drug use is at a very young age of 19-21 years. Also, in most of the cases, college students have received regular drug substances from a friend or senior. Such suppliers usually have a prescription for harmful medicinal drugs that helps them to obtain them.

 Availability of Fake Prescriptions

According to researchers, drug suppliers have sources from where they can get false prescriptions for critical diseases. As a result, they can obtain strong medicines that they later misuse. A common way of consuming such drugs is by mixing it into alcohol or other beverages. 

Now you know how harmful even the simple prescribed medicines are. Also, try to stay away from the incorrect consumption of such medications. You must also help a person when you see him/her affected by an overdose of harmful drugs. 


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