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GB WhatsApp Pro – New Experience In Chatting And Connecting

The GBWhatsApp Pro is a more advanced version of GB WhatsApp that provides additional functionality to original WhatsApp users. Some functions are restricted with GB WhatsApp Pro, however they are all available for free. It also becomes necessary to set out one hour for conversation. Let’s have a look at some more special features.

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Change the notification bar’s icon. There are several GIF suppliers. Communication that is unbroken. Let’s take a closer look at how to get the GB WhatsApp pro 2022, what features it has, and how it differs from the original Whatsapp.

What is GBWhatsApp Pro and how does it work?

This is an app that allows you to have a full-fledged chat experience. It also works with your smartphone flawlessly. GBWhatsApp Pro is available as a Chrome extension or as a browser extension (works on Windows, Mac, and Linux). The software has end-to-end encrypted messaging, chat pinning, video messages, and more!

GBwhatsapp pro

GBWhatsapp Pro has the following features: File Sharing: The original version of WhatsApp had a restricted file-sharing function, however with the pro version, WhatsApp’s file-sharing restriction has been expanded. You may now share files, related documents, photos, and videos with other people quickly and effortlessly.


In terms of privacy, the GB WhatsApp pro is fantastic. Because the Pro version of WhatsApp is more secure and privacy-focused, you can use it without difficulty.

Schedule of Messages:

Messages may be scheduled for later delivery with this GB WhatsApp pro edition.
Messages may be planned with the text, date, and time so that they are automatically sent to the designated contacts at that time. Conceal Writing Status: In the original version of WhatsApp, the writing state appears next to the contact name, however in GBWhatsApp Pro Apk, you can hide that status from the reader with a simple configuration activity.

Hide the status of writing:

The writing status appears under the contact name in the original version of WhatsApp, but with GBWhatsApp Pro Apk, you may conceal that status from the viewer with a simple activity in the settings.

Stories to Hide:

Hide your personal tales from the environment and choose a specific person you believe will be able to see them. Furthermore, users may view the tales and current status of those who are attempting to conceal from them. The user will be completely unaware that you are viewing his narrative.

Backup Options:

We’ve occasionally misplaced critical conversations due to small blunders. As a result, GBWhatsApp pro gives you a way to recover all of your crucial data. It doesn’t matter how much data is in the file you wish to backup. With that capability, you may also retrieve your lost photos and movies.

WhatsApp Pro APK Download V10.10.20 Latest (Updated) Official Anti-Ban  Android

Number to Chat Without Saving:

WhatsApp’s original version does not enable you to talk without storing a phone number.
As a result, we have a number of numbers in our phones that we don’t want to preserve.
We were able to meet that criteria by using the same procedures we use for stored contacts with Gb Whatsapp pro download.

How can I get the GBwhatsapp pro app?

The download process for GW Pro v8.75 is nearly same to that of the other WhatsApp versions. All you need is an Android handset with appropriate storage and access to high-speed internet. It will not be available on the Google Play Store because it is a third-party website. You may get it from this page since it is available on virus-free third-party websites.

From the given URL, you may get the GB WhatsApp.

Allow unknown resources to access your phone’s administration so that you may easily download any programme from a third-party website. Once the GB WhatsApp apk file has finished downloading, open it. After you’ve registered your phone number, you’ll be able to access this special app with all of its features.

Why Should You Use GB WhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro is a free mod apk that is based on the popular GB WhatsApp app. It has a lot of extra features and is regarded as one of the greatest WhatsApp mod versions. There are several limitations with WhatsApp. The app’s themes, font styles, and dark mode are all unavailable. You also won’t be able to share huge media files. People can readily view your last-seen status and online activity, which compromises your privacy. However, with the latest version of GB WhatsApp Pro, you may connect to others with confidence. All of the restrictions listed above have been lifted, giving users a more open, pleasant, and liberated experience. The following features will undoubtedly pique your interest.

GB WhatsApp Pro Privacy’s Notable Features

The creator of this mod apk is particularly concerned about user privacy. They want your actions to remain as private as possible. GB Blue ticks, delivered ticks, typing, and recording status may all be hidden with WhatsApp Pro. Others won’t be able to see much of your activity if you use these features, and you won’t be easily stalked. You may also freeze the last time you were viewed, making it impossible to determine your precise online time.

Backing Up and Restoring

Most texting programmes have backup and restoration issues. If you lose your phone or decide to buy a new one, all of your SMS data on the previous device will be lost. But that’s no longer a concern since GB WhatsApp Pro can quickly recover and backup your data and chats. You may preserve your previous messages by logging into your account on another device. Do-Not-Disturb Mode is a mode that prevents you from being disturbed.

How do you feel when you’re playing a game or watching a movie and you keep getting notifications? Isn’t it aggravating?

So, to remedy your problem, this mod version includes a Do-Not-Disturb setting.
Simply switch on this feature, and you won’t have to go into your phone’s app management system to turn off those notifications. During the resting period, nothing will appear on your screen, providing you with a nice and flawless experience.


We’ve gone through all you need to know about the GB WhatsApp so you can download it and enjoy the extra features.

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