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12 Best Harem Game for Android and iOS 2021

Most importantly, harem video games generally include a plot twist to keep the player wondering. It enables gamers to transform into characters from their favourite books and imaginations. It’s not just entertaining, but also very moving on an emotional level. The romantic love storey in this game is a wonderful diversion from the game’s dark, brutal, and strategic gameplay. While there are chores, quests, and objectives to do, this does not detract from the game’s enjoyment.

Traditionally, the name ” harem anime games ” relates to an Ottoman-era time during which the Sultan married numerous women and housed them in an unique palace dubbed the harem game. Despite the fact that they are the Sultan’s wives, they do not live in the manner of a queen or princess. This artwork conceals a dark and terrible storey. On the other hand, the harem game appears to set that aside and focus only on romance and love stories. There will be no violent encounters, but rather an examination of the lovely link shared by all of the characters.

Best Harem games Features in 2021

1. The Phoenix

Legend of the Phoenix

As promised, the game’s whole premise revolves around the development of a love storey set in an ancient universe. All of the events in this game take place in an Asian environment, replete with its own culture and traditions. The game is entirely dependent on your choices — each one has an effect on the storyline and the outcome of your storey if you make them (just like in real life). Naturally, you get to create your principal character before plunging into the game. It is possible to customise the character’s name, appearance, and attire, as well as other small details.

It’s worth noting that the game places a high premium on the correctness of the costumes and atmosphere in general, so ready to be amused by how sleek and smooth everything appears throughout. Although the game is free, you may be able to use real money to purchase additional clothes or in-game currency.

2. The Legend of the Phoenix

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Additionally, you may be interested in the following titles: 11 Best Anime Love Story Offline Games for Android and iOS Connect with Princess. Princess Connect is a programme that facilitates communication amongst princesses. Princess Connect is another harem game in which you can navigate a fantasy world on your own terms. As with the last game, this one is focused to Asian culture, which serves as the foundation for the authentic world of Astraea.
However, because the entire game is animated, you will feel as though you are engaged in your favourite manga. As a result, the game was developed by renowned animation studios, and you’ll be treated to thrilling cinematic scenes throughout.

3. Harem

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Nightmare Harem is a game in which you can design your own love storey set in a fantasy world populated by imaginative individuals. Everything in this game is built on a demon and an angel falling in love with the same human being. And, as you may think, you’ll get to play for this fortunate guy. Prior to starting the game, you’ll have the option of customising your character’s appearance by experimenting with numerous haircuts and outfits.

4. Golden Empire

harem game

The term “Golden Empire” refers to a time period during which a country was ruled by a golden empire. Golden Empire is a classic harem game that is accessible on both PC and Mac.
The storey takes set during the ancient Roman Empire, and you have the ability to influence the plot’s growth trajectory. As emperor, you’ll be able to build towns, recruit armies, conquer new territories, and, of course, discover a female love interest. The most remarkable element of this game is how deadly and authentic the entire setting appears.

5. Obey Me

Obey Me characters – come meet Lucifer, Mammon, Asmodeus, and more | Pocket Tactics

Obey Me is an anime-style harem game in which players can build a variety of virtual partnerships. The game is set in a fantasy world where you can get to the role of master and eliminate the evil brothers. This will require you to attend numerous training sessions and build a team. But first and foremost, you’ll need to develop a personality. The nicest feature about this game is that you can customise your character’s gender, and all potential love interests will remain the same regardless of your selection.

6. Phoenix

AI's Phoenix Project Moment. In the late Arizona evening of 2018, on… | by Daniel Jeffries | Towards Data Science

You will have access to the whole collection of ancient Chinese love stories by downloading this game. Each character is gorgeous, with soft, blushing cheeks and elegant Chinese clothes, and they all join together to make a whole in a funny love storey. Another point of note is the incredibly smooth user interface, which will ensure that you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Begin by choosing and customising them by giving them names, dressing them up, determining their appearance, and creating all of her or his details.
The premise is unique in that each choice has consequences across the level. You will not immediately meet your mate, but you will have to get to a certain level.

7. Princess Connect

Disney Princesses PNG Cartoon Image​ | Gallery Yopriceville - High-Quality Images and Transparent PNG Free Clipart


The game begins with the player customising a character. You can change the skin tone, clothing, and weaponry of your character. Yes, there will be a fight scenario, and each participant must bring their own weapon. Due to the different appearances of the characters in this game, you’ll get the sensation that you’re in the manga universe. This is an exploration and discovery game.Throughout your quest, you’ll meet another character with whom you’ll develop a friendship. As a result, any decisions you take will affect the plot. Do not be anxious about being alone on your expedition; you will meet a darling along the road.

8. Refer to me as a Legend

The Sex Lives of Women Inside An Ottoman Sultan's Harem | by Sal Writes | Lessons from History | Medium

To progress as a legend in this game, you must develop an affinity towards female characters. One option is to take them out on a date and buy them a gift. As a result, they will grow familiar with your name. This is a simulated role-playing game, not a realistic one.
The plot is rife with love triangles, political intrigue, war scenes, and quests, to name a few.
Legendary status necessitates the establishment and maintenance of a legacy.

9. Harem of Nightmares

Use Free Otome Games English: Nightmare Harem PC on Windows with Android Emulator

Nothing is more enthralling than the love storey of two individuals who were never meant to be together in the first place. This video game contains emotional love stories between humans and demons or angels. Do not be alarmed; the gamer will be a genuine human being. It’s a true harem game in the sense that there are no objectives or tasks to complete; simply a love storey to tell. However, there will be betrayals and political intrigues to help build the storey.

10. The Emperor and His Ladies

JP) Monmusu Harem – out now on Android and iOS | Kongbakpao

Discover ancient China’s peaceful environment, where you will assume the position of the emperor in charge of government.
Select a charming young lady as your wife, then groom your offspring to be the family’s next generation.

However, take your time before settling down by socialising with other attractive ladies.
If you wish to increase your power, you must acquire retainers and create a relationship with them when their assignments are accomplished.

11. ISEKAI: Demon Waifu (Demon Waifu)

AR [SHARED] - Harem Hotel (18+) v0.12.2 MOD [Update] | PolarMods - The Best Android, and iOS Mods Site!

You are a demon prince burdened with the responsibility of defending your people within the fortress of Paladina, which acts as a stronghold.

Be brave in order to overcome your opponents and expand your zone of influence.
Due to your kingdom’s dire need for heirs, do not be reluctant to seek out partners.
Utilize portals to travel to new locations and meet women who are a suitable match for you.
Attract their attention, fall in love with them, melt their hearts, and marry them.

12. Lies! Lies! Lies!

Lies Stock Photos & Royalty-Free Images | Depositphotos

All you need in this harem game is a stunning face, attractive apparel, and nine lying men on your side.It is a storey about your protagonist falling in love with a charming liar. According to the evidence, you are affiliated with a group of ten men, one of whom is a liar. As a result, the first and most critical stage is identifying the liar. You will take on the job of a detective in your personal romantic life.

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