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Hemp Plastic: How Is Lego Hemp Plastic Made, Uses and Benefits.

It is apparent that our overuse of plastics in normal lifestyles is having a devastating impact on our planet. Most plastics produced nowadays are made the use of petroleum-based compounds that launch dangerous gases into the atmosphere. It is expected among 250 to 300 million tons of plastics are manufactured each year. 10% of plastics are recycled; the rest of it is going to landfills or ends up as litter within the environment. At a time of unprecedented weather trade and accelerating extinction risk, we need to establish eco-friendly strategies to plastic to help reduce our bad footprint on this planet. This could be no clean feat.

Traditionally, plastics are crafted from petroleum-based total compounds, which release toxic gases into the atmosphere. These plastics are non-biodegradable and have poor impacts on our land, water, and wildlife. However, flora also produces cellulose, which may be used to make organic and biodegradable plastic. In fact, cellulose is the most abundant organic polymer you may locate on Earth. That’s how lego hemp plastic involves be. This plant has an excessive cellulose count that is required for plastic manufacturing. There are numerous different sorts of hemp plastic, including traditional plastics fortified with hemp fibers and 100% hemp plastic made completely from the hemp plant.

Features of Hemp Plastic

Hemp plastic has numerous traits that set it apart from the usual plastic. Here are several traits:

1. Hemp plastic is biodegradable and recyclable

hemp plastic

You may additionally use a food field made for traditional plastic for some minutes, but it will take centuries to decompose. Hemp plastic, on the alternative hand, takes approximately 3-6 months to decompose. So, it doesn’t make contributions to everlasting pollution. Petroleum-primarily based plastic is also recyclable, however, the process can be poisonous as the plastic contains plenty of dangerous chemicals which include Bisphenol-A (BPA).

2. Hemp plastic is proof against heat

Hemp plastic offers brilliant thermal, UV, and dimensional stability. Some kinds of hemp plastic are also resistant to flame. Lego hemp plastic is about 2.5 times more potent than polypropylene (PP) plastic.

3. Hemp plastic is non-poisonous

hemp plastic

Conventional plastics contain endocrine disruptors, consisting of BPA, which affects the endocrine or hormone system in the human body. When BPA gets into your body, it acts just like the hormone estrogen, growing a hormonal imbalance that can result in the development of cancerous tumors. Lego hemp plastic, on the opposite hand, is non-poisonous. Unlike petroleum-primarily based plastics, it doesn’t have harmful endocrine disruptors. It also doesn’t release poisonous fumes into the atmosphere at some point in its production.

Uses of Hemp Plastic

Hemp plastic is highly flexible, and its programs are endless. Here’s a look at some of the common uses of this environmentally pleasant plastic:

lego hemp plastic

1. Building materials

Hemp can replace a wide range of constructing materials, which includes plastic, concrete, and plasterboard. The reality that lego hemp plastic is more secure and sturdier than fiberglass makes it an incredible replacement for constructing components that can be made from conventional plastic. Shortly, we could be able to construct a whole residence the use of compressed hemp fibers. The pleasant element about hemp-based building substances is that hemp plastic is resistant to numerous elements, is cost-effective, and has a lower impact on the environment than the traditional building materials.

2. Car production

Plant-based substances were first used to make vehicle components in the 1940s using Henry Ford. Today, many car manufacturers are considering using herbal products in the place of plastic and metal components. Cars that have hemp-based total additives are carbon neutral. hemp plastic is also fuel green as lego hemp plastic may be approximately 30% lighter. The truth that hemp is biodegradable, these cars won’t be a menace to the environment while they come to be old. It’s worth noting that car producers like Ford, Chrysler, GM, Honda, Mercedes, BMW, and Saturn are currently using hemp composite door panels, headliners, trunks, among other components.

3. Paper production

Conventional paper is made from trees. Trees normally take at least 30 years to be equipped for paper production after planting. Hemp, on the alternative hand, regenerates within the subject in some months. That makes hemp an ideal material for production paper. Moreover, the information about the use of hemp for the production paper will be able to help preserve the world’s forests. For the long term in history, hemp has been used to provide paper. The hemp-primarily based paper is of first-class quality. lego hemp plastic is certainly acid-free and never turns yellow and brittle through the years as is traditional of conventional paper.

4. Pet toys

Hemp is not the simplest used to make products that gain man however also merchandise that gains animals like dogs and cats. A corporation with the aid of the name Honest Pet Products makes use of sustainable hemp and natural wool to make pet toys. The approach the enterprise employs in making these toys is also useful for the surroundings and society. Namely, the toys are manufactured via human beings with developmental disabilities in Wisconsin and Women living in Nepal and the Gobi Desert.

5. Aircraft manufacturing

In 2014, a Florida-primarily based aircraft manufacturer changed into contracted via Hemp earth, a Canadian corporation, to build a four-seater plane almost totally out of hemp material. The plane would have a wingspan of 36 feet. About 75% of the plane would be constructed of industrial hemp.


Hemp is so useful and durable hemp plastic could be molded used for the whole thing from constructing houses to creating a paper. Some extra popular uses for this plastic are electronics, containers, toys, furniture, bottles, bags, and even vehicle parts. With so many makes use of this environmentally pleasant plastic, it is easy to start changing your regular plastic gadgets to lego hemp plastic. 



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