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How can NAD+ patches improve human health?

NAD + is a molecule that is naturally in our bodies and regulates a large number of oxide reduction reactions. This molecule, called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD) , is the oxidized form of the compound: its reduced form, NADH, interacts with enzymes to provide protons to the reactions, being an essential molecule for life.

Many studies have shown that, in small mammals, this molecule can reduce the effects of aging, improving the quality of life of these animals once they have reached the zenith of their lives. However, there is not enough conclusive evidence to determine that it has any effect on longevity in humans. What is known is that it can help prevent some of the effects of aging on the body.

Aging is not a disease

Despite the fact that aging can feel heavy and has negative effects on health, is just one more part of life, and therefore there is no medicine that can stop it. There is no consensus as to why we grow old or why our years are numbered.

What is known is that, at a certain age, oxygen metabolites, called free radicals, begin to accumulate, increasing the oxidative process of our cells. Those who recommend the NAD+ patches, claim that the molecule helps to eliminate these free radicals, and, therefore, reduce the oxidation process of the cells.

But how does a molecule whose main function is to transport protons reduce the accumulation of free radicals in cells? That is the question that many scientists are asking today.

What are free radicals and how do they affect how our body works?

Free radicals or reactive oxygen species are metabolites derived from cellular respiration, a biochemical process thanks to which our cells obtain energy, in the form of ATP. These reactive oxygen species contribute to the deterioration of cells and accelerate oxidative metabolism.

In theory, by adding NAD+ for long periods of time, the concentration of oxygen radicals should decrease, reducing the negative effects they have on the body. This is related to the fact that the older we get, the more free radicals accumulate in our cells, and in part, they contribute to age-related pathological processes.

NAD+ patches, according to current research, would have the ability to help remove reactive oxygen species, improving vitality and preventing some diseases.

Do NAD + patches stop aging?

No, although it seems ideal to obtain a cure for aging, and although medicine and our quality of life have improved a lot over the years, allowing us to reach ages that in ancient times seemed impossible, the truth is that there is no treatment that can effectively slow down the aging process.

However, the experiments carried out at Harvard, particularly at HMS, show encouraging results. At least in animals, the administration of NAD+ in elderly mice has contributed to improving their health. Mice are more active and suffer from fewer health problems than control specimens.

So, NAD+ patches are supplements that you can use for better health. You will likely feel more energized and, if accompanied by a good diet and regular exercise, you will be able to live longer due to a much healthier physical and mental condition.

The theoretical bases on which the operation of the NAD+ patches is based are derived from investigations that are still in progress, and that have been beneficial in test subjects subjected to certain control conditions in laboratories and in hospitals. Treatment with NAD+ patches can help improve your health, and because subdermal patches allow for a longer release of medications, you will have a better controlled effect that will minimize potential adverse effects.


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