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How does menthol e-juice effect your lungs?

There has been a great deal of controversy over the past few months when it comes to the issue of vaping and if it is a safe alternative to smoking. The health risks of smoking have become so well documented that by now everyone understands that a smoking habit runs the risk of various forms of cancer and lung damage that can shorten your lifespan. Currently the science on vaping is far from settled.

One thing we know for sure is that the myth that smoking menthol cigarettes causes crystals to form in your lungs is exactly that, a myth. While the cooling sensation of menthol smokes is one of things that draws people to smoking them this cooling effect has not been shown to have any true impact on the body beyond what normally happens to a smoker.

One of the main reasons people take up vaping is to get themselves off of cigarettes and one day quit both smoking and vaping for good. It is clear that there are some negative health issues that come with vaping.

From the so-called ‘popcorn lung’ to the addictive nature of nicotine there is always a concern when dealing with these sorts of addictive chemicals but for the moment most of the fear mongering and hysteria over vaping is overblown and may very well be the product of a propaganda campaign by Big Tobacco to try to push their competitor out of the marketplace before they gain too much market share.

According to https://www.vapor4life.com/e-juice/menthol/, menthol E-juice has not been linked to any of the incidents where people have died as a result of vaping. These incidents generally involve black market vaping tools or mixing vaping kits with THC loaded vaping pods.

For the moment the rush to try to illegalize vaping products that are only using nicotine based products with flavors that resemble traditional smokers options haven’t been shown to be part of the problem when it comes to people taking ill and even dying as a result of vaping.

Hopefully in the near future we can have an evidence based discussion about vaping and allow the facts to guide us to whatever safety decisions we’ll need to make to insure everyone enjoys these products in a safe and responsible fashion.

The bottom line is that Menthol e-juice has been shown to be no different than any other flavor of e-juice when it comes to what sorts of harm it might do to a person. While anti-vaping activists fight against flavored e-juices by claiming they are being used to attract and addict children, we have tens of thousands of smokers who are trying to escape the shackles of cigarettes and would like to do so while smoking something that tastes good.

These sorts of disputes crop up whenever something new comes on the market and hopefully it can all be resolved in a way that benefits everyone and allows the vaping community to enjoy their habit safely as they enjoy a safer alternative to cigarettes.


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