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How much does it cost to go to med school in the Caribbean?

Finding the right medical school is on the mind of all medical students as it is one of the most determining factor on their journey. This is a career path that requires a lot of theoretical knowledge and also practical training. Though, one factor that puts a damper on the path of aspiring medical students is the high cost of the program which many find hard to afford.

If you are facing the same issue then it’s time to consider among the various choice of Caribbean medical school. If you thought that affordable education is the only advantage that Caribbean medical school offer then think again.

Why choose Caribbean medical school?

Although U.S. medical schools have long held the reputation for being a good place for training for future medical aspirants, Caribbean is no less when it comes to imparting quality education. It is fast emerging as a preferred option for many students.

Also when it comes to admission percentage, many capable students often miss out getting into a U.S. medical school. The percentage of rejected applications has often gone up to 57% in the past years due to the stringent admission criteria.

Caribbean med schools, on the other hand, are more relaxed with admission requirements and accept students from all over the world, provided they have a strong educational background and meet the requisite MCAT and other vital requirements.

Benefits that come with studying in the Caribbean medical school are many and can sufficiently prepare you for a brilliant career ahead. The best part is that you can be a part of rotational shifts and enjoy a global medical experience.

Benefits of Caribbean medical school

Some of the best advantages that come with education in the Caribbean medical school are listed below;

Clinical rotation- Clinical rotation are a vital part of every medical student’s learning as they offer the first real-life experience into what the job entails. This includes observing doctors treat patients and even performing diagnosis under guidance. The Caribbean medical school offers clinical rotation in the 3rd year and the 4th. The rotation is a global training that takes place in the U.S. and also in various other countries and comes highly useful during the time when you apply for residency.

Affordable learning- Medical schools like MUA have basic science tuition as $16,825 and the tuition fees for each semester for Clinical Medicine is $21,600. Given how education in these medical school meet the same standards as their US counterpart, the fees are way more affordable making it easier for students to continue education without taking any financial burden.

No language barrier- You can easily study in the wonderful surroundings of the Caribbean with students from across the world without the hurdle of any language barrier. Not only are the programs offered in English but it also remains the medium of instruction.

Medical schools in the Caribbean are also equipped with excellent state of the art facilities with an impressive faculty who hold good amount of experience. They focus on smaller classroom set up to help each individual gain the most out of each lesson.


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