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How Much Mortgage Can i Afford, Home movers Mortgage Calculator

This article will discuss what actually is moving home mortgage and what different options are available to you while moving house. How much mortgage can I afford? will also discuss different home movers and moving house mortgage calculators. 

What is Mortgage?

Moving house is exciting and stressful at the same time. You may have to contemplate actions that would be required in moving home. You would need the right home mover mortgage rates today. Since you purchased your first home, you’ve already been through the process of getting a Moving Home mortgage, that doesn’t necessarily mean this time around it’s going to be any easier. It can be much more complicated than before, with the additional pressure of selling your current house.

What is Moving Home Mortgage?

If you have decided for a change and you want to step up on the property ladder, then you would require the right deal for your moving house mortgage calculator. Essentially, a house mover mortgage is any mortgage that specifies the valid loan for your next home. While fulfilling your ever-changing needs as a homeowner, how much mortgage can I afford? This will need to be affordable for you. A freedom mortgage from a home mover is no different from a regular mortgage. When you move home, it’s basically the process of obtaining a new mortgage so that the mortgage is ideal for the house you’re moving into. It is important to get the correct mortgage as you will need to guarantee it is still affordable when fulfilling your changing needs.

Home mover mortgages are primarily for individuals who are stepping up the ladder of property and searching for a larger home and are often seeking to increase their loan sum size as a consequence. Although some freedom mortgage is ‘portable,’ which means that you can take your current mortgage to your new home when you move home, other mortgages do not. You would be forced you to look for another alternative. 

So let’s talk about some options that are available to you while moving home.

What are some available options?

How Much Mortgage Can i Afford

You can either switch your current freedom mortgage to your new property when you move home. A method-called porting-or find a new deal entirely by remortgaging with your same lender or another one. 


Many home mortgages are now flexible, meaning you can transfer your existing mortgage to your new house. You will also have to go through the application process regarding your loan, and if it’s more costly than your current home, you will have to increase the size of the moving house mortgage calculator to cover your new house’s expense. Your lender would also ask you to take out a separate mortgage that covers the price difference if you need to raise your loan size. This will come with the increased expense of a new agreement fee, so it is necessary to verify it with your lender. There could also be higher interest payments on the extra loan than the initial freedom mortgage, so look out for this too.

Remortgage with your current lender

By taking out an entirely new loan from your existing lender, you will have an option to substitute your current mortgage fully. This way, you may be able to find a better deal, but you’ll be met with additional costs. If you quit your existing contract, you will typically have to pay an early redemption fee of between 1% and 5% of your mortgage’s total value. How much time you have left on your current contract will depend on the proportion you pay. The fairly close you are to the end of the contract, the less you would have to pay.   

Remortgage with a new lender

With a different lender, you will find a mortgage for your new house. You may do this to pay off your current mortgage or, by selling your house, you can still pay for it. If house prices in your region have risen dramatically since the time you purchased your current home, this may be good for you. However, there will also be early redemption payments and withdrawal fees for the mid-term termination of your existing mortgage. There will be arrangements and appraisal fees for the new moving house mortgage calculator. Please ensure that you include these in your calculations when determining if the right step for you is to switch lenders.

How to keep your mortgage costs down?

If you want to keep your mortgage calculator costs down, here are a few tips for you:

  1. If you don’t want to increase your borrowing, moving an existing mortgage from your current lender to a new property will reduce costs.
  2. If your existing mortgage is a fixed-rate contract, waiting for your term to end might be worth it so that you are rolled over to the standard variable rate of your lender. In this way, you don’t have to pay. You won’t have to pay any of the early repayment fees.
  3. Even if you have to pay an early repayment fee, you will find the cost is offset by moving to a lower interest rate mortgage, so comparing the prices is significant.

The value of your property might affect your mortgage

Whether your new home is more expensive or cheaper than your current one will influence your ability to obtain a mortgage on your new house and the rates, you will be offered.

Moving to a bigger house-Upsizing

You would have to prove to your lender that you can afford the expensive rates if you want to move to a larger and more valuable house than the one you have now. If your current house has grown in value since you purchased it, you will have a greater chance. It would help if you also convinced your lender that by revealing that your earnings have gone up or your outgoings have decreased and that you would afford the repayments. You can find it difficult to obtain a freedom mortgage for your new property if you have had any issues with keeping up with your previous mortgage repayments.

Moving to a smaller house-Downsizing

If you plan to move to a cheaper and inexpensive home, you will notice that your loan size will decrease, so that your monthly repayments will also decrease. If the value of your present property has risen and the gap in value between your old and new properties is significant enough, you might even be able to purchase your new home outright.

When the value of your current home has decreased

If your new home’s value has declined since you acquired it, then it is negative equity. You would find it difficult to obtain some form of mortgage rates today for a new home if this is the case. Some lenders can only provide you with a new mortgage calculator if it is important to move, such as moving for your work.

How to search for the best deal?

With so many lenders and various choices out there, it can be a difficult and time-consuming process to find the best mortgage rates today for you. Thanks to online comparison tools. You can enter a few personal information in online comparison tools, and it will do the hardest work for you. You will be provided with a list of the best and cheapest rates available within a couple of moments. When doing the calculations, note to include any early repayment fees, agreement fees, and any other costs involved.

Moving Home Mortgage calculators

You’ll need to make a few estimates first if you’re making a property transfer so that you can find out what kind of mortgage rates today you can get based on your income, and how much it’s likely to cost. Home mortgage calculators will do this for you rapidly and effortlessly, so you can have a clear idea of just where you stand financially before you start searching for your next home.

I have listed some moving home mortgage calculators:










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