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How To Order Contact Lenses Without Prescription?

People buy contact lenses for many reasons. Some have to correct their eyesight; others have to just use it for styling purposes. Either way, you need to look for the best contact lenses in the market. There are plenty of suppliers that have been providing quality lenses to customers.

There are two ways in which you can acquire your ideal contact lenses-:

  • With prescription
  • Without prescription

Both are legitimate ways of getting lenses, but they are entirely different. You can consult your ophthalmologist and get a prescription for a lens. However, if you have been a regular wearer of frames and you know your exact eyesight number, you don’t have to ask for a doctor’s prescription. You can go for contact lenses without prescription.

Are Contact Lenses Without Prescription Legit?

The first question pops into your mind when you hear that lenses are available without a doctor’s prescription. There are sites and local providers who are providing lenses without any prescription. These suppliers are completely legit and offer quality services. You just need to find suppliers who are offering these services. Contactlenses4us.com is a legit site that has been offer quality lenses without any prescription. You can find plenty of such online and retail stores that can provide you with this service.

How Can You Order Contact Lenses Without Any Prescription?

Now that you have understood that platforms like contactlenses4us.com have been offering different types of lenses without any prescription, it’s time to order one for yourself. Here’s how you can order a pair of lenses for yourself.

Search For The Ideal Website

Your first step should be to search for that ideal website that can offer you lenses. It would help if you searched for credible sites that already have a reputation in the market. This way, you can ensure you are getting quality services.

Visit The Website

After finding the right site, you need to open the website and take a tour. Look at the services offered by the platform and ascertain whether you want to forward it or not.

Check Different Types of Products

Now, you need to move to the product section and choose your preferred type of contact lenses. These sites offer a wide variety of lenses, from comfort lenses to colored lenses. Scroll through the options and select your ideal product.

Delivery Time

An important thing you need to ensure before placing your order is how much time it will take to get the product. You will see the estimated time of delivery. Ensure that it suits your preference.

Place The Order

Now add your preferred product to the cart and add your personal information. Add address and contact details so that your product can reach without any hassle. Now, you just have to wait till your lens without a prescription reaches you.

Buying contact lenses without prescription has now been made easier by these sites. They have aligned a wide range of offerings for people who don’t want to run around ophthalmologists every now and then for a prescription.


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