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How To Spend Time Outside in the Winter with Your Baby

As winter approaches and the days start to get colder and shorter, you may find yourself wondering how you can continue to enjoy time outside with a baby. You certainly don’t want them to get too cold, but you also don’t want to be cooped up in the house all winter long. One of the best tips to enjoy the outdoors during the winter season is to take advantage of the warmer days, the dryer days, or the days where you’re not treading on snow. If you’re looking for easy ways to accommodate you and baby for the winter days ahead, there’s no need to stress. We have some great tips on how you can spend time outside in the winter with your baby!

Have the Right Accessories

Before you head out, consider which cold weather accessories your little one needs. Is there a little beanie cap you can put on their head? What about some thick mittens? Is there a good coat in the closet that you can get them snuggled up in? The key to having a successful winter outing with your little one is to make sure that they’re as comfortable as possible, so make sure you have all the right winter accessories before heading out with your baby.

Get Bundled Up

Make sure you’re all bundled up and good to go, as well! Your baby is not the only one that should be as comfortable as possible during your outing. Make sure you’re all set in a good, warm coat, a scarf, gloves and hat. A pair of boots wouldn’t hurt, either. Jack Wolfskin outdoor clothing is a great way to go, and you can be confident that it will last a long time and keep you warm throughout your entire outing.

Bring Plenty of Blankets

As much as you may prep and layer your little one with the right winter clothes and accessories, you may find that they need a little extra warmth during your winter outing. Be sure to bring plenty of extra warm blankets along with you just in case they start to fuss. This could be the thing that helps you finish up your outing instead of having to call it quits early, so bring two or three along with you if you’re able to!

Prep the Stroller

Make sure you have your stroller set up with everything you need. Ensuring you have a high-quality, comfortable stroller is sure to make your winter outings easier. These Ergobaby strollers are a great option, and so easy to travel with. Stow away those extra blankets in the storage compartment and treat yourself to a warm beverage to keep in the cup holder. For rainy or windy days, you can attach a weather shield so that you can ensure your baby and their blanket stays dry, warm, and cozy. Another great way to make sure your baby stays warm in their stroller is by preparing and keeping a warm bottle with you. Gadgets like a portable bottle warmer allow you to heat up a bottle wherever your adventure takes you, even if it’s just for a trip around the neighborhood.

Know Your Limits

As gung ho as you might be to get out and spend time outside during the winter with your little one, it’s important to know your limits, as well as your baby’s. Whatever your plans were, if it gets to be too overwhelming or too cold for your baby, it’s ok to turn in and try again another day. Have a plan B ready to go if you have to do this- you can alway take the stroller to the mall or turn on a holiday movie to enjoy together. There are plenty of other fun winter activities to enjoy with your little one!


So as you consider how you can create a successful, outdoor winter outing with your baby, be sure to take some of our tips into account. Just because the temperature drops, that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors until it warms up again. You should also do your research on the latest gadget that will allow you both to enjoy the outdoors. Brainstorm some fun winter activities that you can do with your little one!


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