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Human Massage vs Massage Chair

Like other methods of treatment, massage comes in different techniques. While we have the human massage often done by world-class therapists, there is also the artificial massage done by high-quality massage chairs. Massage chair or human massage, which is better? This question is food for thought. You don’t just pick the massage chairs over the human massage due to its versatility or support of human massages because of their effectiveness. You have to consider the pros as well as the cons of each side. With that, you can easily decide which massage type is perfect for your healing demands.

With this post, you can make a more informed decision on whether the investment in a massage therapist or massage chair is important.

Massage Chair vs. Human Massage

Both the massage therapist and the massage chair are effective methods of keeping the body as fit as a fiddle. However, each system works in different ways and also offers special benefits to users. For instance, human massage offers an individualized massage treatment that you might not get with a massage chair. You can always communicate with your therapist the muscles that need work and the part of the body that requires special hand touch.

On the other hand, the massage chair is mobile, and you can always have your massage session even if you are on the road. This massage system is ideal for nomads and people who have little or no time visiting a gym center or spa.

Meanwhile, the massage therapist is a more effective method of treatment compared to the massage chairs. This system produces endorphins during massage therapy that promote pain and stress relief. Due to this benefit, hundreds of thousands of users have chosen the human massage over the massage chairs. Although the massage machine doesn’t release endorphins, it offers some features you can never get from a massage therapist. For instance, massage chairs such as the Osaki OS-Pro Maxim can paint the massage room in blue LED light for proper relaxing color therapy. You can always have your favorite music played to your ear while you have your message form Bluetooth speakers made with massage chairs.

Human massage provides you with different techniques to work your muscles and relieve every pain in your body. The therapists also offer you a truly customized massage on muscles that need it most. In the same fashion, massage chairs can provide customized massage experience every time you need one. Irrespective of your weight or height, the machine can be easily adjusted to your body composition.

Every cloud has a silver lining. For massage chairs, you have to budget hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase one. However, there are still a few best massage chairs under $1000. Also, you can never replicate the human touch with a machine no matter how developed the chair is. You don’t always get the medical knowledge the human massage will offer you from a massage chair.

If you have no spa or gym near you, you might find it inconvenient going for a massage. Likewise, some people feel uncomfortable with the human touch, especially if you have to take off your clothes in front of strangers.

With the knowledge of how both methods work that you have gained from this post, we are sure you will make the right choice on the massage technique you desire.


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