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14 Keto Fast Food Restaurants with Mouth-Watering Keto-Friendly Food Options

Sticking to a low-carb weight loss plan or more precisely keto diet plan when eating out may be hard, mainly at fast-food eating places That’s due to the fact this food is often primarily based on bread, tortillas, and different high-carb eatables. Still, maximum Fast Food restaurants provide some properly low-carb keto-friendly food options, and many Keto Fast Food Restaurants help you out to enjoy your meals and spend a healthy lifestyle. Some of our amazing life memories are shared with meals, and just because you’re eating a ketogenic weight loss plan doesn’t expect you can’t give a snack with friends. Instead, what you may have understood, ketosis is sustainable when eating out! We’ve made it smooth for you with our list of the fine keto-friendly fast-food restaurants and rapid meals joints.

Here are 14 delicious mouth-watering keto fast food options that you can enjoy on a low-carb keto diet. 

The Best Keto Fast Food Options

Here are several first-rate Keto fast food alternatives you could pick and still preserve doing the diet. Remember, most keto fast food locations serve an obscene number of fries so that you want to stay away from them. Yes, they might be tempting; however, you need to live far away from them in case you want to simply get results from your dieting. Here’s a way to make your favorite spots into keto pleasant restaurants:

1. Burger King

If you search for yourself keto fast food at Burger King, you need to keep things easy with whoppers, burgers, and grilled bird sandwiches. Of course, you want to leave out the bun and the ketchup from your meal for keto fast food. Don’t buy fancy sandwiches because some of them have greater toppings loaded with carbs. Therefore, you want to be extremely careful approximately the extra carbs that could destroy the ketosis process.

2. In-N-Out Burger

Most human beings don’t absolutely get to revel in the posh that incorporates this restaurant. However, if you have ever been lucky enough to consume meals from this restaurant, you realize how delicious and scrumptious it can be. The fine thing approximately it is that you may surely order a burger full of protein. They will absolutely replace the bun with the lettuce wrap and decrease the carbs present inside the whole meal.

3.KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

When you hear KFC, you don’t imagine any promising low carb keto-friendly keto fast food alternatives. However, there are a few options for keto fast food you must choose on your keto food plan. First, you should pick the grilled keto fast food available. Don’t select whatever fried because it is a manner out of the keto weight loss plan plans. As for the side options, your alternatives are limited. Here, you could most effectively pass for green beans. 

4. Jack in The Box

You can’t name it a sourdough Jack if there isn’t the sourdough. Well, it’s simple just to do this a keto-friendly fast food option whilst you pass over the sourdough bread or bun. The employer is famed for its sort of buttery burgers, which can be taken as an appropriate keto fast food as soon as the bun is complete of butter. If you don’t love beef, you may pick the grilled fowl salad. 

5. McDonald’s 

If you are seeking out a breakfast option, you may get exquisite breakfast sandwiches here. For the quality results, you should stay far away from the bad carbs like buns and bread. You can get them with unusual coffee to get that much-needed caffeine boost. For some other meal for the duration of the day, make sure you pick out the grilled chicken. It’s a high-quality option in case you want to do a low-carb keto-friendly fast food but still stay with the keto diet. If you are searching out a burger option, you may do it without ketchup or the bun. 

6. Chick-Fil-A

It’s one of the famous rapid meal options however they may be closed on Sundays, especially when you need it the most. Of course, you may not get many keto fast food here, but they have great ones for the ones available. They have fantastic bird options, including delicious grilled chook you can revel in at any time. For the first-class results, you should select the grilled chicken nuggets. However, whilst you are selecting a superfood alternative for a side dish, you need to be extremely cautious because they’re complete of carbs. 

7. Subway

You can always eat fresh meals with low carbs keto-friendly fast food at this fast food place. Rather than getting the standard sub, you need to pick out a salad. Even better, you could choose several favorites such as tuna, bloodless cut, club, Italian BMT, and plenty more extra. They can each be prepared into salads where they may be calmly dressed and tossed to order. Don’t order the meatballs or sweet onion teriyaki. 

8. Popeyes

It’s one of the favorites for maximum people looking for a quick meals place. They have extremely good meal options, even for people looking for keto-friendly fast food. You have such a lot of things to choose here, consisting of blackened hen tenders and two internet carbs. Even better, you could revel in various flavors and spices. You can order a few Louisiana hot sauce to get a further kick. There is also the battery-less hen option. 

9. Wendy’s

It’s constantly the primary choice for fast food. Their burgers are to die for compared to different burger joints. However, if you are seeking out a keto fast food, ensure your burger doesn’t have buns. You can’t go wrong with the vaccinators, double stacks, and grilled chicken sandwiches because they are top-notch alternatives. If you must upload condiments to your sandwiches, you must add mustard or mayonnaise because there are not any other acceptable options in this case. 

10. Panda Express

Yes, this could no longer be the pleasant low-carb keto-friendly fast food out there. However, if you love the meals chain, there are still some options covered on this list you can also select. They have scrumptious food, so rather than choosing the rice or chow Mein, you should go for the steamed veggies. These need to be the bottom of your meal. They have a keto-pleasant teriyaki chicken, string bean chicken, and sans sauce. 

11. Taco Bell

Yes, Taco Bell is usually a good preference when you want some keto fast food. However, if you are on the ketogenic diet, it may not be this kind of good choice. The quality way to do this might be ordering a taco and consuming it without the shell. It isn’t satisfying, but in case you are in a hurry, you could, without a doubt, get the process done.

12. Chipotle

You can sincerely make any Chipotle bowl friendly enough in your Keto diet. Here, you will take away the rice and the beans from the order. However, add lettuce to make the meal hearty and satisfying. You can also add some guacamole to get the wholesome fats you want to your diet. Avoid the corn salsa, but select the tomato salsa due to the fact it’s an incredible option.

13. Arby’s

It’s one of the biggest and maximum renowned fast-meals sandwich chains inside the US. One of the popular gadgets at the menu includes the Roast Beef Classic. However, there are many other options on their menu, which include ham, steak, brisket, turkey, and chicken. You can order any of those without adding the bread and enjoy a low-carb keto-friendly fast food and high-protein meal. The business enterprise presents a nutrition calculator on their legit website. Here you may customize your order to make sure you don’t devour too many carbs. 

14. Five Guys

If you need an extremely good burger, this is the place to go. You might have a hard time now not ordering the bun; however, if you want to comply with your ketogenic diet fast food, you need to be privy to the whole lot you are putting in your body. Well, you can upload as many toppings as possible without any extra expenses, so take advantage of that. Most of these toppings have few carbs. Even better, you could have lettuce wrap on your burgers or get a to-cross box without adding the bun.


Basically, with these kinds of rapid meal options, you want to stay away from buns. When you request it, most of those eating places will cast off it for you. Even if they fail to do that, you could always cast off it yourself. Luckily enough, you could select any of the locations that offer a lettuce wrap in preference to the buns. You can surely go crazy with this option. Keto-friendly fast food imply you should eliminate whatever that includes bread. 



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