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Natural Ways to Relieve Pain Without Harmful Medication You Didn’t Know

Pain can occur for many different reasons, and sometimes you need more than just advice to relieve it. Many people are afraid to treat pain with drugs because of fear of side effects. But did you know that there are all-natural substances that can relieve pain?

There may be several reasons why you do not want to consume painkillers. However, sometimes, it may be necessary for us to cope with everyday life.

Here we guide you to natural pain relief without any chemicals.

Natural Muscle Relaxation and Pain Tips

  • Often, pain is due to tense and stiff muscles. Therefore, it may be useful to try a supplement of magnesium that works naturally in muscle relaxation. Magnesium is best taken at night when the uptake is best during the night’s rest, as a bonus, magnesium also contributes to better sleep.
  • Pain is physical stress for the body. Therefore, it can be a good idea to ensure that the body gets an extra amount of the nutrients consumed when we are stressed. B vitamins, magnesium, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin C are the right nutrients to support the body.
  • Many people with chronic pain have been discovered to possess vitamin D deficiency. What are the chicken and the egg in the situation is currently not fully established, but no one feels good about having vitamin D deficiency. If you suffer from long-term pain, it may be worth taking a good quality vitamin D supplement to ensure proper vitamin D status.
  • Beetroot juice has been shown to have sound effects in reducing muscle fatigue and lactic acid. In the case of muscle and joint pain, it is not uncommon for the muscles to become tired, then beetroot juice is an excellent way to relieve them.
  • Many people experience heat and cold as the best natural pain relievers. Sometimes each one individually and sometimes all of them together. A great example of both heat and ice treatment can be seen in popular knee ice packs that naturally treat different injuries with both heat and ice therapy. Hot baths or showers, heating/cooling pads or warm bags and good lotion can also be a great support in everyday life.
  • Tiger balm can be used for topical treatment of tension headaches by massaging in the temples or forehead with circular movements. After 30 minutes to an hour, you can repeat the procedure, and the application can be made four times a day.
  • The amino acid glycine can have an anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic effect and has been used, among other things, to treat people with chronic back tension.


Massage is distinguished as a popular way to alleviate pain. Both classic massage and tactile massage are effective ways to provide pain relief for both temporary and prolonged discomfort.

Classic massage helps tense muscles to relax as well as increases blood flow in the painful area. The increased blood flow leads to reduced pain and tension while helping the body to get rid of slag products that have accumulated in the tense muscles. It provides both short and long-term relief from the pain.

Toothache can surprisingly also be treated with proper massages. Successful dental practice woodboroughhouse.com advises us to try an acupressure technique to arrest tooth pain fast. Using the help of your thumb, Place the thumb on the back of your other hand where the thumb base and index finger meet. Apply pressure for approximately two minutes and then relieve it to feel better.

Tactile massage is a very gentle form of massage, which is primarily about light, striking touch of the body. It is useful as a contributing pain relief for people with fibromyalgia, children, the elderly, and intensive care patients.

Of course, if you still feeling pain after a massage you should visit a doctor for treatment.

Phenylalanine Amino Acid

Phenylalanine amino acid has a naturally stimulating effect on the body’s own pain-relieving substances as it can activate the body’s endorphin production. Endorphin is a hormone with morphine-like effects, and when released into the body, it creates a pain-relieving effect.

A significant advantage of using the body’s own pain relief system is that it achieves pain relief without the risk of inducing an addiction, as many potent pain-relieving drugs do. Phenylalanine is available in two forms, L-phenylalanine and D-phenylalanine. When the substance is used for pain relief purposes, the best effect is achieved if you use a combination of L- and D-phenylalanine.

DL-phenylalanine can be used as pain relief in chronic pain, arthritis, menstrual pain, migraine, and back pain. Phenylalanine should not be used by people with PKU (phenylketonuria), pregnant women or breast-feeding people. In the case of high blood pressure, phenylalanine should be used in consultation with a doctor.

Magnet Therapy

Different forms of magnetic therapy have long been used for pain relief. The effect of the magnets can vary from person to person, but if you have significant pain, you will probably need more extensive treatment than that created by so-called magnetic bracelets. More extensive magnetic therapy can be achieved by, for example, sleeping on a magnetic mattress.

The body is full of its own electrical charges, and, among other things, the heartbeat, brainwaves, and nerve impulses are controlled by electrical impulses. Since the body is naturally full of electrically charged cells, it is believed that different flows can be affected by exposing the body to magnetism.

For example, blood flow and oxygenation in different areas can be stimulated by locally increasing particle movements. This is done by the magnets in the products used alternately, attracting or pushing away the charged particles of the blood and then creating an increased blood flow. Increased blood flow can, among other things, help reduce pain and stiffness in muscles.


Acupuncture is available in two forms, one based on traditional Chinese medicine (TKM) and a Western variant of conventional acupuncture. Acupuncture, which is practiced in TKM, is usually part of a broader medical treatment and assessment, while the Western one is more of a point intervention for a specific symptom. However, both variants have been shown to have a good effect on pain.

Acupuncture can be used to relieve problems such as migraines, tension headaches, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, back pain, and tennis elbow. In acupuncture treatment, fragile, sterile needles are placed in the area to be treated. In TKM acupuncture, needles can also be placed in other areas of the body, so-called meridians, which are considered to affect the symptoms the patient suffers from.

Acupuncture can be obtained both through the county council (Western acupuncture) and through receptions practicing traditional Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is usually free of side effects, but some may experience some fatigue. It can, therefore, be helpful to relax after the treatment and to make sure that the body provides extra water.


Pycnogenol is a mixture of flavonols and bioflavonoids with a potent antioxidant effect. The strong antioxidant effect has been shown to help prevent rheumatic disorders and relieve inflammation. It can also reduce swelling and pain in joints and improve flexibility.

It can also counteract ulceration and inflammation of the stomach and intestinal tract, which is mostly the opposite of many anti-inflammatory drugs that often cause harm to the stomach and intestines.

After studying the substance for over 30 years, it has been found that pycnogenol has no toxicity, so it is non-toxic and completely harmless to use.

In Conclusion

Track the results of your pain management techniques to determine which ones work best for you. You can do this by creating a simple chart and listing the days of the week at the top. On the right, establish categories such as time of day, pain management techniques, activity level, and mood.

It is recommended that you include a category to rate the pain. It’s when the pain is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10. With 10 being the highest level of pain.

By writing these details regularly and reviewing the graph, you can see which situations and techniques that help most. You can also find an already prepared chart by searching the Internet for a “pain management chart” or “pain tracking chart.”


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