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Top Best Project Free TV Alternatives

Project Free TV Alternatives was a one-stop shop for streaming web series, movies, and television shows in high definition, however it was shut down in 2017 owing to its provision of copyrighted content. Project Free TV’s shutdown came as a complete shock to its millions of users. Due to the project free tv the bachelorette season 17 that it is no longer available on the internet, people began searching for alternative project free tv reddit.

We’ll discuss several websites that are comparable to top project free tv calendar unblocked in this post. That is correct project free tv friends reunion ; you read correctly! Numerous websites provide services comparable to those provided by projectfreetv.com a-z. If you’re looking for free ways to keep yourself engaged, the websites on this list are a godsend series free tv.

How did Project Free Television pan out?

On the other hand, Project Free TV is one of the oldest websites for free content streaming and has gained in popularity with consumers. However, this is an illegal site and project free tv down, and because it offers free TV episodes and movies, other huge corporations such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and other streaming seriesfreetv services not only lose traffic, but also considerable money. Lawyers and cybercrime cells are suing the proprietor of project free tv reddit, and the website has been blocked.
Numerous users expressed disappointment at the free tv streaming demise. However, people continue to hunt for sites like Project Free Tv Alternatives in order to watch the latest television shows and films. As a result, I’ll describe the best Project free TV options in this article, as well as how to watch free movies and television episodes online.

Project Free TV Mirrors

These are the following project free tv proxy

URL Status Speed sslSSL
checkwww.projectftv.com on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww8.project-free-tv.ag on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww.projectfreetv.xyz on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww.seriesfreetv.com on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww1.projecfreetv.co on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww.onprojectfreetv.site on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkprojectfreetv.unblocked.app on Online Very Fast ssl on On
checkwww2.projectfreetv.uno on Online Very Fast ssl on On

Top Best Project Free TV Alternatives

These are the following Project Free TV Alternatives

1. CouchTuner

Project Free TV Alternatives

Couch Tuner is the most often visited alternative to Project Free TV. Yes, it is an online portal that provides access to not only movies and television episodes, but also to every latest web series launched on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and other streaming platforms. If you enjoy viewing movies, television shows, and web series but lack the funds to subscribe to a paid streaming service, CouchTuner is for you. The success of this site is due to the fact that its content is updated everyday.

2. WatchSeries

WatchSeries Alternative to kisscartoon

Another website where you may watch free movies, television shows, and web series is Watch Series. It is particularly popular among users who binge-watch web series and television shows, as the name implies. Whatever series you want to watch, Watch Series is a website that has every episode available in high definition. The best part about this service is how little bandwidth it consumes; you can even stream series on your mobile phone. The website’s interface features categories for Movies, TV series, Genre, and Top IMDB.

3. TubiTv

Project Tv Free

In comparison to the previously stated services, Tubi TV is a Fox Corporation-owned ad-supported streaming platform in the United States. Before you skip over his post and visit this site, take in mind that its services have not yet been made available globally. The best feature of TubiTV is that it is a legal platform through which millions of fans may view their favourite movies, television shows, and serials. The only difference is that you’ll be required to view a few advertisements, which are obviously far shorter than those on cable.
The website classifies films and television series according to their target audience’s age.
This streaming service features a range of genres, including Action, Comedy, and Romance.

4. FOX

Project Free Tv Alternatives


FOX is another legal and free streaming service that allows viewers to watch a variety of video content for free. FOX’s popularity has soared since the death of Free Project TV in 2017. If you were previously a subscriber to Free Project TV and were looking for a legal substitute, you should give it a try. When you visit FOX, you will be astounded by the quantity and quality of available content. Apart from movies and television shows, Fox offers its subscribers free access to news and a selection of reality television shows. The best part about this streaming service is that it is constantly updating its library of content for its millions of subscribers.

5. TvPlayer

Project Free Tv Alternatives

TVPlayers is a leading provider of Internet television services in the United Kingdom. Notably, its services are limited to a handful of regions and counties. If you live in India, you will be unable to lawfully access its services. What makes TVPlayer so popular is that it enables you to watch Live TV channels for free. Apart from its well-designed websites, it also features an iOS and Android mobile application. If you prefer watching news on television, there is no better media streaming site available in the United Kingdom or a few other nations.

6. BMovies

Project Free Tv Alternatives

It is a website that provides users with the ability to watch free movies online.
This page contains all of the latest flicks. Additionally, users can download high-quality videos for free and enjoy them at their leisure. There is no requirement to register in order to use this site. It is the ideal undertaking. proxy tv gratuit

7. Movie25.me

Project Free Tv Alternatives

It’s an excellent substitute for Project Free TV because it enables customers to watch an endless number of movies online for free. The site features a vast variety of videos ranging from classic to contemporary. Each film and television show is of exceptional quality.
You can view them online or, if you prefer, download them.Additionally, there are links to download your favourite movies and television shows.

8. PrimeWire

Project Free Tv Alternatives

It is a famous website for cinema buffs to watch their favourite films and presentations.
Apart from viewing and downloading videos online, this service enables users to communicate with other movie enthusiasts. It’s a safe space for discussing films and learning more about them. Additionally, this website is offered in a variety of regional languages, ensuring that it is accessible to all users.

9. Showbox

Project Free Tv Alternatives

It’s cumbersome to have to scroll through a lengthy list of films in order to find the blockbusters or most recent releases. However, what if you could view all of the blockbuster films in a single file? Yes, show box is a website that features all of the year’s most popular films. The best part is that you can access it from your computer, smartphone, or tablet at any time and from any location. It’s comparable to Project Free Television.

10. Vumoo

Project TV Free Alternatives

It is one of the most popular websites for downloading and viewing free movies. Watching movies online or downloading them from Vumoo is convenient because there is no registration required, and you can also see all of the current blockbuster films in high definition.

11. AZmovies

project free tv new domain

It is most likely the easiest site to use for downloading the latest blockbuster movies. It enables viewers to immerse themselves in the cinematic world at the greatest possible resolution. Nothing is restricted; you can view movies or television shows whenever and wherever you choose. They’re even available in 1080p HD.

12. TV Duck

Project Free Tv Alternatives

TV Duck is an excellent free streaming website that offers an alternative to Project Free TV.
It’s quite easy to use, and the design is highly attractive and well-organized.
Additionally, it enables you to watch content from premium websites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, VUDU, HULU, and iTunes. On the home page, you can view a selection of popular television series and films. Not only that, but it also frequently refreshes with new episodes, characters, and trailers.

13. Cmovies

Project tv Alternatives

When it comes to Project Free TV alternatives, Cmovies is one of the best.
Additionally, it hosts a huge library of television episodes and the most recently released films online for free. The site’s design is stunning, and it’s quite easy to navigate. Additionally, you may quickly filter the content by genre, nation, television series, and IMBD rating. Despite this, there is a separate category called REQUEST, which allows you to request any TV series or films that are not currently available on the platform.

14. 123Hulu


123Hulu is an alternative to Project Free TV for streaming free movies and television shows online. As with Project Free TV, this has a large number of advertisements yet never bothers the customers. Additionally, this Project Free TV alternative allows you to watch cartoons and animated films. The site is really well-designed and highly engaging, and it provides a straightforward platform for watching a selection of new movies and television episodes for free online.

15. 123Movies

123movies alternative

123Movies is the final site on our list, but it is an excellent alternative to Project free TV for watching HD TV series and movies. This not only enables the viewing of high-definition video, but also supports fast streaming speeds. The site’s user interface is acceptable and intuitive.
On the home page, you may quickly filter by genre, country, top IMBD, and alphabetical list.

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