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Seven Healthy Habits For Extremely Busy People

We all seem to be driving on the fourth gear in our lives these days, and sometimes it feels like the breaks aren’t working. When we can’t seem to catch a break for ourselves and take a breather, how are we supposed to stay healthy? When will we get the time and energy to make an effort for our well-being?

But just because you are busy, it doesn’t mean you can’t live a healthy life. In this case, all you have to do is simplify the routine and prioritize incorporating a few healthy habits in your day. Some examples of healthy habits you can quickly add to your busy life are:

1. Use the stairs and furniture for a quick workout

Not everyone can spare the time to hit the gym every day or have the budget to buy equipment for a set-up at home. In this case, use your home’s furniture as supporting equipment to squeeze in a quick workout. Keep a bottle or gallon of water and use them as weights for dumbbell curls, lunges, etc. Use the table and chairs for planks. If your office building has stairs, use them instead of the elevator to substitute for a quick cardio workout. If you feel like you don’t have the stamina, start small and gradually build up your circuits.

2. Use vitamins after consultation 

The problem with busy routines is that you don’t get enough time to squeeze in proper meals three times a day. This can be particularly hazardous for individuals who are juggling multiple responsibilities simultaneously, such as working and pursuing higher education. For instance, if you’re a young entrepreneur enrolled in a business course or a nurse trying to up-skill via a BSN to MSN online program, it is vital to ensure a healthy body and mind are essential for multitasking.  For this, it would be best to ensure that you’re taking a healthy diet enriched with vital minerals and vitamins. Consult a nutritionist for a prescription and incorporate them into your diet.

3. Replace soda with water

Vending machines at work can be a convenience as well as a nuisance. Feeling thirsty? Just trot over, put in some money, and out comes a can of your favorite soda!

Having the habit of consuming sugary drinks every day can increase your calorie intake drastically and cause you to gain weight. They also increase your appetite for high-calorie foods. If you really want that ‘zing,’ then the quickest solution to this problem is to replace your soda drinks with carbonated mineral water. Alternatively, you can also try unflavored tea, fruit-infused water, or coffee to satiate your cravings. Quitting a bad habit at once isn’t realistic. What you can do is replace these habits with a better option. It will do wonders for your health and your waist.

4. Take a 10-minute walk 

Take out some time for yourself after you have your meal and go for a walk. Keep your phone away and try to stroll outside in the fresh air. Taking a 10-minute walk can improve your cardiovascular health and boost your energy. If you find yourself struggling to spare this time, opt to walk every time you have to carry out a small chore at your office. Need to buy a gallon of milk? Walk to the grocery store. Getting more steps in your routine will help you stay active and energized throughout the day.

5. Correct your posture 

We all remember getting reprimanded by our parents for slouching. Well, they were right. In fact, bad posture, especially slouching, is a prevalent problem that most busy people at work ignore. The worst part is that it can quickly transpire into serious health issues. Having a bad posture can increase aches in your body and cause spinal problems. On the other hand, having a proper posture can reduce stress on your spine and ligaments and prevent bodily aches. It will also keep you active and keep away untimely fatigue.

Try reminding yourself repeatedly to keep a straight posture. Stick a note at the place you often glance at can help you correct your posture whenever you slouch. Besides, walking with your head held high is an excellent display of confidence – something that your peers will love!

6. Start your day with a healthy breakfast

They say that breakfast is the king of meals. That means that your breakfast plate deserves the most attention because it is responsible for giving you the energy to work throughout the day. So take more proteins to provide you with maximum power and keep you full for a long time. If you don’t have the time to prepare a meal first thing in the morning, prepare one the night before and heat it in the morning. Starting your day right ensures that you remain active, eat better, and feel better.

7. Find healthy substitutes for your snacks

Busy people tend to snack more often to deal with their stress and substitute for proper meals. The usual snacks you buy are generally high in calories and carbs and provide little to no health benefit. Instead of these snacks, opt for healthier snack options. Keep snack packs with cheese slices, crackers, and dry fruit on your desk. Grab a packet of carrots and celery with ranch dip on the go. Keep nuts like peanuts and almonds in your bag whenever you need them.


It took us a long time to create bad habits that we have been following for too long. It will take even longer to develop and maintain healthy ones. But it is all for the sake of your health. Just remember that all these efforts will bear positive results in the end. These habits will help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. However, don’t deprive yourself of anything. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and treat yourself to cheat days and meals once in a while. This way, the craving to pick up a bad habit won’t return with a vengeance. Remember that if you slip, you can just start again.


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